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an Animagus form that was both tiny and easily maneuverable as well
as being capable of flight afforded Rita Skeeter the ability to go
just about anywhere to get the juiciest tidbits of information for
her articles. The things that people tended to gossip about amongst
themselves was often far more interesting than what they would share
to a reporter face-to-face. And no one ever had to find out! She
flitted in through the window of The Three Broomsticks. What better
place to hear all the

Weasley was an earnest sort. He had his passions, he had his family,
and stuck quite well to that. Sure, he had a position at the ministry
that afforded him some level of power, but he never let it get to his
head. He was quite happy to fly under the radar, make sure his family
was happy, and keep things simple.
certainly wasn’t the type to be a socialite at parties. Sure, he
mingled with guests as much as was necessary and had a drink or two,
but mostly he stuck to himself. Which i

was always pretty easy to tell when Sam had gotten home. She had a
habit of slamming the front door closed, and she tended to run and
stomp everywhere she went. She was “rambunctious,” as Mom would
say. Sam tossed her bag of gym clothes and her racquet on the floor
unceremoniously and ran over to where Jason was playing video games.
She ruffled his auburn hair slightly roughly, which earned a
playfully annoyed grunt from her twin. “Hey, I’m in the middle of
a match!”
laughed an

had heard rumors of people disappearing into a nearby cave. Being an
aspiring adventurer, this meant that he obviously had to go
investigate and be rewarded handsomely by the village for his courage
and bravery upon rescuing everyone! Pretty standard stuff. And so he
marched in there, bow in hand…
found the floor suddenly giving way not even a dozen steps inside.
Thankfully the wood elf only fell a couple feet, probably only
slightly bruising himself at worst. The chamber he’d fa

retrospect, Jason thought, this was entirely his own fault. If he had
just stuck to the route on the map… but nooo, he had to go off and
investigate that weird noise (which turned out to just be some bird’s
mating call) and now he was lost. Lost in
the middle of the fucking jungle. He
always knew his poor sense of direction would come back to bite him
in the ass.
had stopped to reexamine the map again, when suddenly a pair of arms
grabbed him, and a sharp pain lanced into his shoul

was excited, to say the least. She was finally leaving the village to
go on an adventure! She’d slay monsters, go on quests, perform acts
of heroism… but first, she would need to train! And there was a
small slime in the field over there, perfect to practice on! She
readied her sword, charging forth…
suddenly it grew about ten times its size and surged forth,
surrounding her. She sank inside with a schlorp,
clattering harmlessly to the ground in front of her. What. No, ok

fidgeted nervously as she looked around the forest, fingers sliding
her ring on and off her hand in an unconscious anxious gesture. How
did she manage to get lost so easily? You’d think it wouldn’t be
so easy to get turned around, but here she was. She was so lost in
thought that she didn’t notice the gnarled root on the ground
beneath her and tripped, practically faceplanting. As Kayla pushed
herself up onto her knees, there was a sudden loud flutter of wings.
A man alighted on the

had a hobby of picking up odd knick knacks from garage sales, thrift
stores, flea markets—anywhere weird junk was sold. She was just
them. And this little talisman was no exception. She held it in her
hands now, inspecting the intricate designs idly. She was so
enamored, in fact, that she didn’t notice at first that a form was
beginning to ooze out of it, taking shape around her. Suddenly the
mist coalesced into a semi-presence, ghostly pale arms wrapping
around her. She yelpe

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So, I've decided to open up writing commissions! The rate is $15 per 1k words. I also charge a $5-$10 fee for unfamiliar/obscure canon characters/fandoms depending on the amount of necessary research. Limit is 8k words per story. Payment will be given up front.

Things that I will NOT write:

~Anything involving underage characters
~Emeto/vomiting--belching up objects is fine, however

Things that I might refuse to write:

~Extreme torment/torture of innocent/undeserving prey
~Content for fandoms I am unfamiliar with (I may still do this so long as you are willing to pay the aforementioned unfamiliarity fee and are aware that my knowledge of said fandom may be limited due to being limited only to...
[ Continued ... ]

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