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Sweet Like Candy (Trade) By Draconatedz -- Report

WARNING: Umineko no Nako Koro ni spoiler warning for Episode 3! If you’re interested in ever reading the series, I highly recommend coming back after at least playing up to and completing Episode 3: Banquet of the Golden Witch, because this story directly spoils a certain scene from that. I would say avoid the picture too, but if you’re reading this, it’s probably a little too late for that, so lol.


"Kihihihihihihuhuhahahaha! What should I try next? What do you think, Ronoooove?" A short orange-haired witch giggled with a sadistic glee as she stood over a pile of meat that was once her younger sister and her niece. A magical swirl of golden butterflies materialized behind her, taking the shape of her ever faithful demon butler, Ronove. The man narrowed his gaze, but never stopped smiling wryly as he addressed his master.

"Hmm… I daresay you have murdered them enough, have you not, my lady?" He suggested out of consideration for Battler-sama, who was watching from the other side of the metaverse with a dreadful, teary-eyed expression.

"Huuuuuuh? Murdered them enough? I don't think so! This isn't nearly enough to satisfy me! Not even close!" The evil witch pointed her long staff at Ronove with a scornful glare. The butler bowed, apologizing for his unneeded opinion.

"You require inspiration for more gruesome and amusing ways to kill them, then? Hmm…" Rubbing his chin, a particularly cruel idea suddenly sprung to mind. He may have wanted to avoid adding fuel to the fire, but he was still a demonic butler. Cruel ideas came to him quite naturally. Forgive me, Battler-sama, but I must obey my master. Such is the fate of furniture.

"Beatrice-sama, have you considered devouring them? It is in a demon's nature to consume those weaker than themselves, and I'm sure you would enjoy putting them in their place inside of you…" EVA's eyes snapped open wide as if she just had a startling revelation. With the joy of a child receiving a new toy to play with, she looked at the squashed remains of Rosa and Maria Ushiromiya. Eating them… making them a part of herself… Yes, that would do nicely as a way to test her new powers!

"An excellent suggestion for once! Perhaps I'll keep you around longer than I was planning to, Ronove! Now, remove yourself from our presence. I want to enjoy the intimidation that comes before securing my meal, kehehehehahahaha!!" As the witch cackled madly, Ronove bowed, before his body broke apart into hundreds of golden butterflies that scattered to the wind. All that was left in the windy courtyard was the evil witch, and the pile of mincemeat that was once two beautiful girls. The first thing to do was revive them, eating them as gross pieces of deceased flesh wouldn't be fun at all. EVA-Beatrice sneered as she raised her staff, pointing it directly at the motionless pile of girl scraps.

"Come now, try to remember your form…" Time seemed to reverse ever so slowly for the miscellaneous girl meat. Piece after piece, Rosa and Maria began to be put back together. Loud swuirshes and schlorping sounds filled the garden, as Rosa's arms and legs reattached themselves, her bones being restored from being broken so terribly from a 100 foot drop in the sky. Maria's frail, small body started to look human again, as both women's eyes flung open violently. Rosa held back the vomit as she clutched her mouth, the feeling of her entire form breaking apart from hitting the ground still fresh in her mind. The girls coughed and sputtered as they held each other in their arms, true fear reflecting from their eyes as they gazed up at the terrible witch torturing them so unnecessarily cruelly.

"Welcome back, my dear sister and niece. How was falling from such a long way up? Fun, right? Do you still feel it in your bones? It was so fun watching you break apart against the hard ground, huhuhuhuhahahahaha!!" The new Golden Witch had no sympathy for beings that were once her family. She had risen above being a simple chess piece on the game board. She was now a player, and she was going to make full use of playing with her new toys.

"P…please… let us go. I-If not me, th-then at least Maria…" Speaking was hard for the middle-aged woman. Though her body had been restored fully and had no damage, her mind had yet to recover. How could anyone speak normally after being brutally murdered countless times, over and over, in different, increasingly cruel ways each time? She felt as if she was going to go mad at this rate. Would she even be able to keep being Rosa Ushiromiya if this continued? She shuddered at the thought of endless death, until she forgot everything but the sensation of dying. And what's more, her daughter was going through the same thing. Who knows how much longer her underdeveloped mind could last?

"Huuuuuuuuuh? Let you go? Why would I do that, stupid? We're having so much fun! And I have so many more ideas I want to try out on both of you! How will the human race advance if we don't take advantage of situations like this? You should feel honored, dear sister! You have the privilege of dying so many times in a single life! This is something you get to experience only because I'm granting it to you! Why don't you thank me, you ungrateful little leech! Hehehe… Hahahahahahaha!!!" EVA-Beato's speech left Rosa speechless. She couldn't even choke out a rebuttal if she wanted to. She just held Maria tightly, trying to shield her from this monster wearing her sister's face.

"M-mama… mama…" Maria stuttered, her hands barely able to cling to her mother.

"………" Rosa bit her lower lip as she cowered in fear before Eva. What could they do? There was no escape, no end to the suffering. Her sister didn't even have a soul anymore, she didn't see the younger sibling she grew up with or her niece as people anymore. They were just toys in her toybox to destroy, and she was dead set on playing with them until they broke completely…

"Oh Rosa… I hate to admit it, but now that I'm looking at you in a different light… Mhm, you do look positively delicious." EVA-Beato licked her lips as she took a few steps closer to her prey. The brunette had no idea what she was talking about, but whatever it was, it couldn't be good.

"That fear reflecting off of your eyes… your long, beautiful hair… your charming beauty, enhanced by your flawless, creamy skin… Yes, you might be the tastiest catch in our entire family! Besides me, of course~" EVA-Beatrice snatched up Rosa's chin with a gloved hand, forcing her little sister to look her directly in the eyes. The more Eva gazed into those deep, sorrowful, pooling eyes, the hungrier she got. She rubbed her sister's chin, as if she were appraising a cow's meat before the slaughter.

"Unhand me!" Rosa grit her teeth as she slapped away the witch's hand. The cruel witch smiled as she towered above her, her desire to become one with Rosa growing. But Rosa wasn't the only delicious one here…

"And Maria… Has anyone ever told you how sweet you look? I think I could lick your face all day until it withers away, just like a lollipop~" The young girl looked up at her with scrumptious, innocent eyes, not having a clue what she was talking about. Talking about them like they were food, did she plan on eating them now? Could they even be revived from something like that?! Rosa regained enough mental fortitude to use her legs again, and wasted no time jumping to her feet, the desire to protect her child from this monster the only thought on her strained mind.

"Shut up! Maria, come on, w-we have to escape!" Despite Rosa's legs working, Maria's were not. She struggled to walk at all, let alone run, as her mother tried to yank her by the arm to safety. She started crying as the pain of her once shattered legs was still fresh in her brain. EVA-Beatrice laughed gleefully at their utterly pathetic escape attempt. Did they really think they could escape the Endless Witch of the Rokkenjima?! Such a thought made her laugh… and laugh… and laugh.

"Eeeeeehehehehehahahahahahaaaaaaa!!" Twirling her staff, both women stopped in place, their bodies hovering slightly off the ground and utterly paralyzed. They hadn't even made it a few steps before being apprehended. Was escape even possible? How could they fight this overwhelming magical force? Rosa wasn't sure anymore…

"I think I'll start with you~" EVA-Beato cooed as she stroked the motionless Maria's cheek. Rosa tried to open her mouth to scream, to beg her to let her daughter go, but she couldn't. Her lips were being held shut by Eva's magic. All she could do was watch, as her older sister rubbed her hands in delight, the hungry woman eager to dig into the appetizer suspended before her. Maria felt a fear like no other as she was grabbed, and brought towards her aunt's face. EVA-Beatrice slowly opened her mouth, a trail of drool dripping from the parting of her lips. A hot, intoxicating breath washed over the little girl, causing her eyes to water.

NOOOOOOOOO! LEAVE HER ALONE!! EAT ME INSTEAD!! MARIAAAAAA!!! Rosa screamed internally, but no one heard it, and Eva certainly wasn't about to let her snack go. Maria's head popped into EVA-Beatrice's mouth like an oversized grape. The witch rolled her tongue around, tasting her cuteness in full. The sensation of tasting living meat was like no other. She loved the pooling, salty sweat that decorated her skin. Her hair wasn't particularly flavorful, but it added a unique texture while going down. Since Maria was so small, it was a trifling thing to consume her. Her slim shoulders and arms passed inside, along with her chest lacking any sort of breasts to prove as an obstacle. Her clothing was utterly bland tasting, but it made the chances to taste her skin between the gaps in her clothing all the more savory.

Why…? WHY?! WHY ARE YOU EATING HER?! She's… She's just a child! How could you do something so cruel?! A-and you're going to revive her afterwards? After fucking digesting her?! Monster… monster… monster… Rosa's heart was shattering as she watched her precious child disappear down the gullet of this beast wearing the face of her sister. Eva may have been cruel and confrontational at times, but she was still her sister! She would never do things like this! She wasn't capable of murdering someone she grew up with! Or a child! How could this be happening… She just couldn't understand, she couldn't fathom why this was happening to them.

Stupid Rosa… You don't need to understand anything, other than the fact that you are my plaything. And right now, you're also my food. EVA-Beatrice could taste her sister's thoughts just by glancing at her while she slurped down her brat of a child. Despite how scrumptious Maria was, her mind wasn't too focused on the suffering of some uninteresting child. She was more obsessed with feeling Rosa's suffering. Luckily for her, eating Maria was causing her a great deal of mental pain! Despite the fact that Rosa was a terrible, neglectful, and abusive mom, she still felt intense pain seeing her daughter devoured before her very eyes. EVA-Beato relished in that delicious emotion, her sister's intense feelings coating Maria's tasty form, enhancing her flavor even further. As she reached her prey's bare legs, she only got tastier and taster the more she was swallowed down.

Ummllph… slurrrrrrp~ One of Maria's shoes fell off at EVA-Beato's lips, leaving her sock covered foot to be tasted in full. Her drool soaked through the thin cotton material, allowing her cute little feet's flavor to rise to the surface. As she took that final swallow, Rosa screamed in her mind as Eva's throat bulged out and returned to normal, the last of Maria sinking into the cruel witch's depths. Her stomach was round, but not that big, Maria was a small girl after all. She was probably curled up in a tight little ball, her paralysis lifted now that she was nicely settled in the witch's gut. Maria was squirming and moving around weakly, ruffling the pretty, stretched dress that bound EVA-Beatrice's belly. The witch gave her tummy a satisfied pat, before belching proudly, the noxious smell of her bubbling stomach wafting over and filling Rosa's lungs. With an extra evil expression, EVA-Beatrice skipped over to her dear sister, who was still paralyzed and shaking with rage and sorrow.

"Hehehe… Urrrp~ Mmm, who knew brats made me so gassy? I'm learning so much from eating people! Now, I can't help but wonder what eating you will be like. Maybe I should lift your bindings. Eating Maria without any struggles was a little dull. You'll provide a good fight, Right Roooosaaaa?"

Though Rosa was paralyzed, she still managed to twist her face into a defiant scowl. EVA-Beato almost swooned at the sight of such a tasty expression! She almost wanted to lean forward and kiss her on those frowning lips~ That would piss Rosa off quite nicely, wouldn't it? And so, she did just that. closing her eyes and puckering her lips, the sisters shared a tender kiss as EVA-Beato pulled her younger sister close, Eva's Maria stuffed tum squishing into her mother as the one-sided embrace continued. This wasn't just a kiss, she was full on making out with Rosa, who was forced to just sit there and take it, her older sister's tongue lewdly invading her lips for a proper french kiss.

Disgusting disgusting disgusting why why why why are you doing this you dirty slut I don't like you I don't like you I don't like you I hate you I hate you I hate you get off of me get off of me get off of me!! Rosa's mind reeled at the sensation of making out with a monster that just swallowed her daughter mere moments ago. She could feel Maria moving around as the belly pressed roughly into her own flat, empty stomach. This was a show for the ages for those watching from the metaverse, but on the gameboard, such a lewd, scandalous act was unheard of. EVA-Beato finally parted her lips from Rosa, a string of drool connecting them even as she backed away and licked her chops clean.

"Wow… Kissing a girl that just so happens to be your sister is intense~ Maybe we should take this a little further, eh Rosa?" Eva cackled as she reached forward, groping Rosa's sizable breasts.

Die die die die die die die die die die die DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!

Rosa didn't take too kindly to the idea, but she could only express it though those delicious, defiant eyes. EVA-Beato was seriously considering a little casual sex with Rosa to digest Maria down some before eating her next, but then a sharp stomach groan, followed by an intense second wave of hunger washed over the witch. Looks like Rosa's bedtime pleasure would have to wait, it was time for the main course~ Snapping her fingers, Rosa fell to the ground, her body fully free to move once more. She slowly looked up at Eva and her Maria packed gut, her face twisting into an expression straight out of hell.

"You monster… I'll kill you. I'll kill you I'll kill you I'll kill you!!" Escape was no longer something Rosa was thinking about. She just wanted to do everything in her power to make the awful, horrible woman in front of her die. It was a pointless dash towards the Endless Golden Witch, who was merely sneering at such a predictable reaction, but Rosa did it anyway. All this hate bottled up inside her had to explode eventually, right? And so, her hand went to punch EVA-Beatrice, squarely in the face. Twisting her torso, Rosa put everything into this attack. All her hate for Eva, all her love for Maria, everything… only for it to pass right through her lips. Her older sister mumbled "Yum~" at the taste of her fist, before grabbing her arm and yanking her forward. Rosa was swallowed up to her shoulder in an instant, and then Eva grabbed her waist, eager to move on to the rest of her.

The slurping didn't stop there. Her shoulder and head were crammed into the witch's lips swiftly, that terrible tongue wrapping all around her bare skin. She was tasting her deeply and loving it. Rosa couldn't believe how powerless she truly was. No matter how much she tried to yank her arm out of her big sister's throat, it was futile, she simply kept scarfing down more and more of her at her leisure. Soon her other arm was scooped up and shoved inside, leaving her entire upper half consumed.

EVA-Beato's tongue slathered Rosa's dark top, making sure to feel and taste her older sister's titties, even through her clothes. It was by and far the most embarrassing thing Rosa had ever experienced in her life. To think she was tasting her breasts and savoring them, that was something only reserved for her lovers. Male lovers! She had no love for sluts and whores! To be violated and savored by another woman, her sister no less… Rosa felt she was now less than human.

Good lord, I should have done this sooner! She tastes soooo good! I can't believe that little pipsqueak Rosa, who's been living in my shadow this whole time, tastes this good! Get in my belly, you tasty little whore~

Rosa's trim tummy didn't last long before being slurped down, but then Eva had to slow down at her juicy backside. Rosa's ass tasted even better than her breasts~ Digging her teeth into those soft, mouth-filling buns was a sensation like no other! Not to mention tonguing her nethers through her thin dress pants. In her excitement, EVA-Beato fell backwards onto her butt, but she didn't care at all. All she was focused on was savoring Rosa's immaculate flavor. Her ass finally squished fully into her maw, leaving those creamy, slender legs to slurp down. Gulp after gulp rang through the garden, until Rosa's boot covered feet rested in the witch's drooling lips.


Cackling in her mind, EVA-Beatrice swallowed hard, a loud glunk signifying the end as Rosa was dumped into her stomach on top of the stewing younger Ushiromiya. The mother and daughter duo swirled around inside her, trying to find comfort in the horrible, fleshy prison, but no such relief could be found. The scalding acids churning around their bodies filled the gaps between them, burning their skin and singing their clothes. In the end, Maria's knees sat next to Rosa's head, bunched up against the right side of the stuffed gut, while Maria pressed against the grumbling stomach walls on the left.

"Mama!! Mama, uuuu!! W-we can't get out! I've been trying this whole time!! I… I feel tired, uuu…" Maria whined, her skin already becoming soft and melty from being partially digested. Rosa couldn't really see in the dark confines, but all her other senses worked painfully well. She could smell the bile as it soaked into her skin, softening her just as quickly as her daughter. She could touch the rippling stomach walls, as more and more girl-melting juice was pumped inside. She could hear the grumbling and groaning of Eva's digestive system, as it kicked up a notch to digest them faster. And lastly, she could taste the certain death that lingered around them. Opening her mouth to speak, to reassure Maria that they would be alright, that taste of death invaded her lips and coated her taste buds. It was a strange feeling that filled the older woman with existential dread.

"Maria… I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry." She hugged her squishy daughter, who weakly hugged her back. As the two shared a tender moment, suddenly their prison tightened impossibly tight, as all the air surrounding them rushed up EVA-Beato's windpipe.

"EUUAAAAAAAAAARRRPPH!! Oh yeah, that felt goooooood…" Kneeling on the ground with her massive dress-covered belly sprawled out on the ground in front of her, the witch smiled her evilest smile of the night so far. The edges of her lips spread from ear to ear, as she marveled at the sight of such an impressively round ball of churning flesh attached to her torso. This was a feeling like no other, not even pregnancy could compare! Feeling new life grow inside you was great and all, but taking it away from others? Feeling them struggling to survive inside you? This took the art of killing to a whole new level. This was sadistic and cruel on an entirely different spectrum! She might get addicted to this if she wasn't careful… Wait, no, it might already be too late. She already wanted to eat more.

"Hihihi… C'mon Rosaaaaa… Don't go stiff on me just yet! You've still got plenty of fight left in you, keep struggling! Keehyahahahaha!!" EVA-Beatrice rocked her hips against the back of her belly, practically humping it. The feeling of the meat contained within getting softer and more malleable as time went by was euphoric, causing the witch to let out an embarrassing moan of pure pleasure.

"A-ahhhhnn~ Yes, yessss! You're not just meat, Rosa, you're my meat~ You're going to become a part of me~ Fat, you're my faaaaat~ Ahahahahaaaa, yesss, keep breaking dooooooown~"

At this stage, Rosa and Maria we're both growing delirious inside the oppressive belly. Their bodies were softening and weakening rapidly, their skin just about ready to melt off the bones. Maria had fallen silent, unable to even let out an 'uuu' anymore, and Rosa wasn't far off from that herself. The younger sister pressed her hands against the edge of the belly, her lips quivering as she tried to say something, anything at all.

"E… va…" She whispered. Then, she felt something hard from outside the stomach pressing against her palms. She curiously moved her weak fingers around, trying to see what it was. It seemed to be long and hard… almost like a stick? But it also felt smooth and thick. Maybe it was a pipe? But why would Eva be pressing a pipe against her belly…?

Everything became clear in the last moment of her life as an excruciating pressure squished the two girls into the back of the stomach. EVA-Beatrice had pressed her staff against the outer edge of her tummy(a difficult task considering the girth, mind you), and pulled into herself as hard as possible. In an instant, the girls were dead. Their bodies broke apart in a magnificent SQUISHH, everything that made them people with hopes and dreams vanishing as if they never existed at all.

The Rosa and Maria slop mixed and swirled as their mostly digested scraps of expensive clothing sank to the bottom of the chyme. EVA-Beatrice felt them expire inside her. She could tell the exact moment they died, and it was glorious. A wave of intense, almost sexual euphoria washed over her body, and she laughed as hard as she possibly could.

"Hehe… hahaha… AHAHAHAHAIHIHIHIHEHEHEEEEHAAAAAAAAA!!" Tears of joy streamed down her cheeks, that was truly the best kill she had ever experienced in her life, in her fantasies or reality. A red-haired man in a white suit punched the ground as he kneeled in despair, intense tears of despair streaming down his cheeks. Ronove and the former Beatrice watched his sorrow bloom in full, as he cried out in pain for the endless suffering his aunt and cousin had to endure, just for the pleasure of his twisted witch aunt.

"EEEEVAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" He screamed in vain, his voice unheard from the metaverse. All he could do was observe from where he was sitting in the tea room, as EVA-Beatrice continued playing with her softening, dwindling stomach. She could feel as more and more of her prey broke down to nothing, the soup they had been reduced to funneling down the drain at the bottom of her belly for further processing.

She could feel herself growing fatter and fatter as the minutes ticked by, and it was a strangely satisfying sensation. Her stomach remained large, soft, and round, but it took on a different shape. It was empty with the last drop of Rosa dripping away, but some of both girls remained, padding out her tummy and making it nice and soft. The definition of her stomach was a double roll, fitting since it took two souls to make it.

That wasn't the only part of her that got fatter. Her tits were bigger than ever! If she had to guess, they seemed even bigger than back when she was her old adult, piece self. She groped the meaty orbs, feeling the dress covered flesh sink between the gaps in her fingers. Hideyoshi would love to get his hands on these, too bad she was done having love for silly humans.

Not only that, but her backside… ohh, her backside~ Rosa and Maria had definitely done the most damage there. Her ass, hips, and thighs had ballooned to ridiculously thick proportions! She rose to her feet and struck a seductive pose, twisting her hips and placing a hand on top of her fattened derriere. She couldn't help but grin with a sadistic glee as she stared at her juicy ass, which wobbled enthusiastically with even a slight movement. Oh yes, a large, imposing, fat body like this was the way to go as a witch!

…Huh? Wha- what's going on?

M-mama? Uuuu…

As EVA-Beato was enjoying her new form, two sleeping souls awoke. They couldn't see anything due to the cloth covering them, but they could feel the sensation of being jiggled around. Rosa and Maria both groggily moaned, not sure where they were. As their cruel family member made them bump into each other, everything slowly became clear.

Each of their minds, no, their souls had been bound to a different fat ass cheek sashaying and swaying behind EVA-Beatrice. As she moved them around, feeling them, slapping them, squeezing them, their minds started to feel like mush. It was only natural, they weren't people anymore. They couldn't even be considered pieces. They were just booty meat, plain and simple. Assfat for Eva to spank and sit on. They tried to resist their terrible, unique situation, but the more they were moved and groped, the harder it got to think… the harder it got to be. The endless cackling of an amused witch echoed above them, as their minds settled into being butt flab for the rest of this game.

"No, I'm not satisfied yet. Come now, try to remember your form…" Suddenly, with a twirl of her staff, EVA-Beatrice's body began to glow. All the weight she just gained began to lessen, as if it were receding back into her stomach. Slowly but surely, Rosa and Maria's meat became… undigested. The fat became soup again, swirling back up her intestines back into the stomach. This broth of Ushiromiya began to take shape once more, their melted bones and sloughed meat combining to reform their bodies. As if the clock had been turned back, Rosa gasped back to life, her former body back in one piece. Next to her was Maria, who was just as shaken as her mother. The two girls hyperventilated as they felt their bodies all over, the sensation of being digested into assfat still consuming their minds.

"Ahhh… n-no, I was… her ass. I was… a butt cheek??" Rosa choked on her words. She could still feel it. The soft, strange sensation of being nothing more than an extension of someone else… of just being another woman's ass! It made her sick to her stomach, she still felt like she wasn't fully human again! She was still her ass!

She was still just a patch of flab attached to her older sister's behind?! Oh god, why was this making her feel this way?! Was she losing it? Was she… meant to be an ass? Eva’s ass? A part of her tushie…? It… it felt good down there. She could feel her brain slipping away. She could stop thinking about all the suffering. She… she wanted to go back. She wanted to be digested again!

"I'm Auntie Eva's butt, uuu…" Maria was in total agreement. Her body felt strange now. Being an entire human being was just too much. Just let her rest next to mommy, on Auntie Eva's big butt. At least they could be in peace down there. No more thinking, no more struggling, no more suffering.

"Haha, you guys aren't even moving around down there anymore, what's wrong? Do you miss being digested? Do you miss being a patch of flab on my ass? Well, don't worry. I want to try something very similar, but a biiiit different. Ready to go squish again, girls?" EVA-Beato was in such a good mood as she reached for her staff. With a hum, she placed it in front of her belly, just like before. And with a bit of pressure, just like before, Rosa and Maria were dead again. Squished, smashed, and broken apart into goo. She relished in the feeling of their soup travelling down her innards once more, but this time she waved her wand, wanting her prey to go in a different direction this time.

Instead of settling as butt flab, the girls found themselves banished to and trapped inside Eva's breasts. Her chest ended up a bit bigger this time, much to the witch's delight. It was interesting to think that souls actually had some weight to them. She squeezed the fat sister and niece packed globes hanging off her bosom, bunching them up and digging her fingers into them with a truly terrible sneer. Rosa and Maria's souls stirred, but they were even less coherent than when they were booty meat. The process of digestion took a lot out of the mind, and they seemed to have trouble holding on to their sense of self, leaving them to just feel the sensation of being fat. EVA-Beatrice cackled, loving the feeling of former family members submitting to her body, accepting and even enjoying being nothing more than flab on her glorious form.

"We're still not done yet, girls. Where should I digest and stick you next? There's still so many places on my body you haven't become yet! Let's go with my stomach, ‘kay? You'll enjoy being a useless belt of belly fat, right? Hihi… GAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!"

The harsh winds from the typhoon continued assaulting the Rokkenjima on that fateful night, as the witch's laugh filled the night sky. Her torture had only just begun.

Rest forever as flab, Rosa Ushiromiya, your sleep eternal at the end of the third game.

Rest forever as fat, Maria Ushiromiya, the Golden Land will free your soul from the prison of flesh.


Whew, well if you made it all the way here, thanks for reading the whole story! This is part of a huge collaboration/trade where I did a story for a pic  Lampton made, and vice versa. You can check out his/my other part of the trade here.

The Twin Serpents.

Please, let me know what you thought of the pic AND story, and make sure to check out Lampton's stuff if you haven't already! (You probably already have, though :p)

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