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Wanted: Diapered or Alive By Belloc -- Report

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There's tons of golden opportunities for treasure hunters on Mobius. Gems, jewels, rings, and more! And Javelin the Porcupine has always had a nose for finding the best treasures... even if she's had to make a few enemies along the way.

But her latest gold should be smooth sailing. Just a trip through the wrecked ruins of Sky Sanctuary and the Death Egg to see if she can't snag something left behind in the combined mess of Eggman's machines and ancient, Echidna construction. Surely no one would be out there other than a few busted, old badniks, right?

Surely no one, especially no one dangerous, would come hunting for her. Like, say, some very hungry fennec who is willing to do whatever it takes to Javelin to collect the bounty on her head. Surely not.

This is a story featuring the Sonic OCs of two of my friends:  rika and CalimariP. The title pretty much tells ya what you're in for, so expect some goofy, padded Sonic fun! Thumbnail from Rika's series which was a big inspiration on this and you can find here:

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Posted by rika 1 year ago Report

You know how I feel about this story already, but figured I'd tell you how much I like and appreciate it here too~ Thanks for writing this, dood!


Posted by Belloc 1 year ago Report

Sure thing! Javelin was a ton of fun to write, and I'm glad you enjoyed it~ I'm sure Javelin enjoyed it just as mu- oh... :P


Posted by z3d 1 year ago Report

Seeing a Mobian story from you is great~


Posted by Belloc 1 year ago Report

Thank you!


Posted by Kelly 1 year ago Report

I swear no matter what you or Rika or Cali puts out its just too good !


Posted by Belloc 1 year ago Report



Posted by Boondoggle 1 year ago Report

I can't believe you wrote a story with my friend's oc and I missed it! This is amazing!! I love whenever you write diaper stuff~

You've gotta pay close attention to those "wanted alive" warnings... maybe Su can just treat it as a really expensive lunch!


Posted by Belloc 1 year ago Report

Thanks so much Boon! It was a lot of fun getting to play around with Su and Javelin~ And absolutely. You'd think a well experienced bounty hunter would read those notices more closely. I think she let her bottom run away with her head.