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After writing and liking vore for a long time I decided that why not write vore.
I will upload irregularly due to being a lazy fuck.

Also I sometimes RP nowadays.

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greeted by a familiar jingle as the space around me forms, and I see
the professor stand before me.
there!" she greets me. "Welcome to the world of Pokémon!"
can't even remember how many times I've done this already, but it
never gets old. Even the very air is ripe with adventure! Not to
mention, it is always nice to get greeted by the prettiest Pokémon
name is Professor Juniper. Everyone calls me the Pokémon Professor!"
she introduces he

mother always told me not to bite off more than I could chew. Of
course, I was always eager to prove her wrong, like I did with anyone
trying to underestimate me due to my short stature. And most of the
time I did. But right now, looking at this man's cock stand taller
than me, I could not help but to feel like she might have been right.
wasn't that it was just long. His member was thick as well, nearly as
big as him and probably doubling his weight. In fact, I had no idea
how he had hidde

feel nervous as I stick my face into her ample rear, hoping this
isn't just another prank. In case you are wondering, it started as a
striptease, but took a rather odd turn once I mentioned liking vore.
Now she is sticking her own butt out against my face, and is telling
me to hold still.
slowly, as if her body is unsure on whether it wants me or not yet,
her sphincter begins to open. She apologizes that it takes so long. I
do not mind; getting a faceful of her ass is hardly a bad positio

was in trouble. Even now he was shrinking steadily, despite having
just closed the door between him and the woman. She had just been so
lovely, with her pristine green skin and three black and golden eyes.
The woman's voice had been so kind and compelling, her sharp, but
beautiful set of teeth showing as she spoke.
the woman had only asked for help, he should have realized from the
start there was a catch. The writhing tentacles under her flowing,
dark green hair and at the tip of her

loved her beach. Well, she did not actually own it, but not like
there was anyone else around. And with no one else around, she did
not need any swimwear. Rose would have required one custom made due
to her sizes, but being student meant that she had no money for
something that costly. She did not want go to a nudist beach either,
as her proportions earned stares from not only men but some women as
that people did not know about the place. Rose had even accidentally
said on social

last minute flight was the best idea ever", Carl thought to
himself. One would be hard pressed to argue with him; for only couple
hundred dollars he managed to get himself to a tropical resort, where
the water was clean and the stress and the noise of the city was
gone. He had to live in a small bamboo hut, but did not mind since it
only made the experience all the quainter. Most of the male
population of the island had left somewhere couple years back, so the
local women were ve

now, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the stage the amazing,
mystifying Magus Liliana!"
crowd cheered as the magician strutted on stage, showing off her long
luscious legs and hips. Her fishnet stockings and leotard tuxedo left
very little up for imagination, with Liliana's curves filling them
perfectly. The magician's geisha-like makeup combined with her sharp
nose and thin lips made her face look like a mask, giving her an
unnerving presence. Of course, Liliana had her magic

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Upload more often than once a year
Learn to draw
Make some longer stories
Branch out to things other than vore
Keep the house more clean
Exercise more
Balance out my time better

I think that's enough for one year. Lets hope nothing throws a wrench in those plans, eh?

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You’re welcome!


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And I’m sorry about replying late(1 entire year)


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You're welcome. I enjoyed your Pelican story.


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Thanks for the watch, pal.


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I like stories that has a fairytale themeing to them and it was my favourite fairytale besides so I couldn't resist


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I do and your welcome


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Thank you for the watch dude! Hope to not disappoint :)


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You are welcome!


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No problem. You make fun stories! :)


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Its a pleasure, you have quite a few lovely works that I enjoy greatly~


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No problem^^

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