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The Visarch strode into Yvraine's throne room to the sound of Yvraine's stomach's gurgles, far from an unusual sound recently, as Yvraine had discovered that souls were bound to her far more effectively if she digested them than if they simply died near her, and she got a meal into the bargain. Even Daemons, their corruptive influences neutered by her stomach, were safely added to her body and any souls they had devoured reclaimed. Her meals had left her tall enough to put her waist level with h

After our... interesting deployment to that agriworld, Amberly and the 597th faced a... small problem with transportation. Said problem being that, while nearly all of our women were now more than half again as tall as even a Catachan, and more than a dozen times the mass thanks to their immense figures, none of them had gained the psychic ability to shrink themselves back down, so there was no way in the Warp that we'd all fit on a troopship, let alone the single-regiment naval auxiliary that'd

I walked into the regiment's command centre only to be greeted by… umm, Regina, or rather her stomach, except engorged to over half my height again (and several times wider) by its, ah, occupants."Umm… Hi, Ciaphas," she half moaned, before being interrupted by several drawn-out, very intense gurgles from her stomach, "could you close the door? It gets kinda loud, and I don't want to disturb the troops."I did so, noticing the as I did that her gut had been busy digesting its occupants - she'd

After the Reclaimers rescued me from the space hulk, Mira, still determined to take me as her consort despite the difficulties, had managed to make herself Governor of a nearby world that suddenly found itself needing a new one after the last one and all his heirs were exposed as heretics, and via some combination of bribes, threats and dogged persistence managed to appoint me commander of the local PDF - a position that freed me of any obstacles to the marriage. Which proved to be even more ple

I loved Ergos/Veender's "Hermione's Gorged Gryffindor Gut", but thought it needed a sequel, so here you go!Hermione woke up with a belch from her slumber in the Gryffindor common room - she would have woken half the dormitory, and failed to fit in her bed anyway, had she slept in her bed.Evidently the rapid-digestion potion she'd prepared had worked, as her enormous meal was digested completely, her stomach quiet except for a few gurgles each time she shifted. They had left their mark, however.

Thought I'd do a quick writing for Christmas.Amy stood up and stretched, displaying the effects of the several dozen students and random bystanders that had added to her figure over her first year-and-a-bit of uni, despite her efforts to work them off.She was very tall, about two point four meters (seven foot ten), with a very thick and muscular frame. Her hips were wider than most chairs, with her butt big enough to take up most of a loveseat. Despite having no occupants at the moment, her stom

first writing. Hope you enjoy.
- Demon valley
dived for cover as a squad of orks - a Nob and his bodyguards,
according to Jurgen - charged past towards the control chapel.
"Frakk," I breathe. "Felicia's in there." And,
more importantly, my only way to the safety of my artillery unit.
the others would undoubtedly see as a rush to the rescue was
interrupted by the sudden cessation of the orks' war cry, along with
several loud gulps and belches. Advancing more s

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I really want to! There are a lot of stuff I'm working on right now, she's got a bit forgotten. But I want to create a comic for her soon.


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Not another Jess+Tess yet, but there is a story in the works!


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I do as a matter of fact have another story in the works! I’m kind of juggling a couple things that I’m working on content wise but I’m definitely prioritizing the next main continuity story, so keep an eye out ;)


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Thanks for the watch!

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