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Negociations with Liri By Karbo -- Report

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I admit I have taken a liking to Liri lately and that voracious naiveness of her. With her giving "tour" of herself to little humans she found or debating with her prey like that ^^ I have another similar comic with her coming up ;3

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Posted by marceber 2 months ago Report

Can't argue with that logic


Posted by Altimos 2 months ago Report

One of the BEST scenarios Karbo... beautifully done.
These kinds of preds are simply the best <3 <3 <3
"If they can fit you in their tum, you're food..."


Posted by Karbo 2 months ago Report

Thank you :D


Posted by Stunlocked 2 months ago Report

Well she got the backpack treats anyway.
Not the best negotiator is she


Posted by Karbo 2 months ago Report

haha true XD


Posted by Dragon808tr 2 months ago Report

I love this! This is what i LOVE, talks between pred and prey!


Posted by doomed 2 months ago Report

how sad for the scientist dying before they could accomplish their goals


Posted by tastytush 1 month ago Report

Perhaps true purpose was to feed Liri and they only have just now found out they wasted their life being scienctist?


Posted by Nyabulon 2 months ago Report

Not a very smart scientist. Didn't even know they were a snack! :P


Posted by kibroman 2 months ago Report

very nice
adorable fairy


Posted by Karbo 2 months ago Report

Thank you :)


Posted by bonberjean 2 months ago Report

that is what happens when you invest all your skill points in science and none in speech


Posted by Karbo 2 months ago Report

hahaha XD


Posted by Kasra 2 months ago Report

Her stomach is a master of the art of persuasion.


Posted by Karbo 2 months ago Report

yush X3


Posted by MeloMeolJams 2 months ago Report

Return of best girl


Posted by Karbo 2 months ago Report



Posted by atak 2 months ago Report

Such a nice and sweet gal. Makes me wonder how she'd be if a tiny hung around with her while she was busy digesting this other guy, and didn't disagree that he could be food not long after she woke. Perhaps might even get to be lucky enough to hang some before she eats him!

Would be fun to see more of her and how she is with her prey!


Posted by Birichino 2 months ago Report

Hmm, so to not be food, just don't get digested...I see...
It's cute seeing strange logic like Liri's though! I guess she's never eaten anything that isn't food.