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Booette's mansion By Karbo -- Report

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A difficult and slightly unnerving situation for Luigi to deal with ! Especially since Booette is leaving her large, (very ) salivating mouth open, even when he faces her X3 So try to keep walking backward ? I wonder if it will work :D

Happy Halloween everyone ! ;)

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Posted by RiderKick78 2 months ago Report

That's too cute and spoofy at the same time.


Posted by Karbo 2 months ago Report

Thank you, that was the plan XD


Posted by el_dogo_rabbit 2 months ago Report

This is so cute. Booette is adorable.


Posted by Karbo 2 months ago Report

Thanks :)


Posted by Hooligan 2 months ago Report

Uh oh. One Boo got behind him. He'll either have to turn around to look at that one. (and get eaten by Booette) Or that Boo can push him into her mouth.


Posted by Karbo 2 months ago Report

I'm thinking the first solution ^^


Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 2 months ago Report

I'd run forward into that big, sexy, ghostly maw of her personally~


Posted by Karbo 2 months ago Report

My job is done then XD


Posted by Thanatos2k 2 months ago Report

I don't think she's gonna fit in the vacuum cleaner


Posted by Karbo 2 months ago Report

On the other hand he's going to fit perfectly inside her stomach X3


Posted by sulfhydrylbystrite 2 months ago Report

Adorable !


Posted by Karbo 2 months ago Report

Merci :D


Posted by Zapor 2 months ago Report

Usually i try avoid your works (you know why) but this obe is pretyy interesting and funny.

Love colours there, and good amount of detail.
Also, i see there a new post effects and finally using a bloom (like eye glowing?)

Anyway, even After being digested, Luigi just can load his save file and do it again xD


Posted by SheMakesUniqueTreats 2 months ago Report



Posted by Karbo 2 months ago Report

thanks :)


Posted by MrNobody 2 months ago Report

Boos are probably the lamest ghosts in fiction when you think about it.
What kind of spook gets scared of people looking at them?


Posted by Realmwars 2 months ago Report

Imagine her reaction if you willingly walked into her mouth.


Posted by Edddd 2 months ago Report

very adorable and happyI would imagine, it would be rude not to


Posted by Kasra 2 months ago Report

That's...more adorable than it has any right to be.


Posted by Karbo 2 months ago Report

Thank you :D


Posted by hunter2045 2 months ago Report

Actually it's Boosette. Same idea behind Bowsette, Super Crown turning a common Boo into a more humanoid (and busty) female form.

Nice work by the way


Posted by JeebyHeebies 2 months ago Report

Finally, a Karbo giantess with hope of survival


Posted by PrinnyDood 2 months ago Report

Happy (belated) Halloween! She might be the cutest shy ghost ever! xD

That's a pretty perilous situation, but at least this give him a better chance than most people get in these kinds of pictures! xP