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Chapter 10: The Ringmaster
I threw myself backwards and straight into a tree, hitting my head hard enough to see stars. A few moments later and my thoughts snapped back into place as I realized I’d already died and revived. What the hell had been that speed? I’d never even seen that monster, Goliath, make his move. If I ever saw him again it would be all too soon.
Well, I guess I’d predicted this sort of thing was likely to happen. I would have liked it if I&rsquo

Chapter 9: David and Goliath
I squeaked as the harpy was swallowed by the blob of orange slime and turned to run before I was made the next meal. Forget the lunch room! Yoko had the correct idea, MRE's all the way! Who cares if you were fat so long as you were alive.
"Wait, wait! It's okay!" said the harpy's voice behind me. "She's my sister!"
I stopped dead in my tracks. Okay, what? I turned around.
The harpy was whole again and the slime was nowhere to be seen, her wings and breast

Chapter 8: Oh Brother
I was back in the entrance to the empty hall again. Looked like I was going to be attending class as a girl after all.
I sighed with exasperation. All that work to try a shortcut to class and I'd only managed to irritate a bunch of faeries, meet a cute girl, and get the blowjob of my life…okay maybe it hadn't been so bad. I could probably meet Yoko again, but I decided to save that trip for at least tomorrow otherwise I was definitely going to be food in

Chapter 7: Queenie of the Faeries
The Lieutenant flew through the ventilation shafts like a soldier on a mission, the Major and entire swarm of faeries following after with giggling chitters that were probably weirding out everyone hearing it come from the ductwork. They made several twists and turns, ducking and dodging various obstacles in their path with masterful skill.
I didn't see any of it because I was currently stuck in the Lieutenant's vagina. The last time I'd been unbirth

Chapter 6: Rude Awakening
I awoke in warm darkness and almost started flailing about before I realized that I was underneath the covers with someone lying next to me, the two of us spooning. As my eyes adjusted to the dark I made out the pale white of Mary, still sound asleep next to me, facing away towards the wall.
Feeling the call of nature I gently got up from the bed without disturbing my partner and quietly made my way to the bathroom. I slowly closed the door, turned on the li

Chapter 5: Learning Made Fun
I was back in the dorm room and once again a girl. I checked the time on my phone and saw it was right after I'd first come in, so Mary wouldn't be arriving for several hours, which gave me a bit of time to figure out another way to handle her.
I couldn't be certain she'd be willing to give me the same terms as she'd given my male self, so I might still end up being eaten, but at least now I knew her weakness if it came to that. Still, I'd rather not end

Chapter 4: Dorm Deal
The first thing I saw when I was aware of my continued existence was myself. Like a rubberband I snapped back into reality and realized I was standing in front of the sink in the male restroom. Though I was thankfully fully clothed, so this must be the point right before I'd, uh, gotten completely naked to ogle myself in the mirror. What the HELL had I been thinking?!
Okay, I was alive again. And very much a boy once more. That made two times I'd died and come ba

Chapter 3: Another Life
Primes alive that had been one ex--WAIT.
I was supposed to be dead. I'd been unbirthed and digested by a giant fox girl, with an unknown person giving me the blowjob of my life halfway through the process. I'd felt my body melt into femcum, my mind cloud over into oblivion, and everything had ended. I had died.
Instead I found myself walking away from orientation just as I'd done before all that had occurred. Had it just been a dream? A vivid, horrific, sexual

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Sliptree13's Blog - Still alive Posted 4 months ago

Hello if anyone actually reads these. Switch!Life is still ongoing, I haven't forgotten about it. The hangup is that this next chapter requires a particular mood because it is next-level horny and that does not come easily for me. Particularly not when the mood in recent weeks has been unyielding rage on account of various bits of world and otherwise news. That sort of energy is best poured into another project.

So that's the update. I'll write the next chapter when sufficiently horny, which probably sounds weird but is what it is. See you then.

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Posted by DeeannaDeeann 7 months ago Report

Absolutely loved your "Shinobi Trials" series.


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Thank you for the watch~!!x3

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