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This profile will be closed soon. A PM was sent to Eka so it's just a question of time.

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F/multiple, giantess/growth,
absorption, oral-, nipple vore and of course rubber/latex
Sways hungry mood, part 2
A large group of fighter jets took
off on the nearest military airports, heading towards the city that
Sway was rampaging in. A formation of twenty jets were the first to
reach the city, it looked like complete chaos from above but this was
far from what the pilots layed eyes on. They already saw the gigantic
rubbergirl in videos and pictures but by now she was truely gigan

F/multiple, giantess/growth,
absorption, unbirthing, oral-, anal-, nipple vore and of course
Sways hungry mood, part 1
The shoe stores owner was visibly
shaking, she didn't know why but as soon as this weird rubbergirl
entered her store she closed it to focus entirely on her. She was
charmed by her beautiful shiny body and wonderful rubbery scent which
spread throughout the whole shoeshop. Currently she was pulling the
thirtiest pair of boots over her perfect shiny feet an

POV, Oral Vore, Fatal, Futa Pred, Rubber/Latex and Futa on Male
here it is, part 2, I hope you enjoy your final chapter with Lily
Girls: Lily, part 2
stepped up to you and grabbed your legs, pulling you closer and
kneeling down over your hard cock. Her massive shiny balls squishing
over your crotch and almost covered your cock and balls entirely
wihle her throbbing erection pointed right at your face. Your eyes
gazed over the shiny rubbercock and you beg

first non-vore story...
at least this part 'hint hint' Sway is also absent currently,
devouring a giants tribe somewhere, so please everyone enjoy your
private time with one of her girls, Lily
lot's of dominant Futa for
you in this one, it's written in first person so
if you don't want to be used by a well hung rubbergirl then
this story won't be your thing ;)
Girls: Lily, part 1
just finished eating lunch as the doorbell suddenly rang. You put the
dishes onto the co

Giantess, growth, F/M, anal-,
oral- and vacuum vore, crushing, unbirthing and Latex/Rubber
Random adventures of Sway, ep. 5
The streets were empty and devoid of
people aside from several squads of soldiers and tanks, just a day
prior it was one of the biggest cities on the planet with millions of
citizins living their daily live without the slightest care in the
world. But in the afternoon Sway landed in the cities center and the
rubbergirl devoured, absorbed and ate everyone in sight

the reader, are
a witness in
this really short story. And it ends fatal
for you!
F/M, growth, Giantess, unaware
crush and Oral Vore.
POV fun with Sway, ep. 2
A giant explosion throws you through
the air, dust and rocks flying everywhere. Your ears are ringing from
the loud boom and you slowly lift up your head, seeing soldiers run
away as they look behind, a tank is standing several feet away from
you and suddenly explodes into thousand pieces. After a few minutes
you regain consc

F/M, Futa/M, Musclegrowth,
Cockgrowth, Latex/Rubber, Crushing, Nipple-, Oral-, Anal Vore,
Unbirthing, Absorbtion and Transformation. Also a bit of femdom mixed
into it and vacuum vore because why not :P
Random adventures of Sway, ep. 4
It was a regular day at the
powergym, several muscular males grunted as they lifted up heavy
weights. It was a gym that focused on bodybuilding and heavy lifting
which led to the visitors mostly being huge guys that wanted to get
even bigger. Countless h

You, the reader,
are prey in this really short story. And
surprise, surprise it ends fatal for you :P
No futa or other kinky things, just hungry rubbergirl Sway. I'll
write different POV stories in the future, focusing on just one kink
mostly and not all of them will be vore related. They're also much
shorter, being more of a quick little funtime for you. If you would
like it to be longer, have other ideas for changes or POV story
ideas, feel free to write a comment or a PM, I'm happy

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GoddessSway's Blog - The End Posted 4 years ago

Well hello there people of Ekas, it pains me to say it but I will close my profile.
As you may have noticed, the frequency of uploads has gotten lower and lower, which has to do with two things.

1. My love for writing stories has died down immensely since I've started and I don't even want to open a writing program currently

2. My private life has been a mess for the last 1-2 weeks and I thought it was finally over, but it turns out I'm far from done

I don't want to go into detail here and depress all of you, I'm just glad I could give some people something to enjoy and I want to thank each and everyone of you! I had an awesome time here on Ekas Portal and met many interesting people but I have to say goodbye now people and wish you a nice time...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by G0DF1RE 4 years ago Report

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your welcome :3

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Posted by assassin 4 years ago Report

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Told you I'd probably be watching you. ;3


Posted by assassin 4 years ago Report

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absolutely, I'll be sure to check out the rest of your stuff, I'm sure I'll be watching you at some point. xD


Posted by assassin 4 years ago Report

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No problem, you're "The Happening" series is so simple, but simply brilliant. I love it, one of my favorite vore series ever. :3


Posted by epicmoon 4 years ago Report

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No prob


Posted by Rowigrath 4 years ago Report

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Absolutely! You are very welcome!

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Posted by Alienraptor 4 years ago Report

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np you do good work


Posted by D3adZ3d 4 years ago Report

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No problem. Great stories!


Posted by Nabuhris 4 years ago Report

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Thank you for writing them :3


Posted by mptwriter 4 years ago Report

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No problem bud. Your stories are fantastic. I also am "sort-of" a writer as well, would it be okay if you check out my character's bio real quick? I want to know if I have a good concept. http://mptwriter.deviantart.com/

Anyway. Sorry to bother you.


Posted by EmissaryOfRainbows 4 years ago Report

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You're welcome!

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Posted by blackrain 4 years ago Report

Thanks for the fav

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