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Good Sports Digest Well By FidchellVore -- Report

Jude is delighted to meet a Braixen gal who knows how to scrap without depending on her special attacks. The two duke it out and Jude comes out on top, savoring the moment as he swallows Autumn whole, as he typically does with all his opponents. Jude relishes in the warm sensation of his busy, churning stomach as Autumn drifts away peacefully, succumbing to the acids of the Absol who bested her.

Jude and Autumn belong to me.

This is a non-canonical scenario.

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Comment on Good Sports Digest Well


Posted by Tanookicatoon 2 months ago Report

Aw, she looks like she had a good time. 9w9❣
Both deserve some good rest. uwu

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Posted by RedNastyFoxy 2 months ago Report

So beautiful! ^__^

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Posted by usersp 2 months ago Report

i like her knotted shirt, would eat her too

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Posted by gigaredpanther 2 months ago Report

I absolutely adore scenarios like this. A fair bout is had, they both try their best, and there's no resentment over the outcome. The winner respects the effort of the loser, and the loser respects the winner's right to a good victory meal. It's sweet, really~ <3 <3 <3

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