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Just a writer wanting to show off his writing to any who might like it.

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“Come on man, you gotta at least try it!” Urged a man's voice, wrapping his arm around Ciron's shoulder with a chuckle.

“No, I would prefer not to go there.” Ciron reasoned calmly.

Ciron's high school friends wanted to go and spent a few nights in an old, supposedly haunted mansion outside the city. Naturally rather jumpy and easily frightened, Ciron was reluctant to go along with

It was a good day as far as the weather was concerned, the sun gently shining through the windows of a large building where business was being done productively. The usual sounds one could expect from such an environment were able to be heard.

Above the usual humdrum noises of the workplace however, was the sound of two pairs of footsteps gradually making their way through the building. April was making sure to walk around every

With a loud yawn, a young lady slowly pulled herself out of bed, brushing her white hair before going downstairs. Once she had reached the kitchen, she was greeted by the all too familiar sight of her parents having just finished their breakfasts. “Morning Nephi!” Ciron said with a grin.

“Uh, morning mom,” She responded. Given Ciron's feminine looks and dress sense, she preferred to think of him as a second mom rather than a dad, something he foun

It was a sunny and peaceful day in a calm neighbourhood. The sound of gentle singing able to be heard from one of the houses.

Inside the house, a rather hefty woman with Angel wings was softly tapping her fingers in the kitchen counter. “So when's dinner honey?” she asked, slowly turning to face her partner.

“Soon dear, soon.” Replied a cute feminine beauty wearing a flowing white dress. Of course, the beauty wasn't reall

A camera perched on a table flicked on to the sight of a white haired boy dressed in loose fitting clothing, and a girl with black hair whose most noticeable features were a pair of cat ears.

“Well, it’s us again. Here to answer the questions you have sent us.” Ciron said with a smile, already chuckling at the thought of what the questions might be.

“Huh, first question. Would we


gradually felt her body regain feelings, the sensation of being hot and sticky fading. To her surprise, she felt pleasant cold air on her skin. After a few moments, she began to breathe and open her eyes. She had reformed! Either the Incubus that had trapped her as a tattoo on his balls felt bad or just forgot. Either way, the magic trapping her was gone and for that, she was incredibly glad. Stretching and walking about to get used to moving her body once

Ciron sat at home, resting his plump butt on the couch. He was incredibly bored and so had invited both Arisia, his childhood friend. And Cyrea, his mother to keep him company at home. The two demons had significant appetites, but since Etsuko was currently wobbling on his butt, the fridge was more full than it had been in a very long time. More than capable of accommodating their appetites.

“So, why'd you call us over?” Arisia asked curiously.

There were sounds coming from the shared bedroom of Ciron and Etsuko. Passionate sounds. When Etsuko had given her boyfriend the liquid lust, she hadn't anticipated just how aroused his instincts would make him. It was surprising to see just how different he was when his instincts took over completely. Maybe he'd even unlock the Incubus equivalent of her glutton form.

The two kissed, their tongues wrestling for dominance before Ciron's tongue won the contest. The kiss wa

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Suffering writer's block lately and would welcome any suggestions to see if that helps get my creativity flowing again.

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