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Just a vore-loving lesbian who likes being nice and goofing off. I'm also slow to figure things out sometimes and usually need specific instructions, I'm not all that good with general directions. So if I seem like a moron, just bear with me, alright?

(P.S. My Favorited things are all sorted into folders for convenience, so that way, finding what you wanna see in my favorites is a little easier.)

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JUSTICE furikaerazu yukou
Ima hajimari no sekai kara RESET
(yeah, it's from kamen rider. henshin n' shit. srsly tho it's awesome)

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Posted by gachabork 5 days ago Report

Thanks for the watch.

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Posted by DeadStrategicCactus 1 month ago Report

Thank you for watching.

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Posted by Badfurson 2 months ago Report

Thank you for watching!


Posted by Gat 4 months ago Report

Cheers for the watch <3


Posted by PervyLesbian02 5 months ago Report

i have hit the point of unable to give a fuck about anything

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Posted by shnuff 6 months ago Report

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Gender term?


Posted by Gat 6 months ago Report

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sorry for the super late reply. Life happened and I did a vanish. Sorry about that.

I assume you soved this by now but just incase you haven't: Copy to the fallout 4 folder in steam.


Posted by ForgetfulHatter 7 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch. i like the sound of that username. :3


Posted by lXlNeMiSiSlXl 8 months ago Report

Thanks for the Watch!~


Posted by Firebird22 1 year ago Report

Thank you for the watch


Posted by Fumika 1 year ago Report

Thanks for watching me

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Posted by PervyLesbian02 1 year ago Report

Ohhhh Bethesda you trolls... opened up a Pullowski preservation shelter in Fallout 4 by picking the lock and SURPRISE! FERAL GHOUL ROAMER!

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