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I woke god knows how long after the sexual adventure with my mother. I was still inside her after being forced into her vagina by her vibrator. MY body was in a ring around her cervix. I couldn’t hear anything other than my mother's body as it worked. I could hear her stomach churning above me, her lungs filling and emptying of air, and her heart pumping blood throughout her whole body. The sounds were deafening but so comforting. I started to wonder if these very noises were what comforte

you may know about me. My name is Aston. I recently found myself with
a problem. I accidentally drank one of my mother's experiments from
the fridge. My mom is a famous scientist and I'm not. Story of my
life. Anyway! After drinking her experiment which was a blue liquid
that at the time I thought was some sort of Kool Aid or other fruity
drink. Sadly I learned wrong after waking from a nap to find myself
about 4 inches tall and my mother's gigantic ass was looming over me.
Then she sat on me

never figured that I would be doing this, but I'm now taking a Home
Economics class that is way out of the range of normal. I have it for
the first semester of the school year. Its my first class of the day,
which really wakes me up. It's been a week since school started and
we are finally getting into the actual learning of this class. The
reason I am writing this is I was told by my teacher Mrs. Roberts
that I have to keep a journal of my 'pregnancy' and it will help
determine my grade for t

sighed as she looked at her eldest daughter sitting on her bed naked.
“Maggie... Are you sure about this?” Fran asked worriedly. Maggie
nodded staring at her giant mother. “Ok... There is a setting on
here that can turn you into something... But as the instructions say,
you can only be changed for 12 hours before you are stuck as it
permanently.” She sighed typing on the tiny keyboard for the
shrinking/morphing device. She looked to Maggie and nodded before
pointing the devi

sighed as she sat in a taxi. Her bags were surrounding her as she
rode the taxi back to her house with her husband Maxwell Sheffield.
She had her legs crossed as she tried to hide the fact that she was
very aroused. She had good reason to be aroused after all. A few
weeks ago she made a purchase she will never regret. Recently
scientists made a device that can change a person's height as well as
change people into objects as well. Right now she has her oldest
children Maggie and Br

sighed as I looked at the box before me. I was getting ready to move
back home with my mother after spending the past school year away at
college. I just graduated and was moving back home with mom until I
could get an apartment of my own. My mother is a sort of famous
scientist. When I was really little she became famous for making a
drug that could cure many diseases that plagued society. She received
an award for it and was from that day on known for her cure and many
other things that she

I sighed as I woke in my bed. I loved with my older sister Olena. We've been living together for the past 11 years but she doesn't tell anyone about me for a few reasons. One reason that she tells no one about me is... My size. I'm only 4 inches tall. I've been that way ever since I was 14 and my mother spilled a potion on me. Did I mention my family is magical? And that I'm the only one without power? Anyway, mom spilled a potion on me and I shrunk way tiny. Another reason she tells no one abou

reach your hand down gently and just rub over her clitoris. You
smiled feeling the heat coming from her genitals. Her legs shift but
you think nothing of it. They opened wider giving you more access to
what you want. You smile leaning down farther rubbing her face on her
feminine folds. You hear her elicit a moan and freeze. But it’s too
late. Her hand sits on you pushing on your head as she unknowingly
uses you to pleasure yourself. You can hear her saying the name Bret
over and over.

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Thanks for the favorite, sorry if its taken awhile for me to respond!. I'm still getting to grips with the site. I hope you enjoyed the stories... more to come - watch for updates.


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I hope to resume writing soon and have plans for expansion of that story and a new one as well.


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Good luck then I'm looking forward to it


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Will there be a continuation of "My Sisters Secret"


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