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was the worst sort of inn: the kind that knows you want to leave as
soon as possible and obliges by helping you want to do so. The best
one could say about it was that it did have the essential functions
of a lodging. The rooms contained beds. There was a restroom in the
building, somewhere, if one was brave enough to go looking for it.
The doors possessed locks. If you wanted light, there was a window,
usually. And, best of all, it only cost exactly as much as it

A Threesome
By Bitter
A bell rang.
It was a single, quick "ting", a silvery finger in the ear beckoning playfully. At its call, a pair of elves waiting in a booth small enough to be a closet stood up from their benches, smiled to one another, and shuffled beyond the velvet curtain, though not before clasping their hands together, becoming a single organism in body and purpose.
Viselle wondered what she had ever done to deserve Bellamie. She was a towering woman, taller than most human men, e

stood with his palm against a palm tree, looking out over a bush into
the beach beyond, watching a gaggle of young women in swimsuits
enjoying themselves. Some of them were in the water bopping
beach-balls back and forth, a few had taken to the volleyball court,
he could see Karen reading a book through her horn-rimmed glasses,
and Mary was just sunbathing-- a view that fixed John's gaze for
quite a bit longer than the rest, because the way she was lying let
the curvat

Sereena's tail lashed to and fro behind her as she waited for her friend. A distant rumble made the mouse-girl glance up at the darkening, clouded sky again, running a hand through her short, brown hair with a frustrated huff. It looked like it might storm-and Mimin still wasn't here yet! And it would wait to rain until after she'd done all the day's work, wouldn't it? She leaned her back against the fence post on the edge of town, arms crossed-before perking her murine ears up as she spotted so

Mount Koto-o-noke,
they call it. A towering volcano, the tallest of any on the ring of
islands. The time of its last proper eruption is mythological, but
the magma still flows beneath it, heating the water beneath the earth
and turning the various depressions that sink low enough to reach the
water table into natural spa baths. One would think that there would
be tourists-- at least, more of them. But the mountain is mostly
untouched by human habitation. Outside of the chirping of birds and

Bakkenelika sat in a
realm far from the reach of humans. All around her was a perpetual
debauch, a massive canvas painted in thrusting flesh, wobbling fat,
and crazed loops of digestive organs connecting the one to the other.
Various imps and lesser devils of Bakkenelika's kind flitted about,
carousing and mating without care for the bizarre worms and maws that
yawned from the earth itself, occasionally catching one or two as
they lay in an incautious torpor between rounds and swallowing them

In the wearying
frigidity of a cold autumn night, as the land was wreathed in fog, an
inhuman frame lurched through the darkness. It had all the necessary
appendages of the human anatomy, but they attached to an elongated
triad with its point drooping toward the earth. Tumorous bulges on
its front could be glimpsed in silhouette as it moved, its lumpy mass
shifting and tossing its pitiful equilibrium to and fro. It moved
with staggering half-leaps, one leg thrusting out and slamming to the

Kagura: Shinobi Vore-sus
Tabletop Combat Rules for Erotic Role-Play Based on Senran Kagura
With a Vorish Twist
Senran Kagura, for the Uninitiated
Note: the following, while it hews closely to the Senran Kagura
canon, contains embellishments of my own design in addition to the
addition of vorish elements. It is not to be taken as a fully
accurate description of the setting by any means.
Since the dawn of man, through times of war and eras of peace, in
feast and famine, bright days and long

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Bitter's Blog - ha ha ha but seriously Posted 4 years ago

Why didn't I just use XML for the ToMW file format

Like seriously it would have saved so much time over tweaking a binary file format with visual editors


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