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I Don't Bite... (Animation) By SirEdwardthe3rd -- Report

Well, I think I can safely say this is probably the most time-consuming and ambitious piece that I've done since... well... ever! Unlike my previous Gifs, this one actually used an animation app, and features things like belly movement, facial movement, and lip syncing (kind of)! I really hope you all enjoy watching this as much as I did making it! Any comments or criticism concerning the animation is welcome, just keep in mind that this is literally my first one. Things like "tweening" are still a little too ambitious for my tastes.

I'm currently working with someone else to see if I can get some audio for this, but I figured that I'd post this in the mean time. When/if I get the audio, I'll make a separate post for it.

Also, thanks to the amazing GoosePoster2 over on Deviantart for their suggestion of this scenario!

Veronica belongs to me! Feel free to use her wherever you like, just make sure to mention me.

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Posted by MrDimension 8 months ago Report

This came out amazingly dude. Great job!


Posted by UnknownPerson9876 8 months ago Report

Well done!


Posted by Firebird22 8 months ago Report

Great job! animation is super difficult and you're making wonderful progress


Posted by SirEdwardthe3rd 8 months ago Report



Posted by ConsumptionZ 8 months ago Report

another awesome success!


Posted by SirEdwardthe3rd 8 months ago Report



Posted by LooneyFetish 8 months ago Report

Holy Moly, this is amazing!


Posted by doomed 8 months ago Report

Yeah she doesn’t bite … just digests you alive .. so same result lol


Posted by Redhotbull6 8 months ago Report

Love it! keep up the great work!


Posted by Dgpro 8 months ago Report

This is so good! Keep doing your art!


Posted by bellyfan596 8 months ago Report

imagine a night with her will have lots of belly play.
....and likely will be your last night.


Posted by SirEdwardthe3rd 8 months ago Report

Most likely


Posted by ReyCaron 8 months ago Report

Holy mother of pearl, this is very well done!


Posted by megafish36 8 months ago Report

Wow, this is amazing! Would love to see proper mass vore of this character, she's got a good vibe


Posted by kanilan 8 months ago Report

very good bro!if you need animation tips hit me up