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Death Pool! [SCAT] By Frakass -- Report

"Hi Chidi,

We currently face a problem I would like you to work on : lastly, a certain number of incidents, resulting in human casualties, and seemingly caused by misunderstanding(s) during interactions between indigenous Earthlings and Extra-Terrestrial individuals happened here on Earth.
So, the Ttrucilian Inter-Specific Cohabiataion Service ask us to help them.
I think nobody is more suited than you for the task of coming with didactic tools in order to reduce the number of perfectly edible humans that end up consumed by others than deserving Golden Elves.
Such a loss.

I'm looking forward for what you'll come with.


Send by : [email protected]"

Authors note :
Almost a quick one, that come from some testing with SAI settings (and a somewhat more "chibi" style than usual)...
It's also a comeback for Miss Karakvolla (from ), the Cameleopardian Economic Representative on Earth who, like Chidi, found herself a boyfriend here... along with some more troubles ^^

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Posted by Ngerman 4 weeks ago Report

Very imaginative! I love your cartoons.


Posted by DrakeHillside 4 weeks ago Report

Well, unfortunate accidents happen.
And I'm happy to see she got someone to lean on when it does.<3
Awesomely done with this!


Posted by unicorn 4 weeks ago Report

Oh wow, i love Miss Karkavolla <3


Posted by zandveer 4 weeks ago Report

Aw, poor thing. She feels bad cause of how good it felt~ She might need to try and keep her eyes open more when swimming! And that's quite the well stretched hole for something that's usually passing plant matter.


Posted by carlj 4 weeks ago Report

Long neck giraffe alien is back! ^^
Is it just me or is she smaller than her previous picture?


Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 4 weeks ago Report

Digested into oblivion is my favorite kind of digesting <3 Also I adore that throat shot, long necks are way too good!


Posted by Indighost 4 weeks ago Report

This is beautiful, every step of it! Your art always brings joy :)


Posted by HMDVore 4 weeks ago Report

A return to form with this one <3 Keep it up Frak!


Posted by BalouCyan 4 weeks ago Report

I love your work, especially when it contains disposal~!
Looking forward for more! :3


Posted by KaZe_DaRKWIND 4 weeks ago Report

Accidental vore will always be my favorite.


Posted by TotalMickey 4 weeks ago Report

Oh my god this whole sequence is just wonderful! There’s something so enjoyable about a guilty, gluttonous pred, especially when they find something so enjoyable about the feeling. Great work


Posted by Salisha 4 weeks ago Report

Eh, there's plenty to spare. I hope she doesn't beat herself up to bad. You know, I'm sure she could find plenty of willing meals if she ever wanted to do that again~


Posted by Shitmuncher47 3 weeks ago Report

If I was her mate I would eat her poo and drink her pee


Posted by DegeneracyOutlet 3 weeks ago Report

Accidental vore AND disposal? Aw hell yeah