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[Vore Day 2022] Mordred's Mouthful By ItsSongxing -- Report

Whaddya know, it's August 8th again, and that means it's the day where people post vore on the vore website.

I wanted today to be a triple feature, but my ideas for Vore Day were too spontaneous, the stories too long, and my writing speed too slow to manage it. That, and my fucked sleep schedule and uncooperative stomach prevented me from even making a double feature in time. I should be able to get my second story posted early tomorrow, but I don't trust myself to make it in time for today.

At any rate! I wanted to do something special, so I decided on futa prey, since that isn't especially common. This is kind of an impromptu sequel to this image. The initial plan was to have Ivory be the pred, but I decided that would be a little too self-indulgent, so instead, Mordred gets to eat. At this point, canons eating canons is the exception for me, huh? 'Specially with OCs involved. That said, Mordred's a cutie. One of my favorite Servants; gotta be in my, like, Top 5, alongside the likes of Stolf and Bargh. She's a beanpole, but I love her anyway. Shame that her and Stolf weren't enough to make me get into Apo, though. Should note that even though Mo and Caenis are both in swimsuits here, they're still summoned as their normal class. This timeline has nothing to do with FGO beyond the implication that Berserker's Master was big booty gudako.

Special thanks to  HiddenIke and  Vozpazta for making sure I had the characterization and lore terminology right! Lord knows y'need that sorta thing for the Nasuverse.

Word count: 3193

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Posted by Prometheus003 1 month ago Report

Only sad bit is that it cuts off before Mordred gets a chance to use her new goods and we just have to imagine it.

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Posted by ItsSongxing 1 month ago Report

Yeah, I probably would have written a sex scene if I thought of all this earlier. Remember, getting consent is the difference between clapping fat nerd cheeks vs. getting eaten by a tomboy.

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