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A Wolf Thanksgiving
By Misterebony
For Edward Hyde
"Yeah, thanks so much for sending that grandma!...... ooh no worries, I got a lot of goodies for sure, and we will have a wonderful fe..... what?...... oh you can't come?......... babysitting HOW MANY?!........ well I guess you wouldn't have room for Thanksgiving then, I mean seven kids? I hope you........ oh what little darlings..... well i hope you send some pictures...... oh no I'm not mad..... of course not, I'll be there for christmas...... no i won't have a boyfriend...... yeah I know...... alright, well you have fun..... I love you too."
Lupina sighed as she hung up the phone. She looked at the massive table that was going to be used for Thanksgiving. Or at least.... it would have been. Truth be told it had been a long time since she had a lot of guests for thanksgiving... and mostly they were future meals she was fattening up a little bit more for a large amount of meals to come.
This year was different though. At Halloween she had been fortunate enough to catch a tasty red riding hood for dinner that night, and three plump piggies she saved for later. She had eaten a couple of them, and the last she had ground up for sausage for her stuffing. She was hoping to get a few more for the big day, so she and her grandma would have a real feast.
But the call had ended that, with her grandma announcing that she would not be coming, thanks to a babysitting job she got to watch seven kids. With that much kiddie kibble grandma would become a big balloon full of scrumptious child! She was slightly envious but understood. Still.... it meant she would be alone for thanksgiving.
The next day was two days before the holiday, and Lupina, disguised as a human, was at the supermarket, looking for the last few things for a special thanksgiving meal. It was hard going out disguised as a human. The closed toe shoes hurt her paws, the pants pulled her tail, the gloves and facial masks hurt her skin, and overall it was very unpleasant. But, Lupina was a trooper. Besides, maybe she would get lucky and find some guests here for supper. Kids would be preferred, but an adult wouldn't be bad baked with the sweet potatoes.
"Oh! Excuse me," a female voice said. Lupina turned around and blinked. There was a moderately young woman, with a sharp, fanged smile. Oh the rest of her disguise was incredibly good, but the teeth were dead ringers every time. Lupina just jaw dropped. It was another Lupus Sapien!
"Excuse me as well." Lupina said, smiling. The form before her blushed. It was clear they both knew. "Your costume, very well done. But I imagine it chafes a bit?"
The other Lupine chuckled. "Same thing huh. Guess I'm not that convincing."
"Not to another one. Name is Lupina. Lupina Wolfe." She extended a glove hand, and was delighted when, as she took the other one, she felt a paw inside the glove.
"My name is Lupa Ashley Silverwolf. But my friends call me Ash or Ashley. I only save Lupa for the bullies."
The two nodded in agreement and began to chat. Lupina found out that Ashley, as she wanted to be called, was here visiting a friend for Thanksgiving. Or at least that was the plan. However said friend, a human, wound up blabbing to his family about her. It did end well, but the family did say that their teen son was not on the menu, at least not yet.
"By the time he would be I have no interest. Shame really, so rare you find willing families."
Lupina nodded. "So true. But thankfully children are remarkably understanding and very delicious. That at least hasn't changed since I was a puppy. Which is why I'm shopping. I was going to catch a fresh turkey boy from the cul de sac where I live, but now I also want a dinner guest, and the market is full of potentials."
Ashley nodded. "So true. Though admittedly I'm just hoping for a quick sandwich. Wasn't expecting a full Thanksgiving meal anymore. Shame too, been a while since I had a big feast."
Lupina hmmed. "Well, I know we just met and all, but us Lupin Sapiens have to stick together. And since we both are looking at Thanksgiving alone.... how about we share it?"
Ashley blinked. "Oh that would be marvelous! Been awhile since I dined with another wolf of caliber."
Lupina giggled. "Here is my address." She handed the other wolf a paper with the address on it. Ashley smiled and rubbed her belly, which growled in anticipation. "Just come Thanksgiving morning."
"Anything I can bring?"
"Well I could use some dessert and sides. As for the main boyrd...." She glanced at a kid who was looking their way and waved. "I think I may have him.. Hope you like them a little young."
"Yummy!" Ashley said. "That's just fine. As for pie..." She glanced at a few kids with a pair of arguing adults. "How about two, and some special green beancasserole?"
Lupina licked her lips. This would be the best Thanksgiving ever!
On Thanksgiving morning, the boy (whose name was Mike and was so wonderfully willing), was watching the parade while eating a big bowl of stuffing. He figured out easily what was happening but the wolf was really nice, and he kinda liked the idea of being a turkey, so he went with it. Lupina came in and checked on him.
"How we doing little morsel?" She asked. The boy showed his belly, pleasantly plump from two days of fattening up. The boy had worked hard to be fat and, thanks to that trusty cage, was a perfect turkey. Not too fat, but enough that there was good marbling of the white and dark meat. Lupina smiled. "Oh well done! Just let me know when your finished and we will get you ready. But real quick, you prefer honey or raspberry glaze?"
The boy belched once, making them both giggle. "Mom uses honey and spices... so I guess that?"
The wolf considered that for a moment, imagining the idea of the boys mother cooking her own son. So rare, but so funny. She was about to comment as the doorbell rang.
"Just a moment!" Lupina said. She opened the door and squeed with joy seeing Ashley on the other side, leading an older and two younger kids using a very adorable leash, none of them seeming to be struggling or even unhappy about it. They all had wagons full of ingredients, and looked positively delicious!
"Sorry Lupina.... my oven broke down.... you think..."
Lupina laughed. "Not at all! And you can remove those clothes and the coverings. Let's let our guests see what Big Bad Wolves look like?"
Ashley giggled and did so, leading the kids in before removing her lovely sequenced dress, her red gloves, and some fishnet stockings. Then she and Lupina both removed all the disguise parts, revealing their fur and flesh. Now Lupina was pretty naked, with only some lines of fur showing her heritage, as well as the usual wolf parts.
Ashley however was different. It was clear she had more wolf in her blood, given distinct paw patterns on her hands and feet, and even a more wolf like face. Her fur was also thicker and silver in color, like a northern wolf, with a big bushy tail. Lupina was impressed.
"Ahhh, that feels so much better. So nice to go au natural." Ashley held up her decent sized breasts, not as big as Lupinas but not exactly little strawberries either. Lupina smiled as she walked into the living room, the parade on tv now completed and the boy positively and truly stuffed with child pork stuffing. There was a little left for tbe rump, but that would come in a bit. With a hungry lick of her lips she motioned the boy to follow. He was still a little unsteady but he was able to walk into the kitchen, where Ashley was setting out the ingredients and pans she brought. It was a good thing that Lupina had such a big cooking area!
"I see we have the turkey all stuffed?" Ashley asked, helping the other kids to strip, revealing their pleasantly plump forms.
"Oh yes. Some final prep to do then in the oven for a few. Then how about I help with the sides and dessert?"
The kids nod and Ashley grinned. "I'd love that! Now, I will say these cuties all had names, but now I named them what they will become. This..." He motioned to the older boy, who blushed. "... is green bean casserole. And this..." He pat the girls head. "Is sweet potatos and marshmallows. Finally this cutie...." She pat the head of the last kid, who was blushing cutesy. Of all of them he most wanted to be on the table. ".... is pumpkin pie." She licked her chops. "But they also made some other sides for us."
Lupina licked her lips. They looked so tasty! And as she watched she saw as they each presented some further sides: cranberry jelly, celery and cream cheese, and even shrimp cocktail with sauce. Lupina was delighted. This would be a feast to remember!
"Let's get started then! Now, I hope you are alright but I want to put their fingers and toes in some Cresent rolls as a side, so..."
Ashley nodded. "No worries, they are pretty much ingredients now. Besides I think that sounds positively divine. So, as we prepare them we will remove the fingers and toes?"
Lupina nodded, getting a cutting board and a cleaver. She kissed her boy on the head. "Relax, this won't hurt a bit."
Down came the cleaver to remove a hand, and the boy was shocked there was no bleeding or pain. Lupina smiled. "Suprised? Gift from my grandmother from the old ways. It was treated to prevent pain. Now I have to remove your other hand and your feet, so you look more like a turkey."
Mike nodded, watching as soon off came hisnhands and feet. He was truly food now, the centerpiece for the big meal. He watched as Ashley had her own work, pulling out a big tub of dough for the pie and beginning to roll it out. Another kid pulled out a HUGE pan for pie.
"Having a cute pumpkin for the pumpkin pie is wonderful!" Ashley said, looking as she helped her chosen boy for pie over, helping him into the pie pan once the dough was placed in, and then in came the mix of pumpkin and spices. But some of it went into the little boys mouth to fill his insides with pumpkin. Lupina looked over, having rolled the last of the fingers in Cresent rolls.
"MmmmMMMM!" She said licked her chops as she looked the pie over. "He's such a cutie. I wanna eat him up!"
The boy blushed as she heard this, as the pie was topped with some top to hold him in place, then set it so it was ready to bake. The pie even got to watch as tbe turkey was being glazed with honey and spice, and a sweet apple placed in his maw.
"Alright, turkey is going in!" Lupina said, as the first of three ovens was opened, and the turkey boy was placed I to roast for a few hours.
"Only two dishes left." The wolves agreed. They winked and readied a cleaver to chop the kids up. They eeped as the wolves starting dicing them for their respective dishes, the boy was mixed with cream of mushroom soup and special herbs, while the girl was mixed with caramel and marshmallows to go over the sweet potatoes. Already the smells in the kitchen were overwhelming the wolves hunger, but they held their bellies. One by one, the prepared dishes, both those that took a lot of time and effort like the turkey boy and the little cutie of a pumpkin pie, and the quicker to make dishes like the fingerling Cresent rolls and the green "boy"ean casserole, were set in the oven.
With the prep done the wolves had the cold sides the kids brought laid out and the table set with fancy dining ware. As they still had plenty of time they watched a movie together and talked about their pasts, including where they have traveled and their overall experiences. Ashley told of kids she ordered as pizza boys, then wrapped in the pizza, and Lupina talked about a little secret she managed to find out.
"... and so orphanages are pretty good places I found out from my Halloween batch. Turns out they are overcrowded, but often have a Sapien friend running the place. So kids are trained to be good little snacks and meals."
"Wonderful!" Ashley said licking her chops. "And since us Sapiens are nice to our goodies, it's good to know the cuties will go to good homes... in our bellies."
"Oh not all of them. I have heard from my grandmother of kids who are raised by Lupis Sapiens all their life, and grow up to become real adorable guys and girls."
Ashley was about to comment when delicious scents filled her nose. "Oh my.... I think dinner is ready!"
And so it was. At the center was the turkey boy, golden brown and smiling around his apple, his fingers and toes wrapped in Cresent rolls and surrounding him, ready to grab and eat. Nearby was the green bean casserole and sweet potatoes, as well as cranberry sauce, pickles, cranberry sauce, and cream cheese celery, all arranged tastefully and making the wolves mouths water. They sat beside one another and said a silent prayer, thanking for finding one another and for such wonderful volunteers for their feast. With their prayer done, they began to feast.
The first plates started with the sweet potatoes, casserole, and some turkey boy, mixing white and dark meat, as well as some rolls. Lupina topped her turkey with some gravy made form the boys juices, while Ashley went for some cranberry sauce instead. With the plates served they began to dig in, moaning and swaying with the taste.
Delicious. Decadent. Scrumptious. Words alone did not describe how wonderful the children had turned out. They were absolutely perfect for a big meal like this, so wonderfully delicious. The initial tasting plates were gone quickly, then the wolves went at the turkey, each taking an arm and a leg and chewing them turkey leg style, moaning in sheer exotic bliss at the taste. In between bites they would eat at the green bean casserole, veggies, and sweet potatoes, loving the flavors that the kids added to many of the dishes. More and more the feast vanished into their maws and expanded their growing waists, adding a steadily growing bump around their belly buttons. But still the two kept eating happily, praising the children for how they turned out as more of them vanished into their maws. Beside them, kid bones piled up, making for excellent stock for kid soup in the coming winter months. But Ashley specifically wanted to keep some to play with.
At last, the feast had vanished after a couple hours. Only a few bones remained, and some crumbs. But the wolves were still hungry, having not eaten all day. But thankfully there was an answer for that, and after a bit, Lupina brought over the "pumpkin" pie, the little cutie having a tiny gourd in his mouth for decoration, and was decorated with whipped cream on his head, hands, and feet. The wolves lick their lips as they got a big pie slicer and plates, carving the pie into six pieces and each taking one. The sweet taste of the boy was complimented with the pumpkin both inside and out, and the cream on top was a perfect finisher. The wolves ate slow but loudly, moaning and breathing heavily as they ate. It was just so decadent!
"**BBBBUUUURRRRRPPP!!!**" The two belched after the pie was finished, now a couple of big balls of Lupus Sapien. They moaned as they waddled to the couch. They sighed happily and leaned against one another, their bellies squishy as digestion began to kick in. Nothing was said as they sighed, rubbing each others bellies, smiling as they slipped to delighted slumber. Truly the food promoted sleep well, and neither minded the idea of sleeping there, together at the couch. While humans would have food left over for awhile from such a wonderful feast, the duo of wolves were just super stuffed and would sleep for some time. Cleanup therefore could wait until they got up, save for the bones they had piled by the table, licked clean and gleaming white.
But that would wait until after their nap, an almost essential part of the holiday.
The post meal bliss.
Once cleanup was done late into the night, Ashley prepared to head home. Lupina smiled sadly at her new friend.
"Shame you live so far away. Would have been nice if Sapiens lived closer together."
Ashley hugged as best as she could with her still slushy tummy, full of delicious meat. "Well sometime maybe you'll look me up. You have my address now, and I am sure we will keep in touch. In the meantime I may hit up that orphanage and get me a Christmas gosling or two."
The wolves licked their lips at the thought. One last hug and Ashley went off, waving goodbye as she drove away. Lupina smiled, gazing at the now clean kitchen and her empty fattening cage. She sighed at how empty the house felt, but felt happy with all that happened.
As she went to lock up she heard the bell ring. And as she opened it, she giggled.
There on the front door was a cute kid in wolf pajamas, sucking a thumb and half asleep. He held a stuffed bunny and looked very tired. Lupina chuckled and shook her head. There was likely a story why this tyke was on her doorstep just begging to be made into a sub or something.
It was late. She was full and happy, and besides it was still a while to the holidays.
She had time. And a nice comfy fattening cage for this tyke to sleep in.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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Happy Thanksgiving! Got a couple of Thanksgiving stories to post today, starting with one I did for the one and only Edward Hyde, in which his Lupus Sapien Lupina and my wolf girl Lupa have Thanksgiving together. And you know what Lupus Sapiens love to eat most!

Thanks again to Edward for the inspiration!

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Posted by alockwood1 11 days ago Report

Oh my.


Posted by PristineCheesecake 11 days ago Report

Seeing as our dear writer didn't mention this, I suppose that I shall on his behalf.
This story was written as a gift, and sequel to the latest, as of now, Lupina story from Edward Hyde. And, because he liked it so much, he deemed this story as the official sequel to "Lupina’s Halloween."
Congratulations. :)


Posted by MisterEbony 7 days ago Report

Thanks pristine! Hopefully we will see more of Lupa and especilly more of Lupina!


Posted by JDCanary91 6 days ago Report

I liked the story, but I wish the prep section was longer.