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Not writing much at the moment, but you're welcome to look through the gallery. I hope you find something to your taste.

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Augustin's Blog - Joyous 8/8! Posted 8 months ago

Once again, Vore Day has caught me with my trousers down. There's no story ready, but I never miss an excuse to blog. Namely - that over the next few weeks I hope to have out a fair bit more Fire Emblem, along with some original-setting stuff about unicorns and superheroes. After that, there might be a drought; the coming months are going to be both busy and crucial. If I have any sense, I won't have time for writing. I don't, so expect some - but less.

To everyone who commented on, favourited, or just read my scribbles last year - thank you. I wish you prosperity and health.

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Posted by NightRoller 7 months ago Report

I'm *really* late to saying this, but thanks for the watch! I hope my writing is to your taste

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Posted by VoidInVoid 8 months ago Report

Thank you for the watch.


Posted by VoidInVoid 8 months ago Report

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If you want to delve into this gargantuan body of work, I would suggest starting with A Hunger Yet Unknown, which is the first series in my series of series, The Farmer and The Knight. The early TFaTK pieces are in desperate need of revision, but I promise it gets better from there. If you finish AHYU and still have the curiosity to go on, I have a mostly up-to-date reading order in my "Reference Material" folder (itself under "Series-Adjacent Stuff"). Nearly everything in my gallery is connect to The Farmer and The Knight, hence the reading order. Of course, you could also go all the way through TFaTK and then check out side material. Either way, I hope the gargantuan body lives up to your intrigue, and I'm glad to have a new reader.


Posted by SunnyCGI 11 months ago Report

Thank you sweetie <3

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Posted by Sehnsucht 1 year ago Report

What the actual. Where did you come from? I love your style and your dedication to taking the ridiculous seriously. Seriously imaginative work. I'm kind of blown away.


Posted by Banesoon 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the watch


Posted by skorm 1 year ago Report

Holy cow , better then Halloween candy some of my favorites of yours ???? ugh I can absolutely taste the emotion in them and imagination ! It’s just so palpable , memento and hapi even drygestion had me floored even what what happend in your fire emblem works And Idunn ughh love her what a beauty and Unifer .for some reason it won’t let me send sqrl error?


Posted by iAMregretNOTHING 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the watch!


Posted by LoGUNmasta 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the watch <3


Posted by BoobsButtBelly 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the watch!

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