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Friendly prey-identifying writer. Interested in F/*.

Does your vore focus change over time? Mine has. First monsters, then vampires, then giants, then "natural" pairings of all types (cat/mouse, naga/anythingsmallerthannaga). Those took place without external intervention. Then two friends turned me to {oral,tail,unconventional} soulvore, especially featuring demonesses.

As a result, the collection here wanders a little. But the stories here are all about the fight between a predator who wants the prey, and the prey who might just get away. In Deserts, a dying holy man tries to keep his path while a voice tries to tempt him away. In Wild Places, the creatures of the Northern wildernesses band together to push back the steady incursion of civilisation. Tantra is a silly story about men who fear sex and women who really, really like it.

I am currently in my sixth instar, consumed by a very specific obsession for a very special predator. A world of same-size, weight change, scat, blood and the occult is where I live now. I'm more productive than ever but much of the output is gone, gifted to and consumed by its subject. It's a kind of creative-permavore that makes real a craving I've explored only in fiction my whole life.

So please enjoy what's posted. More may come in future, but best take this gallery as the remains of an author consumed.

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So, I built a single- and multiplayer vore card game with Raven. We allowed early access on her Patreon for a while, but now it's open!

This is four months' work for both of us, coding and painting and play-testing. There's so much more we want to add, but please give it a whirl, and please absolutely give us feedback on what you like and what needs improving.

Single player: Choose to play Minerva's dinner and struggle for freedom while she taunts you; or devour Francesca, our wide-eyed barista prey who will fight and beg for her life inside your squirming belly. Fun in its own right, and useful for learning the ropes before trying:

[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by THEholySnail 1 month ago Report

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Glad you enjoy it! Yes, I found your story very unique! Especially the concept of this seemingly flawless, endlessly disciplined main character, still having things causing him to struggle.


Posted by THEholySnail 2 months ago Report

Huge thanks for the watch and the favs!


Posted by soyaEgg 2 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch!

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Posted by ThoughtVision 2 years ago Report

Thanks for watch. ^_^


Posted by DejiruHerald 2 years ago Report

<< Reply To Sehnsucht

Got it from DarkmaneTheWerewolf on DA


Posted by maomix 2 years ago Report

Thanks so much!


Posted by Mcleod 2 years ago Report

I've waiting for 5 years. Can I at least get an explanation?


Posted by mouseyman 7 years ago Report

<< Reply To Sehnsucht

I'm still working on finishing that one as well. I think at some point down the road we should collaborate XD writing like yours gives me all kinds of inspiration!


Posted by mouseyman 7 years ago Report

Thanks for watching!


Posted by Mamerui 7 years ago Report

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You're welcome, H-EC.

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Posted by FaultyVault 7 years ago Report

<< Reply To Sehnsucht

Jeeeez. I was happy with your witty remarks and kind comments, but it does not compare to the gift of enabling me to find and browse your gallery. The stories of yours I've read are simply out of this world! I just lapped up 'Desert' and 'This is Wrong' without hesitation. I'll have to stop and pace myself.

I'm glad you are fond of the trend of cruelty throughout my work, and I can assure you it is an aspect that will not die out with ease. There's plenty more to come!

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