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The centaur body guards Kay and Lorna Arte were discussing their mistress Tisalia. Recently she had fallen in love with a doctor named Glenn but it seemed Tisalia wasn't the only one. Multiple other women were trying to make their moves on Glenn and for the sake of their Mistress the bodyguards decided to do something about it. "It looks like Sapphee and Arahnia are the biggest threats at the do you think we should rid of them." Asked Kay the long red headed centaur. Lorna, a short purple haired centaur thought about it for a moment before thinking up the best way possible. "Hehe, how about we eat them~♡...we can let our stomachs just melt them away into horse poop...then it will be solved." Said Lorna pumping her fist up. Kay immediately agreed and they figured that night would be a perfect time to enact their plan.
 The centaur duo went out with Kay going to the clinic to see Sapphee and Lorna went to find Arahnia. An hour later the four monster girls were in a bar together drinking heavily. Or at least the lamia Sapphee and the arachnid Arahnia were while Kay and Lorna drank as little as possible. The cute girls chugged beer talking about how they love Glenn so much and the centaur pair was happy they were getting rid of these two first. A few hours passed and it was midnight. Sapphee and Arahnia realized they needed to get back home but both were sloppy drunk. "We can carry you two home...we have a special way of doing so...let's just leave the bar and get going.~♡" Said Kay putting her arm around Sapphee and carrying the drunk lamia outside. Lorna did the same with Arahnia and now they were out in the cold dead of night. 
 The pair lead the possible suitors of Glenn away from the bar before they stopped and enacted their plan. Kay stopped and turned to Sapphee who was half asleep and drooling. "Heh too easy." Thought Kay opening her mouth and engulfing the lamia's head. 
With the head in her mouth Sapphee squirmed a little bit confused about her current situation but didn't really know how to react. Lorna did the same thing as Arahnia watched Sapphee's head being eaten. "W-why..did..-urp-...Shapphee get eaten." Asked the drunk Arahnia and the response she got was her head being swallowed. Both Centaurs had their mouths full and now all they had to do was start swallowing. 
The pair started up dragging the wide shoulders of their meals and slowly going down to their bouncy breasts.
 Kay moaned a little, feeling the pair of tits plop down into her mouth. The juicy meat slid across her tongue making her shudder in excitement. Lorna was having a similar experience but she could taste the bare flesh of Arahnia's chest. It was sweet but a little salty with a touch of beer that had spilled in that area filled her mouth and pleased her taste buds. 
Kay went on ahead swallowing down the pair of bouncy tits the lamia had stuffed them down her throat. Kay was actually having a pretty easy time with her meal; it was basically just having a long noodle. Kay looked over at Lorna who was definitely having a bit of a harder time.
 Lorna was having difficulty with her meal as Arahnia was fighting back a little more and she had so many arms pushing her back. "Oh no..if she pushes me back I'll end up spitting her up!" Thought Lorna desperately trying to swallow Arahnia. Kay watched and knew she needed to help Lorna. So Kay went into gulping overdrive grabbing Sapphee's scaly butt and pushing hard. 
Kay gulped sloppily and hard downing the slim belly and waist. Sapphee's confused face pushed down past her human belly directly into her horse digestive gut. Her flank was filling up as she worked on the snake half of Sapphee slurping and gulping the purple body. It moved around and the end wiggled as Sapphee was finally getting annoyed and not liking what was happening. "Gah just get inside me you stupid snake!" Thought Kay slurping as hard as she could until finally the tip sat in her mouth.
Kay gulped one last time and all of Sapphee was deposited into her horse belly. 
 Kay blushed and looked back down at her massive tummy that moved around. "That's to help Lorna." Said Kay going over to Lorna. Lorna felt like she was about to lose her meal but Kay arrived in time grabbing some of the arms and pushing at the same time. All her arms were now useless and Lorna took the opportunity and kept gulping. Arahnia squirmed a bit as more of her was forced down the slimy insides. The arms that were once bothering Lorna now were being slurped down. Kay grabbed some of the legs and pressed them together and pushed up, allowing Lorna to reach Arahnia's waist. 
Lorna managed to start getting the spider butt slowly into her mouth. Lorna thought it was taking hours even though it was only a couple of minutes. Arahnia was inside of her belly and was slowly filling it up with each gulp. "Almost there Lorna! Just a little more and it'll be smooth sailing." Said Kay and that helped Lorna as she swallowed hard finally getting the spider butt down. She lifted the multiple legs into the air and had a nice easy time swallowing them all down. 
 Lorna gasped for air as the last of the spider woman fell down into her belly, filling it up completely. "Fuck...I almost lost her...thanks Kay you really helped me out." Said Lorna and now both horse women were full. With smiles on their faces Lorna and Kay wrapped their arms around their shoulders and pressed their lower bellies against each other and started to walk back to the arena to peacefully digest. As they walked back to sleep their meals squirming meals away they started to chat of other potential threats. "Skadi Dragonfelt and her bodyguard Kunai are both pretty big threats as well...I'll eat them both and make sure no one finds their remains...what about you Lorna?" Asked Lorna as their bellies bumped together. "Hmmm that clumsy cyclops has been getting awfully close to Glenn so I'll eat her up and for extra measure I'll eat Lulala as well." Said Lorna feeling a belch come up.
 Lorna belched and then patted her flank as it groaned softly gearing up for a long night of digestion. "For extra measure Mistress Tisalia should eat that doctor that taught Glenn, her name is Ctuhuly Squele I think but that should fatten Mistress's rump enough and then she can marry Glenn no problem~♡!" Said Kay with a big smile on her face. Lorna laughed and agreed as they finally reached the arena. They went inside and each went into their comfy stalls to sleep letting both Sapphee and Arahnia melt away in their bellies. Immediately both fell asleep as they were super stuffed. Lorna had a nice dream of being tied up as she had a goofy smile on her face and some drool came out of her mouth.
Her gut churned and gurgled with Arahnia using all of her limbs to fight back.
 Inside Lorna's belly the drunken spider woman had figured she had been eaten whole by one of the centaurs. It was tight and slimy in the gut with loud churning all around her. The tight walls squeezed and massaged her entire body drenching her in acid. "Oh no...I'm...gonna be digested." Said Arahnia as the walls didn't budge at all. In Kay's gut Sapphee had passed out inside not truly realizing the dire situation she was in. The stomach was tightly wrapped around her massive snake body and was pushing her into a ball. The acid was all over her and with no pain Sapphee peacefully slept away as she melted. 
 The bellies were loud and they overpowered Arahnia's whimpers inside of Lorna. The time was ticking down for the monster girls inside of the centaurs and it was dangerously approaching zero. Arahnia watched as her body was becoming all gooey like and falling apart. "No...I...can't...di...gest." Muttered Arahnia no longer able to stay conscious. Both were now asleep within the centaurs and were rapidly deteriorating. Their once curvy bulges were rounding out as time went on with them becoming all mushy and just soup. Their bones snapped and broke but neither of them felt a single thing. 
It was over for Arahnia and Sapphee both had been taken out of the love race for Glenn in only a few short hours. 
 Morning finally came and both Lorna and Kay woke up. They yawned and stretched but the pair felt wildly different. "Holy breasts!" Yelled Lorna grabbing at her massive chest that had grown almost four cups. Kay looked and her chest had also grown almost just as much. Kay looked back and her belly was much smaller and there was more fat packed on her butt and horse. "We did it!! We fully digested Arahnia and Sapphee!" Yelled Kay. Both girls were beyond happy that now two rivals of their mistress were now gone. But they had some urgent matters to take care of. Both Lorna and Kay's guts rumbled and they could feel what was left of Arahnia and Sapphee begging to come out.
 Before leaving their stalls Lorna and Kay lifted their tails up and started to squeeze. Lorna felt her black asshole open as a clump of shit came out of her backside. The bone filled turd came out and plopped on the ground. Lorna yelped and squeezed harder feeling the massive logs still in her anus. The log the size of a soup can slowly pushed out filled to the brim with snapped bones and hair strands of Arahnia. The long tub came out and detached making a loud wet PLOP. "There is still so much...this is going to be awhile." Groaned Lorna
 Kay was having an easier time with a mudslide of creamy logs popping out of her rear. Several snapped spines were littered throughout the logs and Sapphee's medical hat popped out filled with poop. "Hehe can't save yourself when you're just horse shit!" Mocked Kay as the massive pile was getting bigger and bigger. Sapphee's skeleton hand stuffed in a turd popped out and splat down. She was utterly destroyed leaving pretty much only bones and shit left. Kay was impressed her digestive system was able to do so well overnight. 
 Lorna had a large pile of slimy lumpy logs. Several bones had come out of her anus and she was getting closer and closer to finally finishing. "Stupid Arachnid! Just get out!" Yelled Lorna pushing as hard as she could with a skull crowning out. The skull popped out and splat on top of the steamy pile and Lorna fell to her knees and smiled. "Potential just shit..hilarious!" Laughed Lorna
 Kay was pretty close as well as all the sloppy logs had pretty much come to an end and all that was left was a skull. Kay squeezed harder than the rest but the skull didn't really do too much. It plopped down and all of Sapphee was piled up in a gross steamy pile. "Hehe looks like Glenn is going to need to find a new assistant~♡!" Giggled Kay and now both girls were finished. The pair left their stalls and hugged squishing their massive tits together. The pair left their piles behind and started to walk away. After a little bit they met up with Mistress Tisalia. Tisalia, a blonde centaur, looked at her guards' breasts and horse bodies."You two...seem...different. What happened?" Asked Tisalia. The pair looked at each other and smiled before speaking at the same time." We just had some large meals~♡"
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Threats Eaten By Coolwoman -- Report

A commission made for Battlbro
Word Count: 2000

Centaur pred is always hot~♡

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Posted by Battelbro 1 year ago Report

Fantastic story as always coolwoman


Posted by Coolwoman 1 year ago Report

Glad you love them~♡


Posted by TheHumanPred 1 year ago Report

Amazing work as always !


Posted by Coolwoman 1 year ago Report

Thank you!