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RAADD fan story.

By scottypilgrim

  1. RAADD fan story.
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Well here's a LONG OVERDUE update for raadd...

- Black Catgirls added, watch you head...
- Brown Catgirls have new sounds (Tell me what you think of them)
- Cheat Codes moved to the options menu.
- Increased BeeGirl attack frequency.
- MASSIVE balance changes.
- Portal visuals changed, portals now move the camera left/right.
- All pits max size have been reduced, so it is easy to jump over.
- Player can no longer get stuck in the ground.
- Vampire and mermaid have an equal chance of spawning (changed from 1:2 to 1:1)
- Layers added, so some walls can be walked through
- One way Platforms added, jump through them
- Minor garden progress (still not implemented though...)
- Various enemy fixes
- Various obstacles added
- Player speed slightly increased
- Some other stuff I forgot to...

[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Sergit 1 month ago

I am glad you liked my draws enough to watch my gallery! :3


Posted by eatme1234 1 month ago

<< Reply To eatme1234

Well I finally made a post about raadd's current status on the forums. You can find it on page 17


Posted by Paradox 1 month ago

Thanks for watching :3


Posted by eatme1234 1 month ago

I should probably make a post to prove to the community that I'm not dead... but at this point I have no idea what to even say...


Posted by CassyInko 1 year ago

Thanks alot for the watch! ^_^


Posted by UnforsakenFantasy 1 year ago

can I have a link to your profile pic? =D Also love RAADD?


Posted by eatme1234 1 year ago

Wow, today marks my 2 year anniversary of being on aryion. Happy aryion birthday me!!!


Posted by eatme1234 2 years ago

Horray next version of raadd :D


Posted by Royal_Starlord 2 years ago


... Wait. How did I get here? '3'

[ Reply ]


Posted by eatme1234 2 years ago

Slowly but surely working on raadd


Posted by eatme1234 3 years ago

Parents have entered that whole "I think you're addicted to video games" phase, so progress on RAADD Runner will be slow for the next few days


Posted by eatme1234 3 years ago

In 4 days I just randomly decided to make random game about random vore... That's pretty good I suppose.

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