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Posted by TheAllSeeingEye 5 years ago Report

lol thanks for the watch x3

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Posted by wolfdemonkyi 9 years ago Report


Posted by Animakitty 11 years ago Report

Thank you for the kind words, Vega. I'm glad you enjoyed my stories, and found some inspiration in them. :K)


Posted by Vega 11 years ago Report

i have huge news...

[b]i have been roleplaying with the wonderful Masquerade since i started for the first time back in September, ive met dozens and dozens of other roleplayers who have been great but i have come to feel closest to Mask more than any other i finally bucked up the courage to asked him to be my mate and he accepted happily....i cannot believe how lucky i got ,, i will stay loyal and loving towards him for as long as were together ...this i swear [/b]


Posted by TheForbiddenArchive 11 years ago Report

Oh yiff vore sounds interesting; I'll be willing to rp with you; pm me if interested


Posted by Lumnous 11 years ago Report

Lumnous as arrived!


Posted by Ulquiorra 11 years ago Report

You ate me on my own forum.., I'm not safe anywhere! D:


Posted by FoxGuy 11 years ago Report

Hey there, buddy. What's up?

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