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RAADD fan story.

By scottypilgrim

  1. RAADD fan story.
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Its out! Here is the changelog

wrote:- Vampire Boss Added
- When grabbed, the camera now zooms in
- Catgirls now unbirth (Chosen at random)
- Pitcher Plants now vore again
- Custom Miku and Vampire Gameover
- Boss Victory Music Added
- Catgirl has new experimental sounds
- Spawn Rate Modifier added
- Mermaid no longer uses different attacks at the same time.
- Defense/Confusion effects display properly
- Maids now cause a lusty effect, which increases the rate lust increases in lewd attacks
- Biome distance Adjusted (Again)
- Vigil Spawn Rate Reduced from 5% -> 2%
- CatGirl/PlantGirl Internals fixed
- Struggle Keys relative to player, so they shouldn't appear off camera
- Less fuzzy images
- A bit of obstacle tweaking
- Enemy Damage modified
- Other Changes

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Posted by CassyInko 13 hours ago

Thanks alot for the watch! ^_^


Posted by UnforsakenFantasy 7 months ago

can I have a link to your profile pic? =D Also love RAADD?


Posted by eatme1234 7 months ago

Wow, today marks my 2 year anniversary of being on aryion. Happy aryion birthday me!!!


Posted by eatme1234 11 months ago

Horray next version of raadd :D


Posted by Royal_Starlord 1 year ago


... Wait. How did I get here? '3'

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Posted by eatme1234 1 year ago

Slowly but surely working on raadd


Posted by eatme1234 2 years ago

Parents have entered that whole "I think you're addicted to video games" phase, so progress on RAADD Runner will be slow for the next few days


Posted by eatme1234 2 years ago

In 4 days I just randomly decided to make random game about random vore... That's pretty good I suppose.


Posted by eatme1234 2 years ago

Shrunkcraft NPC Overhaul update! Check the forums for more info


Posted by eatme1234 2 years ago


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