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all characters and locations © Nintendo
It was finally time.
Link had made it through the grueling temple, defeating scores of monsters; Helmasaurs, Dynalfos, Kargarocs, Keese... not to mention the very irritating Aerofols... But he had made it all this way, and he was finally ready to slay the dragon possessed by the Mirror of Twilight.
Ever mindful of the strongly gusting wind, the Hylian hero gazed into the sky, aiming his Clawshot at the grating on the tall pillar above. The claw attach

The terrified young man's eyes swept the horizon, searching for some
sign of salvation. A single tear slid unnoticed amongst the sea of
sweat beads dotting his pallid face. The cacophony surrounding him
blended into a low buzzing in his ears, perhaps some sort of
disconnect between there and his brain. He had not yet been able to
come to terms with his fate; just this morning he had been scripting
a proposal to his sweetheart. Sadly, she would have to carry on
without him. He thoug

Oh... this was too good. He could not have asked for a more perfect
setup. Nothing could possibly make this any better. Not only did he
get his favorite snack, but he was also taking sweet revenge on a
deserving deadbeat.
“You see?” Lynx cooed to the two-inch-tall man dangling in front
of his face, the back of his shirt pinched carefully between the
giant's thumb and forefinger. “I am in charge here. If I
want you to live, you live. If I want you to die, you die. If I want
a squirmy dinner

“And for god's sake,” pleaded Frank, “keep him out of your
sordid business.”Lynx sighed and rolled his eyes. “Yes,
Frank. I swear he will have nothing to do with my work. Stop worrying
so much.”
“I have every reason to worry!” snapped Frank. “You are nothing
but trouble!”
“Then why suggest he stay with me?”
“He has nowhere else to go.” Frank shifted his weight and sighed.
“I need your help, Lynx. Please try and make this work.”
“Alright, alright. I give you my w

It was a beautiful evening. Framed by the golden sunset and regal
pines, the gorge sliced through the mountainous landscape of eastern
Vermont. Never had she been so awed by nature's handiwork.
But this visit was one of purpose, not sight-seeing. Tonight...
everything would be set right.
For this was the end.
No one knew where she was, or why. By the time anyone found her it
would be too late. The deed would be done.
She would be free.
“Freedom is such a relative term,” sighed a voice from b

Lost... Alone...
Terrified...He had no idea what was going on... but he had an
awful hunch that it would lead to his end.Jeremy had been
walking home from school as he did every day, texting his friend...
Suddenly he tripped; not into a pothole or over litter or anything he
would have expected, but more like something had just swept his feet
out from under him. He fell hard on the ground and blacked out.He
had woken up on the branch of a tree—no ordinary tree, this one had
to be over a thousan

Everyone knows to stay out of those woods. Everyone knows to resist
taking the shortcut down that road.
And everyone knows... under no circumstances should you enter the
Of course, ultimately the choice is yours. No one will stop you. If
you are a daredevil, a ghost hunter, or simply a curious individual,
just ask anyone and they will give you directions to Blackwood Road.
At first glance, it looks like a perfectly normal road, winding
through the dense forest. What could possibly be so f

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Breakfast In Bed (M/F)

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Draconasaurus' Blog - Inactive Posted 1 year ago

I haven't been writing at all lately. Stress has completely killed my motivation.
Life keeps throwing disaster after disaster, resulting in a battered psyche and quashed creativity. Depression doesn't help any.

Even a blog entry takes over 40 minutes to write

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Posted by e2s86 4 years ago Report

Merry Christmas!


Posted by nephilim 5 years ago Report

Where've you been all this time?! Ooo, I must read more. Nice use of descriptors.


Posted by Smb64 7 years ago Report

where have i seen these stories before? I swear I've read them on a similar site but I can't figure out where!


Posted by apophis 8 years ago Report

You have some fantastic stories, it's pretty rare that I find a series on this site that could be great with or without the vore, keep up the good work!


Posted by deleteduser205 9 years ago Report

Thanks for the fav!


Posted by Jaxonvorist 9 years ago Report

I love the story u posted u should do more

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