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I hate it By KVCArts -- Report

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I dunno if y'all ever feel this sometimes
But I sure as fuck do
And I hate it

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Posted by ThatBrassyGuy 1 year ago Report

Sometimes, yeah, I get that too.


Posted by GloriatheDevourer 1 year ago Report

I can totally relate... sometimes I would like to not feel like that and like normal stufd too sometimes


Posted by CelestialDissolve 1 year ago Report

I pray that it doesn't last like that. I have no problem with it be A PART of my life, but not my main. Hopefully it isn't like that forever.


Posted by Garber09 1 year ago Report

Yeah, sometimes, but then I think: What is normal, anyway? Some got the feet fetish, I have the vore fetish. I guess it can feel bad sometimes, but it is what you got in the fetish lotto XD


Posted by salamoun 1 year ago Report

I know that feeling, however I don't really hate it anymore, rather I decided to embrace it and just flow with it now.


Posted by Hereforvore 1 year ago Report

On occasion yeah, then i get horny and forget


Posted by SSV 1 year ago Report

Dude same.


Posted by GinRyuKaza 1 year ago Report

I do, but honestly thats fine. There are wrost things to be turned on by. I mean after all it is also a fun kimk to have. At least in my opinion


Posted by 2good2btru 1 year ago Report

I don't, but it does get me hungry every time I think about it. :b


Posted by SwindleShrimp 1 year ago Report

It's honestly a hassle for me, I have to keep it a secret from my friends while they make fun of it. It's simply a secret part of my life. And I get worried being caught drawing this stuff, at least this is why this community exists, it makes me feel safe


Posted by x9comega 1 year ago Report

I legit don’t feel like anyone knows me until they know this MAJOR FACET of my entire fucking personality. I’m WAY too Horny on Main, and I just keep that shit suppressed as much as possible in public because no one knows except others in the vore community.


Posted by usersp 1 year ago Report

that usually happens when i cum lol


Posted by FRENKI8888 1 year ago Report

Sorry to hear that. I personnally learned to accept that i am a freak.


Posted by Slayerpaco 1 year ago Report

I used to have this issue but as i embraced it i began thinking about it constructivly and writing clears my mind.


Posted by Qqqqqqqqqqqq 1 year ago Report

Incredibly relatable. Sometimes I wish I could get myself a reverse fetish and develop a kink for normal sex. I might try that actually just to see if it works, or double down on some of my more normal fetishes to see if i can bring it around. I don't particularly care that I like vore, as I've accepted it as a weird part of myself, but I don't think i could handle a steady relationship where I was always lying to my partner about enjoying sex. Can't build a healthy relationship on lies, so no way am I trying one until I can be completely honest with whoever I'm dating (at least about looking forward to sex, some secrets are fine in a relationship)


Posted by PokoTheGobbo 1 year ago Report



Posted by revanaught 1 year ago Report

100%. I do not like that I have this kink, but...we don't get to choose our kinks apparently


Posted by Patrycja 1 year ago Report

Just be into everything, ez.


Posted by Dudeox05 1 year ago Report

Oh man, I feel this on a fucking solid emotional level... Maybe a spiritual level... :(


Posted by reclusenutcase 1 year ago Report

I'll admit it's an odd kink. I honestly thought there was something wrong with me, and felt really self conscious for years, but after making friends and being able to explain my kink to others, I'm kinda numb to it now. At the end of the day, no one is really all that normal.


Posted by TotalPKMN 1 year ago Report

I don't often experience that feeling for my kinks, become very comfortable with those over the years, but it does rear its ugly head more than I'd like for some of my special interests over the years. Never a fun time.


Posted by Despacito20 1 year ago Report

I feel more like Vore is a sub-category of my personality


Posted by seducingangel 1 year ago Report

Dude it sucks so bad. I've been forced to at least get creative with it to mitigate this feeling but uhhhhh worldbuilding an entire world w/ religion based around it might have made it worse????


Posted by cankoo 1 year ago Report

Being addicted to something that doesn't exist is as funny as it is tragic.


Posted by Ome 1 year ago Report

I feel that sometimes

And then go "Atleast I don't like feet"


Posted by MaryDragon 1 year ago Report



Posted by somethingsomething2077 1 year ago Report

Serious note im really trying not to make it a part of my identity and be something on the side
I look at some people who's whole online personality is just their kink and i feel bad for them really
Im happy i have different things i love more but i hope i can tame this down


Posted by BloodPuma 1 year ago Report

Yeah, I'm totally there....... Except the whole being prey part...


Posted by PartnerinCrime2 1 year ago Report

I'll either have that mind set or I'll end up imagining the other in a bondage situation. Mainly tends to the Bondage side, but once in a while I get the vore thoughts.


Posted by Onewingedangel 1 year ago Report

I’ve worked really hard to cross wire my brain to find that same desire in other real world places, because it was a serious issue in my youth. I’ve learned the desire to own someone can meet a lot of this need, and I kinda regularly tell my submissive’s that I’m going to consume them and their whole life. Heh


Posted by RebbecaBell 1 year ago Report

I feel like this pretty often too. I think it's just stupid that it's hard for me to like normal stuff. Why am I like this? And how?
I don't, sometimes I wish I wasn't, other times, I just go along with it


Posted by Xentinova 1 year ago Report

Yeah, I do, I just try to go out more and interact with normal people. That way it'll rub off on me...I hope


Posted by VioletNom 1 year ago Report

Relatable, always wanting to eat someone what a pain


Posted by Bruthura 1 year ago Report

Can’t believe I’m born with Unrealistic Fantasy as my turn on lmao


Posted by Buttdump2239 1 year ago Report

Yes and no, to an extent. On one hand, horny culture has just speared itself into the mainstream by now to where it’s arguably just as, if not more popular and prevalent than ever. You can’t participate in most fandoms without a significant section of it being lewd art or just straight up porn, and with it breaking into our escapism it becomes more and more prevalent in your day to day life. Like I’ve always been into domination ever since I can remember, but I probably wouldn’t have a Vore fetish if I wasn’t really exposed to it so early, and now it’s a day to day part of my life. It’s a biological function to be horny and procreate as rapidly as possible but that gets exhausting as hell to walk around in your day to day and have your brain run rampant with depraved, horny mindlessness. Especially with a fetish as bizarre as this. It’s tiring to say the least, and sometimes it’s not even fun anymore. Im either busting a nut or drawing just to do it, and man horny burnout is a weird fucking feeling. And it’s kinda crippling too, being like “how will I even meet someone to date who can accept this weird as fetish?”

On the other hand, burnout and exhaustion isn’t necessarily something that happens because of Vore but just out of our psyche. It’s not because of the Vore itself you feel this way but how you interact with it. It would happen and annoy you just as quickly with anything else. Furthermore, I can’t speak for your friends but I can guarantee you could find a home. I mean look at what’s going on here! You’re having discussions with people across the world about your fetish and they have no problem because as it stands, you’re not hurting anybody. If you had something you wanted to act out on? Yeah, get some help, but just going ape brained because big belly and saliva doesn’t make you a bad person. Just a hyperfixated one.

Vore realistically will NEVER be normalized. Despite how horny and depraved the whole world is, it’s taken nearly 30 years for domination kinks to get love, and that’s mostly because of a meme. Shit, it seems we have a tough enough time valuing LGBT members in our world, let alone weird kinks. Vore is just too out there for it to be a everyday fetish, and there will always be people there to hurt and berate you for something that’s just awkwardly appealing to you. But that doesn’t make you a bad person, and it doesn’t mean people aren’t there who are there for you. Effectively if it’s bothering you on a genuine and significant enough level, it might be best to take a breather. Log off for a week or two, meditate and relax. For the sake of your own mental health, you need to be able to balance out your day to day and just approach your fetish life as a fact. Best example I have is the Doujinshi artist ShindoL. The man has drawn some of the most fucked up, depressing depraved shit and yet he acknowledges where they come from, his roots, and accepts that. He doesn’t flaunt or flanderize, he doesn’t have bad impulses or desires for most of his works to exist, and he just knows there’s a time and a place and when to discuss them. Hope all is well, and I can def relate my friend


Posted by Catvs 1 year ago Report

I did a long time ago, but I can't say my fetish bothers me anymore.


Posted by Perodian 1 year ago Report

Could be worse. I rationalize it by thinking that there are some fetishes I am glad to not have instead of this one.


Posted by SSV 1 year ago Report

I feel this most of the time. Like why did I get this kink out of everything?


Posted by Pulchritudinous_Cenobite 1 year ago Report

It's a great thing to be unique.

*tries not to think about getting eaten by the hot pred*


Posted by mibankai1171 1 year ago Report

Yeah same..........sometimes ^_^


Posted by Tilalumtar 1 year ago Report

Yep, totally the same with me. You are not alone, we stand united ^^


Posted by Creaturedude 1 year ago Report

100% relate.


Posted by Vola 1 year ago Report

Too often...


Posted by Parker16 1 year ago Report

Same mostly


Posted by Megachu2465 1 year ago Report

Mood and a half


Posted by MrPeculiar 1 year ago Report

I do be like that.


Posted by MPennanti 1 year ago Report

Honestly it's annoying how it has become the go-to jokey kink of the internet, so it'll actually come up occasionally in conversation...

person 1: "ew who is into this stuff"
person 2: "I just don't get it"
me, squeezing that mask on a little tighter: "haha yeah"


Posted by ColonelSlyBanjo 1 year ago Report

Do content you enjoy and not what everyone thinks of you, take a direction what ya's need and want to do.
I don't mind chattin with you sometime away from kinks!


Posted by Ghostdragon 1 year ago Report

Yeah I feel that some times. Like, the obsession with seeing a hot girl and instantly, "She would be great to swallow whole," or, "She would look amazing as a bulge or covered in slime inside of a stomach."
It does make me wonder if my heavy interest in vore is one of the reasons why I've found relationships difficult.


Posted by Mrhidden119 1 year ago Report

I know I'm late with commenting on this, but I know exactly what you're talking about. I get the feeling a lot and sometimes and often ask myself if I'm just sick in the head or if there's something else to it. Then I remember that it's okay to have the kink as long as you're not actually hurting anyone in the real world or forcing it down someones throat. We all have our own stroke of weirdness in us whether we realize it, hate it or love it. We all may deal with it differently and like different parts about it, but that's what makes us human at the end of the day.
Sorry that my response is wordy, but I hope everything goes alright for everyone here and that you all have a good one.


Posted by ImmortalNutcase 1 year ago Report

Chalk up one more who cam relate. Felt this way a lot. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of introspective thinking, starting to try to make peace with the freaky side of me.


Posted by Killercraft2005 1 year ago Report

Same but it’s easier to accept it so that mental turmoil doesn’t get you down.


Posted by Tom180 11 months ago Report

I can relate but, overtime I’ve learned to accept that it will be apart of me that will always be there.


Posted by SphinxBites 10 months ago Report

Yes definitely.
I'm almost exclusively a pred, doesn't change this feeling much!
Not the ONLY thing that gets me going by a long shot, STILL doesn't change this feeling much!
The amount of ANXIETY this has driven over the years? When I'm already prone to anxiety? I've been following your art for... How long were you on deviantart? and this might be the first time I've tried talking to you directly?
Nothing like a weird kink to make it hard to flirt without fear...


Posted by EelWayne 9 months ago Report

I had this idea for art in my head to express EXACTLY how I feel.


Posted by Empress 6 months ago Report

Mood, i just try to go wiþ the flow on this


Posted by Ezio45 4 months ago Report

it's torment me. vore tend to favor the dark stuff more than wholesome. an how i know how it would be consier the most painful thing in the world if your not lucky to pass out from air.

you slowly digest from the inside out as it go for the weak point like finger nail an belly button. slow enough to keep you pain senser going. truly keep me up at night sometimes