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Hi my name is Ana Silva, I'm currently 538 years young ;) . Im a human / Lightning Phoenix hybrid, if you must know how I reached 538. I’m married to this sexy Slimegirl’s ass called Violet Solaris. The rest you can find out if you ask nicely ;) .

I appreciate any and all types of comments, fav's, watches and the like. Feel free to drop me a shout or pm or even comment on any of my works or commissons or etc. FYI I'm not much of a writer as you can probably tell. I'm more of a drawer but have lost my passion to draw at the moment. I'm trying to get it back, but until then it's writing for me. Not that's a bad thing.

Oh and I accept any willing prey, don't be shy now. I’m also willing to be prey as well, so just hop into my mouth or vore me any time you want :) . However if you some other type of fun, just ask my girl Violet as she’s the one who wears the pants as they say. (Which I'm okay with, besides I like it like that).

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Posted by 10crunkedbiscuits 3 months ago

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You're welcome!

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Posted by NovaRay 4 months ago

Thanks for the fav ^.^


Posted by Vulgun 8 months ago



Posted by Modern45 9 months ago

Thanks for the fave ^_^


Posted by DittoDotto 10 months ago

<< Reply To TimerSmith

Twice the hug for a fav and a fol.
Maybe I will get a "Dubble hug vore" kit!


Posted by blackmichi 10 months ago

<< Reply To TimerSmith

*blushes* "ay n-no need for that. I mean i just like t-to watch you..."

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Posted by heath 10 months ago

<< Reply To TimerSmith

I fallout with a smile


Posted by darklord42 10 months ago

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Wraps her in a hug "Your welcome. Now behave for your wife."


Posted by Bladed1 10 months ago

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*Hugs back
"Good job" :)

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Posted by Damarshrexboy 10 months ago

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You are most Welcome!


Posted by corsper117 10 months ago

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"You're quite welcome ^___^" embraces you warmly. Hope to see more ^-^


Posted by humadragon2016 10 months ago

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your welcome *the light blue humadragon kisses you a giggles*

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