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Hi! I'm the Journeyman! I'm on a quest to find out who I really am!
Professionally, I teach media production workshops for a college curriculum, and I freelance doing Photoshop work for books and marketing materials.
Recreationally, I can't settle down. Everything gets a bit of interest from me. Here on the forums, you'll probably only have heard of me through my game, Ultimate Blackjack.
It's winner-eats-loser!

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Alternate Way to Eat a Catgirl


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Happy Mondayyy, blog-followers; good news for you! During the past week, a few more donations arrived towards paying off Malyna's artwork and Omaewamoshindeiru's voice acting. FUNDING GOAL MET!

What does this mean????

Well, means I've got some work to do. Traditionally, when a funding goal is met, I've had the updated game in your hands within 8 weeks. Definitely not a problem this time around. I've actually gotten quite a bunch done already, and I'm just working on a few little extras now. But it's not ready yet! A week? Maybe 2?

But also! Now there are two of them.
Yea, the character of Zaniah Cat, OC of Zalzas, has joined the casino in addition to Erika. This one was a generous addition, too--no extra charge for the artwork! (Or the writing, or the programming......
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by CrystalKiller88 2 years ago

Never thought I'd learn how to play BlackJack from a vore game... In all seriousness, the game's really fun.


Posted by [Dinobonoid] 2 years ago

I just finished eating Raven, and wanted to compliment and thank you for the Ultimate Blackjack game. Very fun, and one heck of a reward!

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Posted by Chameleonette 2 years ago

Aww, thanks a lot! And feel free. :)


Posted by Chameleonette 2 years ago

Thanks a lot for the watch! :) I appreciate it!


Posted by ElviraTepes 2 years ago

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Thanks. I made her forever on some anime maker. Can't remember which one.

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Posted by Mage4hire 3 years ago

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Posted by Mage4hire 3 years ago

<< Reply To Journeyman

you and me both x3


Posted by Mage4hire 3 years ago

<< Reply To Journeyman

Thank you. It was custom made for me by a friend ^^


Posted by Shryland 5 years ago

Thanks for the Watch :)


Posted by Scaylid00d 6 years ago

Glad to have you watching me! ^w^ Hope you like what you see coming ;D


Posted by MementoMori 6 years ago

Thanks for watching me, I appreciate it :)

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Posted by Thunder 7 years ago

Thnx for the watch ^_^

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