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Just a guy trying to practice typing stories about things, and my new profile picture is made by me, it's one of Broly's forms in my series.

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One question I want to ask for the reboot, which Chondria looks better? Which one would you all prefer to be in the reboot? And what should Frostria be?

And I know I haven’t published anything related to Frostria besides the picture, so here’s what Frostria will possibly be like.

Frostria is a pure evil a.i, formally Dr. Gero’s a.i computer I n

It was a busy day at the new and improved Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, throughout the day many children entered the doors either for their birthdays or just to have a fun time. Although the restaurant had a dark secret that no one knew about, there was a programming error going on with one of the robots. Or that’s what most of the management thought, the puppet seemed to be malfunctioning acting more like a hungry human being than a lifeless machine made of metal and wires. Even stomach

I am now opening for commissions since I need something to do, so if interested I will be doing a 3 commissions list. But just know, I am allowed to refuse if I don’t like the character or idea. And no Oc’s, I did that once with a trade and got bitched at for not doing her correctly when I had no idea. So I am not going through that shit again.

But if you want a different pred or prey that’s not on the list I

Update: Link was fixed and I have another question related to themes, since I like finding theme songs for my characters. The themes will be below.

Ok, I have a question for my viewers. Would you like to see a Majin Ellie, since I’ve been doing that as a little joke and just a change of design thing? After all Burning Baby will have different forms, so why can’t Ellie although she’s just a robo

As James waited

in their room, Ellie walked

down to the basement of the mal

l. Leaving the stairs, she walked

over to

her secret machine. Ellie stopped and stood

beside two othe

r robotic suits, she then pressed the button beside her and shut

Just wanted to ask anyone what they think of these ideas, and if you have any ideas don't be afraid to comment.

Well except for gender swapping, I ain't doing that.

James’ family comes to visit and see who this wife was, but his father doesn’t support it. Only his mother and sister

I’m trying to learn how to draw anime characters since I am no longer allowed to post kisekae pictures, but the main problem is not knowing how to do the certain lines and where certain things go. So as I am trying to learn I have a question, does anyone know people on here that can draw anime girls? I am trying to find an
artist to draw Elizabeth or Scrap Baby from my stories, but I do not know who to go to.

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Thanks for the fav


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i k r thats why i had her in a long time coming even before all my pics of gretta my goblin girl i just couldnt figrue how to draw perfectly at the time so i finally got it out which is nice


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No prob


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thank for fav


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Thanks for the favs!


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No problem buddy ^^

You deserve it


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More than happy, but I wanted to ask you something. I wil PM you.

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