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The Twin Serpents By Lampton -- Report

 Draconatedz and I planned a trade back during the summer; he'd write me a Monster Hunter story and I'd draw him an Umineko piece. But then we decided to get a story and pictures for both, so I suppose it's a double collab now.
Here's the Monster Hunter Rise half of it.
The Umineko half can be found here!

The story by Draconatedz below!


"Goodness me, my dear sister… I do believe I am tired from another long, hard day of work!" Hinoa swooned as they entered their joint home, Minoto already raising a brow to her sibling's typical antics.

"Tell me, my dear sister, what might you be tired from? I do believe our little hunter friend has been keeping me busy all day with quests, not you. Have you perhaps been eating too many dango again? You have been looking softer under your robes these days… kyaaa!!" Minoto couldn't help but giggle from her teasing, but her laughter soon turned to frantic gasps as her sister suddenly groped her from behind, squeezing the love handles and poochy belly hidden under her own tighter than usual attire.

"You've got little room to talk, my dear sister, what is all this gracious fat you're trying so desperately to hide from our cute little hunter friend, hmm? Oh my, I don't remember your breasts being this big… and this butt! Oh ho ho~" The teaser became the teased as Minoto pouted, the younger twin trying desperately to get away from her behind-the-scenes perverted relative.

"I-I can't explain this extra weight! It's like I'm getting it from nowhere, I haven't been altering my diet at all. I wonder if it has something to do with… hem, but that's impossible…" Minoto mumbled to herself as Hinoa tilted her head inquisitively.

"Oh my, you too? Truth be told, I've been feeling very bloated lately, but I figured it was just because of the extra dango I've been sneaking from Komugi-chan! What a relief that you're also growing just as soft and round, my dear sister~ It must be our special link as soul bound siblings!" Hinoa hugged her sister tightly, their swollen, jiggly frames colliding and docking together like two puzzle pieces meant to be next to each other. Minoto blushed, still embarrassed by her sister's extreme doting.

"Hinoa, I swear, if I'm getting fat because of you…" Minoto returned the hug, secretly enjoying feeling her twin's comforting body. It was like sinking into a person made out of heavenly dango, her bouncy belly the perfect marshmallow to squeeze and sink into. For a few moments, the girls just sat there, consoling and holding one another, before Minoto finally cleared her throat, clearly embarrassed by her attachment to her other half.

"A-ahem… we should hurry up and get ready for bed. It is getting late, after all…" Hinoa grinned as she let go, sensing Minoto's awkwardness. She found her flushed cheeks to be the cutest thing in the world, so embarrassing her sister had become something of a hobby.

"Right… Ooh, my tummy is rumbling, I should have eaten more dango before we headed to the bathhouse!" Rubbing her gut with an exaggerated pout, Minoto sighed at her sister's childish display.

"Komugi will have plenty of dango ready for us in the morning, now let's get out butts to bed before you turn into a poogie!" Hinoa snorted like a pig as she was shoved into the rolled out futon, but not before yanking Minoto close. The two embraced a dangerously close hug, before two loud snores began to echo throughout the otherwise empty house. The girls were fast asleep in a matter of minutes, their increasingly chunky bodies a pain to lug around, even in their small village. The girls continued to snooze for a while, their slumber uninterrupted, before suddenly-

My Queen… My Queen! There you are, my queen!

My King… My King! Oh, my dear King!

The two girls lost in peaceful dreams opened their eyes, Hinoa's glowing a brilliant sky blue, while Minoto's shined a shocking bright gold. Their bodies slowly rose, as they took each other into the other's arms. Their lips quickly met, as the King and Queen serpents slain some time ago by the famous rising star hunter revived within the village maidens they had connected psychically with before their demise.

"My Queen… even inside that dreadful human, your beauty is incomprehensible…" 'Ibushi' moaned, as he stroked his Queen's vessel's long, straight, hime cut hair. 'Narwa' grinned a devilish smile, as she bit her lover's pale neck flesh, the taste of human meat electrifying her taste buds.

"My King… I could devour you right now…" Narwa was not joking in the slightest. The taste of Ibushi's throat was almost enough to make her want to scarf him down on the spot, but she hesitated only slightly, not wanting to consume her lover just yet. He could use a bit more fattening up before that.

"I would not mind, my Queen… but there are still so many humans left to feast upon, sleeping with their guard down like the lambs they are. I want to eat them all, my Queeeeeen…" Ibushi drug his long tongue up Narwa's breasts, loving the taste of her succulent breasts. How he wished he could dine upon his Queen… but the wind serpent knew his place. He was food for his Queen when the time finally came, a fate his vessel would share in her eventual demise. But until that day, he would eat his fill alongside the divine thunder serpent, cramming as many humans down his human gullet in secret, just as the serpent's had done a few nights ago. They couldn't go a second longer without another human stewing away in their growling tummies!

"What are we waiting for, my King? The night is young… Let us go out and dance a dance of death and destruction!" Fueled by a primal hunger, the twins rose from their bed in the dead of night, hunger emanating from their bellies demanding filling sacrifices. And sacrifices they would have… until this whole village was gone, reduced to nothing more than fat that clings to their humanoid shells. Their eyes glowed as they vanished into the night, going their separate ways to find suitable prey to fend off their monstrous hunger.


"Haaah, another hard day's work completed… I believe I've earned a drink at the tavern for today's exploits." A foreign woman named Rodine muttered to herself as she closed up for the night. All the submarines had been sent off for her reliable hunter friend, and she couldn't wait to unwind with some nice ale and spirits. The people of this strange village called it 'sake', and it offered a pleasant buzz as it slid down her elegant throat. Just as she locked up her boat, she noticed someone approaching, someone she hardly saw leaving her post in the hunter's hub.

"Lady Minoto, is that you? To what do I owe the late night visit?" Rodine asked with a graceful bow. The dark haired maiden said nothing as she crept closer, her eyes seeming to glow an eerie gold in the otherwise dimly lit moonlight.

"Yes, you will do quite well, morsel. I desire your flesh… Do not resist your queen." Rodine blinked at her confusing words. Desire her flesh? Do not resist her queen? She was still growing used to the customs of this land far away from home, so she carefully chose her response as not to offend whatever she intended to do. Perhaps she was simply asking her out to drink? If so, she would be happy to oblige.

"My flesh, you say? I have been told I'm a beauty by many of the local men, but never any of the maidens like yourself. I must admit, you are quite beautiful in your own right, lady Minoto." Narwa was reaching her hands out to snatch the brunette's head and stuff it right into her waiting maw, but this woman’s sweet words made her hesitate. Even though she had the mind of a monster at this moment, Narwa loved words of praise and worship. To be called beautiful, even by this walking arrangement of unconsumed meat, well… The blush forming on her cheeks truly belonged to a monster.

"Mmh… I'm beautiful, you say? Tell me more, woman." Narwa demanded, her hunger for flesh temporarily subdued. She was hungry for this woman's worship first. That would make devouring her all the more satisfying and fulfilling.

"Ah… Well, how can I put this? I've caught glimpses of you and your sister around the village, and each time, I thought to myself how stunning you truly are. You would both be treated as queens in my home country, exotic beauties from a far off land. You should take a trip with me sometime, I'll introduce you to some good foreign men." The bob-haired brunette winked at the raven haired miko. Narwa felt her heart titter, but not from romantic stimulation, but from the desire to devour this woman's homeland as well. This desire was almost great enough to let this one scamper off for now, so she could ferry them there once they were done with this village, but she had already made her mind up, this curvy sack of meat was to be her meal for the evening.

"I crave not foreign men," Narwa lied, her stomach suddenly growling behind her robes, "The one I crave and shall have this night is you, meaty woman. Offer your flesh to me." She commanded, her eyes growing a brighter gold as her hunger intensified. She licked her lips as she stepped closer, their chests docking. Rodine gasped as this smaller girl forcefully took her into her hands, yanking her down to be eye level. She felt breathless as their lips met, the seemingly innocent and friendly shrine maiden thrusting her tongue into her lips to taste the inside of her mouth like a devil.

"M-mmphh! Mhmm…" Rodine resisted at first, trying to politely yet firmly shove her off, but such resistance melted as she was manhandled by a girl smaller than herself. Something about that contrast turned her on, making her feel weak and submissive in the dainty girl's arms. She soon relented, returning the smooch in earnest as their tongues danced inside the brunette's mouth. This went on for a few moments that felt closer to minutes, until a strange dampness began to spread over her lips and nose. Rodine opened her eyes for the last time to see those glowing golden eyes, as Minoto's maw parted and spread entirely over her face.


Delicious… Was all Narwa could think as the salty flavor of human flesh passed through her lips. Her teeth dug into her chin as she forced Rodine's entire head inside, consuming her brown bob and thick skull in a single swallow. By now, her prey was struggling with confusion, the tight dampness of the shrine maiden's throat clamping down on her like a vice, but she was powerless to stop her consumption no matter what she tried. Her hands shoving against Minoto's robes was met with her snatching them up, and stuffing them into the sides of her lips.
Her shoves and wiggles as her shoulders popped inside her gullet were met with indifference, as if she were merely swatting at a fly. Even as she was lifted off the ground to be hoisted up into her lips, her kicking feet did little to stop her from being slurped down.

Yes, struggle human! You cannot escape your fate! You will feed your queen with every ounce of your flesh! The thunder serpent cackled to herself as she stuffed this woman's breasts into her cheeks. The green clothing covering her chest masked her true flavor, but it was of little consequence. Narwa was not eating to taste, she was eating to fill herself with this human's delectable meat, to churn her down into more of herself. Even if not a pound of it made it to her real body, her vessel would feel much more satisfying to control with a considerably larger amount of heft. She would churn this woman into fat, and feel more powerful than ever! Her swallowing quickened as she slid Rodine's well defined abs into her lips, her teeth eager to dig into her juicy bottom.

"Nhhgh! S-stop… eating me!" The woman-turned-food complained as she was forced into an uncomfortable position in the smaller woman's gut, the stench of dripping stomach acids already causing her to wince. Her head was forced past a tight fleshy sphincter, followed by her shoulders and chest. The entrance to the belly was so tight, she was sure there would be no escape once the rest of her slid down, so she knew she had to struggle now if she was to escape her digestive fate! Try and wiggle as she might, however, her jiggling butt cheeks currently packed into Narwa's upper jaw only pleased her predator even further. Feeling the back of her throat swell with her prey's wobbling rump was a pleasure the serpent never knew, as her main body was far too big to feel lowly creatures such as humans pack themselves inside.

I could get used to this form… addicted even~ Farewell, pitiful human. Your meat will do well in making my vessel nice and plump!



A series of rapid swallows followed, as Rodine's long legs and boot covered feet disappeared down the maiden's maw. Narwa's drooling tongue wrapped around the leather, as she pushed the last of her inside with her dainty little index finger. A satisfying gllrch rang out, as Rodine was rendered to nothing but food. Narwa's stomach was massive and lumpy, her robes undone and parted from the sudden expansion of her person-filled gut. She chuckled as she ran a finger over the edge of her creamy tummy, the lingering flavor of human meat still tickling her taste buds.
Her mouth opened to taunt her prey further, but a sudden rush of air came exploding instead, an echoing belch filling the empty shipyard.

"URRRRRAAAHHP!!" As spittle and slivers of brown hair flew past her bewildered eyes, Narwa covered her lips, unfamiliar with the concept of burping. Her cheeks grew red with blush as she glanced around, making sure no other humans saw her eating this one. As much as she'd like seconds, this cow of a woman was more than enough to keep her hunger sated for the time being. Her stomach sloshing side to side as she hefted around her squirming stomach sac into her arms for support, 'Minoto' waddled back towards her home, excited to rendezvous with her king. She couldn't wait to see how big his catch was, and to squash their meals into oblivion where they belonged.


"Whew, what a day! I'll finish up here, so you guys go ahead and head home! I'll see you tomorrow, bright and early! Bye-bye!" Sunny and cheerful to a fault, Yomogi waved to her two felyne companions as they scurried off, their arms tired from using hammers to pound dango all day. She still had to wash the cooking equipment and sweep the floor, but she was very close to unwinding with a nice hot bath before tucking into bed. Her tummy grumbled as she realized she had yet to eat any dinner herself.

"Oh shoot… Well, we do have a lot of leftover dango…" fixing herself a plate as the village grew dark and the villagers headed back to their own homes, Yomogi found herself all by her lonesome, munching on a miraculous, nutritional feast of sweets to stave off her hunger. Emptying her plate, the spunky brunette leaned back in her chair, letting her stuffed tum hang out in front of her while she gave it a satisfied pat.

"Oof… urppf, I think I overdid it again. If I don't start watching how much dango I'm eating, I'll end up looking like Hinoa soon enough, haha!" Her cheeks grew rosy as she imagined growing as big as her idol. If only these darn dango went to her chest instead of her belly and butt!

"You do not wish to look like 'me', child?" A sudden echoing voice from behind made Yomogi's skin crawl. Whipping around, the younger girl sighed a breath of relief as she realized it was just Hinoa, who was no one to worry about… oh, thank goodness!

"Please don't sneak up on me like that, Hinoa-san! You almost scared the dango out of me!" Clutching her chest as her heart beat a mile a minute, Yomogi quickly realized that Hinoa had overheard her little rude dango comment, and was taking it the wrong way.

"O-of course I want to look like you! Everyone knows you and Minoto are the most beautiful girls in the village! I've got a lot of catching up to do myself, haha…" Flattery got you everywhere with Hinoa, she loved being praised, whether it was for her gorgeous looks or her first class quest handling skills. Hinoa's eyes seemed to be glowing a dull sky blue color, which Yomogi found a little odd, but it looked really pretty in the otherwise dark night sky. She found herself mesmerized the more she gazed at her, like a moth drawn to flame.

"I can make you more like 'me', child… come closer…" With her arms outstretched, Hinoa's words were like honey as her soft lips slowly parted, the corners of her mouth curling into a creepy smile. Yomogi froze up, feeling strangely fearful, even though she knew Hinoa was about as harmless as a fly.

"U-uh…?" 'Hinoa' snatched up her catch, pulling Yomogi into her chest for a tight bear hug. The brunette struggled for a moment, before those soft orbs completely enveloped her embarrassed cheeks. It was becoming difficult to breathe with how tight Hinoa was squeezing her, and with her oxygen cut off from the heavenly breasts that hung off of the proud maiden's chest, Yomogi's consciousness began to flicker.

"H-Hinoa… stomphh… mmphh……" The poor girl begged and pleaded while shoving with all her might against the shrine maiden's overbearing breasts, but soon her strength faded. Yomogi went limp in Ibushi's arms, like a puppet with its strings freshly clipped. Ibushi chuckled at the fragility of humans. All it took was one tender embrace to render this collection of meat utterly defenseless. Knocking Yomogi's dishes off the wooden table, Ibushi gently laid his prey down, as he collected the girl's motionless feet into his hands.

"I'll never understand these human's feet. Cursed to walk on the ground, unable to take to the skies and pillage and ravage wherever you please… You really are just food waiting to be snatched up." Ripping off Yomogi's feet coverings and socks, Ibushi's tongue wasted no time wrapping around his meal's feet, the slender, drooling appendage drawing out the flavor hidden in her soles. Each and every toe was a pleasure to suck on as they popped into his maw, Hinoa's body also loving the taste of her friend's succulent flesh. It wasn't long before her feet were reduced to a bulge stretching out the wind serpent's throat.

Mmmm… dango~ Though Hinoa's mind was under the effects of her possession, she could still perceive the sensation of her five senses, most notably taste, touch, and smell. The scent of her familiar friend tickled her nose, as the touch of her creamy legs filled her lips and jaw, along with that sweet taste that reminded her of her favorite flavor of dango, culminating in one pleased possessed maiden. She had no complaints that she was being forced to devour her dear friend, even though her brain was foggy, and this would all just feel like a pleasant dream when she woke up tomorrow.

Ulllp… shhluuurrrp… glrrchh…

Ibushi swallowed Yomogi's hips and cute butt like a snake, yanking her unconscious form up and off the table. Her body flopped down, hanging in her jaw with her head nestled between Hinoa's abundant chest. The wind serpent continued slurping proudly, happy to feel his stomach swell with such tasty meat. He devoured her soft dango filled paunch, followed by her flat chest. All that was left hanging limply were her head and arms, dangling as the blood ran to her head from hanging upside down. With an audible CHOMP, Ibushi opened wide and yanked his head backwards, sliding the girl entirely into his gullet, save for her hands resting motionlessly in his lips.

Delicious… Ibushi and Hinoa both moaned inside their shared heads, as Yomogi's fingers vanished down the duo's drooling lips. Her robe struggled to contain the round swell of tautly stretched flesh, as her stomach shifted with the arrival of the devoured human. Ibushi lost his royal composure momentarily as his tongue rolled out of his satisfied lips, his wyverian fingers squeezing the sides of his engorged tummy. A loud belch rolled out of his lips, as droplets of saliva flew forth, splashing his chest and dripping down into his host's cleavage.

Time seemed to slow as Ibushi basked in his pleasantly full stomach, his palms rubbing the knocked out girl through his churning belly. He blinked as he finally came to his senses, realizing he was far too out in the open to be indulging in his host's soft and jiggly body. It would be best to return home and meet back up with his Queen, so they could enjoy each other's catches together.

"My thanks for the dango, Yomogi…" Ibushi uttered, Hinoa's gratitude for her friend filling her starving tummy shining though even while possessed. 'Hinoa's' stomach swayed from side to side as she sauntered with a refined gait, it's contents sloshing around as Yomogi remained unconscious through her digestion. Perhaps it was more merciful that way, to be broken down without realizing one's tragic fate. Yomogi could only churn and stew as her final offering of dango to the gluttonous sister melted away, her nutrients pumping into her owner's intestines and getting started on fattening her right away.


My Queen…

My King…

Inside their home, two fattened serpents coiled around each other in the tender darkness of night. Narwa rests on her knees and wide rump, her body already growing fat from the Rodine slop funneling through her well-packed innards. Her breasts had become sensitive as they expanded, with her entirely too large stomach becoming an erogenous zone for her lover to enjoy. Ibushi's belly squished into his Queen's, his plump legs and thighs cradling the large expanse of excessive belly flesh. His tush and breasts rested on top of his Yomogi filled gut, as his pursed, full lips edged closer and closer to his Queen's. He reached forward, cupping her chin as his glowing blue eyes peered into her brilliantly shining golden gaze.

"My Queen, this whole village is ours for the taking. Our bodies may have been destroyed, but we can take revenge with these insatiable hosts…"

"My King… Ohhh, my King! Feed them all to me!" Narwa sucked on Ibushi's fingers, the temptation to devour even him growing almost too much to bear. But the time was not yet right. She would eat him when cornered and out of options. Until then, they would continue to slowly devour everyone in the village, until their bloated forms were all that remained… and then they would move on to the next village… and then the next… eating their fill and growing stronger and stronger, until they surpassed their former monstrous serpent selves.

As they made love to one another and their meals began to dwindle away, the glowing lights in their eyes started to fade away. It was time to give their bodies back to their hosts, and sleep until the next feasting night. Their lips pressed into each other one last time, as the sisters fell into a deep digestive slumber, their forms locked in a tight, loving embrace. As their bellies squished together, Yomogi and Rodine wobbled and jiggled, spread all across their growing bodies.


"Mmmgg… what time is it…?" Minoto groaned as the morning sun hit her heavy eyelids. She shoved Hinoa off as she did every morning, her clingy sister rolling to her side and curling back into a comfortable sleeping position for a few more winks.

"I feel so… *yaaaawn* heavy and sluggish…" Minoto complained as she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. She was once again naked, which meant Hinoa tore their sleeping clothes off for the hundredth time as they snoozed. Honestly, what is wrong with her… She thought to herself as she scratched her butt, instantly noticing how much bigger her cheeks felt than the night before.

"Huh… wh,... what the…'' gazing at herself in the vanity mirror, Minoto's eyes went wide as she realized how chunky she'd become. Her body was pudgy all over, belts and patches of flab decorating nearly every inch of her much wider form. Her breasts seemed like they had nearly doubled in size, matching her sister's ridiculous chest, if not surpassing it. She looked with shock and awe as she twisted herself around, a giant shelf of an ass poking out behind her. The juicy peach wobbled with every little movement, as if she were a spoiled noble who feasted on only the finest and most fattening of foods.

"H-Hinoa, I think something strange happened to us last night…" She called out to her sibling as she continued feeling and inspecting every inch of her plush body. Instead of a response, she heard a sharp, sudden burp, and found Hinoa's equally massive ass nestled into their sleeping mat. Hinoa had belched up something, the saliva hair ornament rolling onto the ground beside her, her lips curled into a drooling smile as she dreamed about stuffing herself to the brim with tasty dango. Her hand was squeezing the massive potbelly paunch as it sprawled out in front of her, the sloshy organ still full of last night's lingering remains. She didn't look like she was going to be waking up anytime soon, and to be honest, Minoto wasn't entirely sure if she wasn't dreaming. Shrugging to herself, the younger twin got back into bed with Hinoa, a pleasant smile on her face as she spooned her and quickly drifted back off to sleep herself.

They would no doubt find themselves troubled when they woke up later and realized all this fat was not a dream, but something in the back of Minoto's mind urged her to ignore such feelings and be at peace. As she squeezed and snuggled up against her King, the wind and thunder serpents slept peacefully, their hearts and minds somehow resonating with the lovable twins.

A process that would repeat every night, as more and more people vanished inside the twin's ever fattening frames.


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Posted by TeruyukiKiryuin 1 month ago Report

Art with the twins are always a treat :3


Posted by ClarAya 1 month ago Report

It took me a minute to realize they only had four fingers in the game


Posted by Lampton 1 month ago Report

Not only four fingers but the legs are all weird too according to references :x


Posted by ClarAya 1 month ago Report

Also great job on the buns and boobs as always


Posted by joe354 1 month ago Report

This an fantastic story to go along a wonderful piece of art work, great job to both of you for this collab!


Posted by Lampton 1 month ago Report

Thank you!


Posted by ZHunterX 1 month ago Report

Possession vore? That’s a nice surprise, the story is great too. You and Draco do such good work together.


Posted by Lampton 1 month ago Report

Thanks! And yeah, his writing is top notch!


Posted by doomed 1 month ago Report

Poor monsters lol


Posted by RasenGun37 1 month ago Report

Hey, you're back babeeee!!