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Notes: A Commission.
weather was nearly perfect, just enough sun, not too much humidity.
Oh sure, some of the more extreme cosplayers would probably be
suffering, Chris reflected, but that was always the case when they
entombed themselves in a costume rather than simply wearing one. As
for him, he had his camera, which he checked again. The batteries
were full. The settings were correct, at least, to the extent that
the untested settings said they were working

Collector's Edition
"...fifty four."
The manager finished reading off the numbers from the ticket stub.
Chris grumbled. He hadn't won this round either, despite having
bought five tickets. It may not sound like much, but each one was
twenty five dollars. He might have bought more, but he was tapped,
and technically nobody was supposed to have more than four anyway.
With the prizes the store was giving out, they really didn't want
repeat winners if they could help it.
Off to his side,

Author's Notes: Another Commission!

How To Treat A Guest

Lady Treleis lingered in the drawing room. A snifter of brandy rested in the palm of her scaled hand. It was already evening, but she didn't bother with candles, her sight was keen enough not to need them, and besides, the stars shone through the windows. Her eyes studied them, and slowly, she lifted the snifter to her nose and enjoyed it's bouquet before taking a sip.

Lady Delo would be arriving tomorrow. Another visit. The si

Author's Notes: Another commission. All character portrayed are 18 or older.

Time Together

Bianca didn't look away from her painting when he sat down beside her. The water rose and fell, waves cresting and falling. Her paintbrush moved across the canvas, and she began to hum. He looked at her when she did that, but blinked, folding his hands together and looked back to the bay. Bianca's lip quirked, and she lowered her brush. "What do you think?"

Ash looked at the painting

Author's Notes: Warning Guro. Set as a prequel to this picture: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/pic-77711.html Written with permission of the artist.

Royal Feast

Peach chewed for a moment. She was perched, mushroom next to her, in front of the rotisserie. She chewed thoughtfully for a moment, watching the spit slowly turn over, the fine breast, now a wonderful brown coming into view. Idly, she took another bite of mushroom.

She should really thank Bowser for this. The thought had cr

Author's Notes: Another commission! All characters in this story are to be considered 18 or older.

Wide White Eyes

It was dark. Hinata closed her eyes and opened them again. There was no change. She blinked again, and tried looked around. Nothing. She began to stand, but found she already was, or was she? She felt oddly weightless, and with a chill, she realized she didn't even realize which way was up. Was this some sort of genjutsu? She took a breath and focused, trying to find any sp

Author's Notes: Another commission!

That Tingling Sensation

On reflection, Christie decided she didn't think much of Zack. He really didn't have many redeeming qualities in her eyes. He was greedy, callous, foolhardy, egotistical, gaudy, pompous, and generally an insufferable ass. That said, he did have a good taste for islands. Looking around, Christie was struck by the simple wonders of nature. The jungle was lush, filled with tropical plants, some she knew had been imported, and others

Sabrina's Experiment

by =zewhatcherIt was a clear, crisp summer's night; a night full of promise, a night pregnant with possibilities; a night perfect for Anya to play the part of Puck and cause some mischief.The biology lab was quiet; all the less focused students had gone home for the night, only two lights still burned as the grand clock in the quad sounded midnight, one sat behind the desk of the overnight Teaching Assistant, and the other burned brightly above the head of Sabrina Wu. Sa

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Hello everyone,

For those of you still paying attention, yes, I AM still alive, I just haven't exactly been active recently. The most recent story before my new upload was, what, two years ago? I will admit that I haven't been writing as much in general, and that I've been focusing more on game design. I am still taking commissions, though I have to admit I'm going to be pickier about them since I've had a not so wonderful track record for completing them in a timely manner (though since I don't charge until I complete them I don't feel quite so bad about it).

Anyway, I hope you see the new story, and that you enjoy it.

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Thanks for the watch sir. ^_^ If you wanna see exclusive stuff please check out my patreon page.


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Thanks for the watch! :D


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Glad to see you've been on the site. I admit from the lack of activity I was starting to think real life had stolen you away again. Are things starting to calm down on your end?


Posted by Flame14 7 years ago Report

Jurodan I remember you once said something about having trouble with the birthing scene of your 'Hinata's other Jutsu'. If you want, I have an idea you could try using as I'm using it for a similar scene in a interactive story I'm helping to write.


Posted by Removeduser1569 8 years ago Report

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I am too! Lol


Posted by AtmosRobot 9 years ago Report

Thanks for watching! Stay tuned for more delicious updates!


Posted by Flame14 9 years ago Report

I don't like to beg but, Please continue your "Hinata's other new justu" story. It is an entertaining story, plus it's got Hinata in it, making it all the better in my eyes.


Posted by TW 9 years ago Report

Guess who's baaaaack?

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Posted by Flame14 10 years ago Report

Her's hoping you will continue your Hinata unbirthing stories.


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Its about time you watched me!

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you should continue the naruto series


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Thanks for the watch ^^

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