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With a large *bang* the door to the small home flew open, slamming against the wall. Freya flinched as she hobbled in, leaning against her staff as she looked back to see the paint chipped. A little too hard, but she was tired, and that would be tomorrow’s work. She had to duck at the door frame, her unnatural height making everything a bit small. But she wasn’t going to pay a noble’s sum just to get a house that fit the young beast kin.


“- And once you’ve finished cleaning out here, harvest more Mopoli Mushrooms, cut me three six inch stalks, gather bloomberries, and start the cauldron no later than three. Do you got that all Tissa.”

“Yes Master…”

“Oh, and don’t bother cleaning the library, I’m mid ritual, and if I have to set it back up, I’ll be most…

Hurry up, Myz! We can’t stay in the dungeon all night!”

“Be right- be right there. Hah, hah, hah…”

A young female mage leaned against a wall, panting as she heard distant foot steps up the cavern path. “What did you spend your years o

Setsuko sighed as she sheathed he small blade. Another empty floor.

“Where is the expedition squad…?”

A sudden ping behind her had the elven ninja draw a blade… at a water drop from a stalactite above. She sheathed the blade again with a grunt. Not a single sign of… anything so far. And she was on the third floor of the dungeon. There was supposed to be some great treasure hidden away

Lightning struck illuminating the dark room as Sheena sighed, resting her arms against her knees, overlooking a rather large drop off on a small platform. It was dark except for the flashes of lightning.

“Crazy few months. This place still makes me think of Corrine. Heh. Sure hope he’s alright. Verius now, isn’t it?”


A blast of thunder was immediately followed by a shriek as Rikku dived back into her tent, shaking like a dog.

“N-not again….” She shivered as she looked out at the rocky terrain out there. Another flash of light made her cup both her hands together with her teeth chattering.. “I wanna go home… Haven’t been here this long since we got Lulu that stupid doll. Stupidly powerful…”

“Why are we even here.”

Cloud kept walking past Yuffie’s little tantrum as they entered the forested area. Next to cosmo canyon, it was HOT. Even as cool as he was ignoring her, she could see beads falling down his neck. She smirked knowingly. A metal hand rested on her shoulder, making her look up from her knees.

“I would have thought you of all people would know. Materia.”

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