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heavy breathing of the fox was easily visible in the chilly October
evening as he panted, leaning over the cowering bunny beneath him.
“Listen here, slut.
things are gonna happen here. One, I’m gonna fuck that tight little
rabbit hole of yours. And two? I’m gonna eat you for lunch. Just
like a fucking sandwich. And there is absolutely nothing
can do about—“
the vulpine predator found himself slammed
the brick wall behind him. Was that… the rabbit? How? As s

was true that the Count of Monte Cristo didn't need to eat (or sleep)
anymore. He could,
he so wished, though his digestion and metabolism was slowed to a
crawl. It is also worth mentioning that though he had never once lost
sight of his revenge, always moving the pieces in his grand scheme,
early on he was slightly less consumed by the madness of vengeance.
There was still some humanity left in him, in the beginning.
approached the Count one evening before he could retire. "U

Anderson had seen cultures like this before. Sacrificing maidens to an unseen deity was almost laughably commonplace from an anthropological perspective. Really, it was a wonder he
been mistaken for a deity before.

Anderson found himself lounging on a grand throne. People were rushing over to him carrying multitudes of platters

“So, what’s the scoop?” Ray closed the door behind him and sat across from Lewis, whose expression was unreadable. “They put in a new ‘update’ on Anderson, yeah?”

“Yes. Though it’s more of an overhaul. It’s an experimental new mechanism that allows him to digest any and all organic matter for energy, and convertin

Really, Anderson should’ve seen this coming. He’d managed to get quite a following with his articles, so it was a matter of time before one of the subcultures he’d investigated took a liking to him and accepted him as one of their own. Enough to invite him to a rather exclusive party, in fact. There was apparently a holiday dedicated to the entire practice of vore! Who would’ve thought?

Really, he should be

Edacitas was overall a fair and just leader, for a demon king. He left his subjects to their own devices, so long as they followed the laws of the land. Of course, neighboring kingdoms were another story. And really, mortals did love to expand and conquer naturally, so why not encourage his people to do just that, so long as he got something out of it in the end? That something was, in fact, access to any particularly defiant individual that refused to su

“Hey guys, it’s TomCat here with a new immersive reality title, sent in by HongryGator88, actually—thanks for that! Called
Guts of



I honestly know absolutely nothing about this game except the title.

Dave knew Anderson was, perhaps, a little unusual. He was not purely human, after all. With that said, he’d certainly never seen anything like what was unfolding before him. Supposedly, when Anderson had information to upload directly to the mainframe, he required a
of energy. And sure, he
use any variety of sources to fuel himself with, but it was apparently an immensely

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