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Just a horse who writes stuff sometimes

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“Soooo… Tell me what happened~?”

“Ugghh, mom, I don’t really feel like-“

“But I wanna knoooow~ Especially since, ya know, I’ve heard Derrick is
well equipped…”


“Oh shit, it’s the police!”
“Oh fuck, run fer it!”
“What about the money!?”
“Fuck da money! We ain’t spendin’ dat shit in the fuckin’ joint!”
The flashing blue and red lights from the police cruiser filled the dark interior of the J-Mart, which also illuminated the two jet black stoats hunched over the safe they were unsuccessfully trying to break into. The only thing they were successful in was triggering the alarm. The t

“So, uh, you… come here often? Hehhh…” The twitchy fennec rubbed the back of his neck nervously as he looked away, and then back to the gorgeous antelope sitting across from him. She could not have looked more bored or disinterested as she typed away at her phone. Her gaze flicked up to the perpetually shivering vulpine and gave a roll of her eyes.
“Yeah, no… Actually, wanna help me with somethin’ real quick?” She said with a small sigh as she d

“Now you too will be apart of meeeee… That’s right, I’m going to suck you up! Your energy will be refreshing… A nice treat to start off my journey in the time machine!” – Imperfect Cell, Future Age 788
How embarrassing is it to be utterly defeated by Cell again… Except this time he wasn’t just satisfied with outright killing me… No, he just had to show me that I was **his**. I should have known that in his desperation, he would fire

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