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Hello! I don't know what to say here! Uhhh, I write stuff and I doodle sometimes, is that good? I'm just going to see myself out

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Hello everyone who is still around! I just realized that I posted my last journal like a year ago and I don't believe it is fair for me to say that I am going to write stuff then disappear for another entire year. I just wanted to give a small update for anyone who is interested about what is currently happening.

First things first, I have to pull the "I've been busy with IRL stuff" card. After 2 years of studying at a local community college, I finally got enough credits and a high enough GPA to be able to go to one of my favorite Universities (also saving dat monay by going to a community college instead of a 4 year to start). I have also been working to help pay for my current classes (summer classes, woohoo) and save enough for the ultimate transfer. Because of that, doing...
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Posted by Brazzel 2 weeks ago

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It's not exactly a Rolex, but it's the best I can do.


Posted by Brazzel 2 weeks ago

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Thanks for the entertaining story!


Posted by Skittles209 2 years ago

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Posted by hackerkyle 2 years ago

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No problem.


Posted by iwillnomu 2 years ago

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You're welcome!


Posted by mallowsal 2 years ago

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sure thing ^_^


Posted by leonskenedi 2 years ago

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Thanks for the great job! <3


Posted by JackNoName 2 years ago

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Haha, I noticed you just started your gallery just like me ^^ curiosity told me I should keep an eye on you.


Posted by Cal_Art 3 years ago

Hi and thanks for the +watch.


Posted by Cainiam 3 years ago

Thanks for the watch! It's appreciated.

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