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Disappearance of Troop 14 **gas** By The Saint of Ravens -- Report

Pic of Berry making a whooooole troop of girl scouts vanish into her gassy, bubbly butt~ It's fine, I'm sure there's some sort of merit badge related to ending up skunk poop!

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 1 year ago Report

This is why you practice proper safety around wildlife, even seemingly friendly animals can become aggressive if they've come to associate humans with food


Posted by Gelenor 1 year ago Report

.... did they not bring enougb cookies or something?


Posted by Jinxopow 1 year ago Report

Darn samoas…

Obliterate them


Posted by wiseguy288 1 year ago Report

I missed Berry. Hope we get a pic of the girls leaving

The Saint of Ravens

Posted by The Saint of Ravens 1 year ago Report

Probably will, and just generally more Berry goodness if I can get the time~


Posted by harpylove 1 year ago Report

Yay! More Berry is always welcome. I really lover her design and personality.


Posted by textingEdits 1 year ago Report

Cave explorer badge to whoever gets out.

The Saint of Ravens

Posted by The Saint of Ravens 1 year ago Report

Or just sprinkle a handful of badges onto the log~ It's the thought that counts!


Posted by BalouCyan 1 year ago Report

It‘s always a delight seeing Berry again~!
Looking forward to the Troop‘s „evacuation“ in case we will get to see it~!


Posted by Daru 1 year ago Report

Always love how innocent Berry is during all of it, even if it's all the while gurgling up and letting lose some digested prey in a thick stink cloud~ <3


Posted by Joeycnab 1 year ago Report

I need this merit badge...


Posted by Kupa2902 1 year ago Report

I love when you draw Berry <3


Posted by darc22005 1 year ago Report

Berry is definitely one of my favorite chars of yours