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Means Fater leo, but figured I'd put my friend code here for my cronies to take a gander at
be responsible or giant lions will do unspeakable things to you

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Posted by BigBadBear 1 year ago

Hey there, looks like you found me. I'm not too active on here thought. Thanks for the watch none the less.


Posted by timid-wolf 1 year ago

Appreciate the Watch!


Posted by Dragon808tr 2 years ago

Hey are you the same guy from writing.com


Posted by Psychobunny 2 years ago

<< Reply To talonsaurn

Yeah, the college thing is just ripe with vorish possibilities, everyone experiments, people are nervous, etc :)


Posted by Psychobunny 2 years ago

<< Reply To talonsaurn

Thank you! I appreciate the compliment! Hopefully I can keep adding more :)


Posted by Staple 3 years ago

Thanks for the double-watch! ^^


Posted by Vorishsuicune 4 years ago

thanks for the watch c:


Posted by Humbug 5 years ago

<< Reply To talonsaurn

Well either way, thanks. :)

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Posted by Humbug 5 years ago

Thanks for watchin'. Hope you enjoy the gallery and Pred Quest. :)

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Posted by Cal_Art 5 years ago

Hi Tal, thanks for coming by my gallery here and for the +watch.


Posted by Nefarious_Kurana 6 years ago

Hey sexy ;p Thanks for the watchings!

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Posted by Bannor 6 years ago

<< Reply To talonsaurn

Yo! I'm not too active anywhere lately but I still pop in and out. How you doin'?

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