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Just a guy trying to practice typing stories about things. But I am no longer doing requests unless it's Kisekae pictures. And my new profile picture is made by me, it's one of Broly's forms in my series.

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She walked out of the room and started walking to their bedroom, but unable to make it she collapsed on the couch and passed out. Just then the doorbell rang with a few knocks. James walked over to the door and opened it up a bit. ”Charlotte? Is that you?”

"Who else would it be?... William Afton fresh out of hell?..." The puppet scoffed.


A few years later their relationship continued going strong with an unknown boost in currency, walking up the stairs to the apartment James could hear singing going on inside. "Is it because I can't be her? Made your mistakes and make me hurt I can't fix you-" James listened for a moment with curiosity. After a few more seconds he hastened his pace up to the apartment he lived in with Ellie, baffled by the singing. "Is it because I can't be her? Made me awake and make me hurt, I c

Ellie sighed and looked at the puppet somberly, "Sorry...." She whispered, Charlotte rubbed her white and black arm and looked up at Ellie.

”I’m sorry too..... I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions....” The puppet whispered.

"I forgive you, I don't want another mass murderer around either...." Ellie said, laughing sli

When he woke up he didn't find his girlfriend by his side, he saw her sitting on her side of the bed shaking and whimpering. James sat up and scooted next to her, slowly wrapping an arm around her. ”Ellie?.... is everything ok?” She screamed as she jumped in surprise before turning around, seeing him she hugged him tightly and cried. He hugged her soothingly, brushing the back of her head. ”Hey it’s ok..... It’s just me Ellie..... It’s just James....”

She sat down beside him and smiled, pulling him close to her and cuddling with him. James blushed once again as he wrapped one arm around her shoulders, this was his favorite part of each day- cuddling up with Ellie at home. "You want to 'inspect' me a bit?~ Make sure I'm 'working' properly?~" She said, her red cheeks lighting up as he stared at her for a moment.

”A-Are you sure? I-I don’t want you to feel

Charlotte put her hands gently onto Ellie’s chest, trying her best to keep her spirit in the burnt suit. “Stay strong Ellie.... we’ll find a way to make you all better....” In her vision she could then see a human redheaded girl laying where Ellie was, trying to stay alive as the building finally collapsed. The puppet and James briefly looked at the building as it crumbled before them, the faint sounds of sirens in the air. ”We need to get her back home...” Ja

"Well it's a lot of effort, but um?.... Start with the Freddy knockoff, and just open your mouth as wide as possible! That's all I can advise really...." Ellie said.(edited)

“Ok then.... I’ll do my best....” Charlotte walked over to the weird bear and opened her mouth. At first it was normal, but then it began to widen slowly, going to Ellie’s unnatural mouth size.

“Hmmm we have to find some way to enrage him, William has never had the best temper control. If we can anger him and get him to chase you to the water guns that may be our chance!” Henry said.

"I think I have an idea, but I don't like the risk...." Ellie whispered, James was a little worried, but he needed to try, for her.


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