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...Fehago the weasel pressed against the squirrels chest, eye to eye mustering up his meanest look, telling the squirrel that he is going to show him who is the dominant species is here. The squirrel did not resist as the weasel began to press his cock against the squirrels, being a rather perfect size to fuck as they were both the same height, with fehago being a little taller, a rarity in this semi-feral kingdom. Fehago chuckled as the squirrel let him do as he pleased, and even pressing his l

Striper was lolling about in his cave home. It wasn't his normal house, but he every so often retreated here for private relaxation. Striper was a large anthro skunk, who's white stripe on his head to tail was much longer than the rest of the black fur that covered his body, giving him the appearance of a mohawk and hence his name. The skunk was of a heavy build, not fat or muscular - just that he had stocky, thick proportions. The big skunk had taken residence in his cave home ever since he tri

Late at night a young male weasel was browsing cougar.com for some grown women. In more ways than one. The little weasel, Fehago browsed though the profiles and one caught his eye. It was titled "BBB" he clicked on it and went to the page of a heavyset badger. A "big, beautiful badger" The pics were of her in a pink bikini-a size or two-too small. Her big black belly sagged over her thong some, a had a luscious three sets of breasts. All six were Triple D! The horny little we

I was a 5ft tall weasel in this dream, a little short and thin. It was nighttime at a club, just after arriving I needed to use the rest room, upon which I entered and the door closed shut. I notice that as the door shut the sounds of the club were silenced. The door must have been sound proofed and as it shut I heard a loud click, I tried to open it again, but it was locked. The bathroom had high ceilings, five stalls, two urinals, and three sinks. The room was rustic metal and painted with war

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Last year, around the 4th of july I felt a very sudden urge of... maybe not quite patriotism, but a urge for something. And that something is the bald eagle. Normally I'm not into avian preds, but eagles have been coming around to me as a cock vore pred ever since, and I've been consumed by them. Now all I want to do is become their americum citizen~

In the mean time I have had a story rattling around in my head involving an eagle pred getting really into the holiday and spending much of their independence day making their neighbors into thick americum. In hindsight, I suppose the strong, imposing, and majestic nature that makes them a national symbol also are also good traits for a pred. When the 4th comes, I'll certainly feel patriotic when my eagle overlord...
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