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James waved goodbye to everyone as they were leaving his house. Closing the door behind him he leaned against it and almost slid to the floor. “Damn, I hate my birthday.” He said with a sigh. “Too much hassle over getting one year older…”


Standing up he walked over to where his family had thro

October 10


(I think?

It’s dark out now. STILL! standstorming!


I’m such an evil bitch! And I love it.


Dear Diary,


Day whatever it is today, I can’t be bothered TOO EXCITED!!!


Dear Diary,


It’s me! Jess! Sorry I haven’t been able to write in you the past few days, but it’s for a good reason! I’ve been busy moving all my stuff into this new trailer/ap


Jordan walked into his home after work late one evening to see his wife sitting on their couch dressed in a maternity robe.


“Hey, Julie, is there something you’re trying to tell me?” Jordan asked.




was a bright, cloudless


day and


, a relatively short young woman with long brown hair and teal eyes,

was sitting on her favorite




, a former knight of



now turned adventurer, was traveling through a shady forest path searching for the source of some mysterious disappearances in the area. The air was cool, and a gentle breeze caused the treetops so sway ever so slowly. He had planned to stop in at a small village


Jill was a 23 year old c

ollege student who would barely skate by doing the bare minimum. She felt school was a waste of time but wasn’t opposed to wasting her or her parent’s money going. She figured any degree, even a lowly graded one, would be better than nothing. Physically Jill was relatively plain she had long blond hair, blue eyes and was an average weight and build, she


Carol stood in front of her mirror looking over herself, running her hands down her body before thinking to herself, “Damn, why is it Chelsea got so lucky with her figure while I’ve got this petit one…”

She was by no means unattractive, but to her it didn’t matter. She saw hers

elf as unappealing due to her A-

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Firstly, I apologize to those who have watched me as I have been inactive for quite some time. My lack of posting is partly due to getting caught up in the rush of life and partly due to a bout of uncreativity. I do have one or two ideas kicking around in my head and I may have some new things to post soon.

So, my question to everyone is this; What kind of stuff would you like to see/read. I can't promise I'll act upon everything, if anything at all, but knowing the type of stuff people want to see, and maybe somewhat specific scenarios, would be helpful in breaking whatever block I seem to have. The only thing I ask, if anyone does decide to offer input, is keep in mind there are things I will not write about, and things I'm not too interested in writing about.

[ Continued ... ]

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Work is amazing. Looking forward to the next story.


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Thanks for the watch and fav pally!


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No problem!


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Write good. Thank


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My pleasure. I'm always happy to share other things in the future if you like. The story was well put together and enjoyable to read! Cheers!


Posted by SmaxTheDestroyer 1 year ago Report

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Thanks for the great story! :-)


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You're welcome!


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Thank you :)


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Another fav? Thank you!


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