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Edacitas was overall a fair and just leader, for a demon king. He left his subjects to their own devices, so long as they followed the laws of the land. Of course, neighboring kingdoms were another story. And really, mortals did love to expand and conquer naturally, so why not encourage his people to do just that, so long as he got something out of it in the end? That something was, in fact, access to any particularly defiant individual that refused to su

“Hey guys, it’s TomCat here with a new immersive reality title, sent in by HongryGator88, actually—thanks for that! Called
Guts of



I honestly know absolutely nothing about this game except the title.

Dave knew Anderson was, perhaps, a little unusual. He was not purely human, after all. With that said, he’d certainly never seen anything like what was unfolding before him. Supposedly, when Anderson had information to upload directly to the mainframe, he required a
of energy. And sure, he
use any variety of sources to fuel himself with, but it was apparently an immensely

It was always a bit surreal to encounter alternate versions of your friends, no matter how many times it happened to you. And when you visited alternate realities as often as Anderson and Ray did, it certainly happened quite a bit. Sometimes, the differences were slight, like a change in career path. Of course, “a change in career path” usually meant, say, someone being a comedian instead of a musician. The difference could probably be expecte

Anderson let out an indulgent belch followed by a pleased sigh. Immersive reality, he decided, was the greatest thing to ever happen to him. Perhaps we should back up a bit.

You see, he’d recently discovered a certain…
that had taken a hold of him. In his defense, it was all research and cultural exchange before. And h


IMMERSIVE REALITY technology has made it so that pretty much any dream can become a reality, with a bit of creativity and programming knowhow. Now, anything can be experienced, free of consequence. As you can imagine, those with, shall we say, potentially risky or unusual interests are celebrating. I would say that being eaten alive is about as risky and unusual as it gets.


The game really
immersive, in every sense of the word. Anderson could truly take in the wind in his hair, the smells in the air—hell, he could even
taste food.
It really made romping around on a grand adventure all the more enjoyable. In fact, the game was actually incredibly open-ended. No hand holding here. Sure, there were probably walkthroughs and guides out there, but where


YOU MAY be familiar with the phenomenon known as ‘sex tourism,’

where a tourist travels somewhere

solely (or primarily) to engage in sexual relations with either locals or sex workers

in the region

. A similar but different practice has emerged, though it is still

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