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Raven's-Pet By ThoughtVision -- Report

Uploaded: 12 years ago

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My first vore animation...

I tried to go for a realistic type of swallowing animation. Let me know what you think.

It consist of Raven, ( my farorite character in Teen Titans, as well as probally everyone elses. lol) and a snake that comes from... well.

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Posted by Chamomile 12 years ago Report

My my my! This is, for lack of a better word, breathtaking! It's interestesting, to see the toony raven, and the all too realistically drawn snake, its striking though, and very well done. My only complaints, ravens stomach being way too small to house a snake that big, unless that was the intent, otherwise whatever. And a bit of the 'flooring' issues. It's hard to tell what the position is, especially when its just the end of ravens legs, and her legs are dangling, when the snake is laid out on the floor, maybe..? Anyway still, a lovely animation, and the problems are minor at best. I hope to see more from you!


Posted by James 12 years ago Report

Incredible. :)


Posted by daman14 12 years ago Report



Posted by Leika 12 years ago Report

I love the flicking tongue at the end. Very well done.


Posted by raptorred 12 years ago Report

i hate it when that happens. the animation is awesome


Posted by Pezman2000z 12 years ago Report

is that Beast Boy


Posted by SeruOmen 12 years ago Report

That's pretty darned awesome o.O


Posted by Justme 12 years ago Report

Please make more.


Posted by Shriven 12 years ago Report

Best animation ive seen in a very long while, seriously brilliant!


Posted by Jurodan 12 years ago Report

That is very, very impressive. I love how it's drawn, and how it turns out. My only constructive criticism is that it's a little... jolty, with the pauses throughout. It could just be my comp though.


Posted by KavenBach 12 years ago Report

Awesomeness! Ithink she should've squirmed a bit, but meh, it's not like I've ever made something this amazing, so ignore me l-P


Posted by Junogray 12 years ago Report

That is a really neat animation, never before have i seen someone take this much of a realistic approach to a snake eating someone in an animation before, bravo i say, when did you find the inspiration for such a feat i wonder ^_^


Posted by SomeGuy20 12 years ago Report

Considering Raven has the power to blow something apart from the inside, I doubt she'll be like that for too long. That snake had better be Beast Boy hoping Raven's in a forgiving mood...


Posted by ThoughtVision 12 years ago Report

Thank you all for the comments. ^_^ I see some of you have some questions, I believe I can anwser some of them. 1.I don't think of the snake being Beast boy. I'm not that much of a BB fan. I just think of it as a "trained pet" of raven's. If I ever colored it, it would be brown and black like a tree ball python, not green. 2.I'm not that much of a digestive vore person, just captive vore. So to say, raven has trained her pet to swallow her and then regurgitate her a little later. She just likes to get the pleasure of being swallowed. And that might also anwser the question about why some of you wonder why she isn't squirming around a little bit more. Well there is a little bit of an explanation for now. Enjoy.


Posted by SomeGuy20 12 years ago Report

So, it's not lethal? Awesome. I like Raven too much for her to die like that. :)


Posted by kura1204 12 years ago Report



Posted by ChrisXPZ 12 years ago Report

among the best


Posted by Bliss 12 years ago Report

It's an awesome animation. if you cut down on the pauses between gulps, it would be near perfect.


Posted by DarkGhost 12 years ago Report

For a first animetion this is pretty freakin sweet


Posted by truck 12 years ago Report

I hope you will decide to make more of these because this one is awsome!!!


Posted by SomeGuy20 12 years ago Report

Any reason Raven decided to keep her socks on? Also, any idea on which character is next?


Posted by Anonymous 12 years ago Report

lucky snake


Posted by Anonymous 12 years ago Report

Yeah, I wanted to reply a long time ago. But came up with problems. Any hoo, this is awesome. 1. You combined my two loves of snake vore and unbirthing. 2. You made it move!! =O (the pauses were fine). 3. It is the most realistic snake vore drawing I have ever seen (nothing is exaggerated or not where it shouldn't be - not including the unbirthing part though =P ). I would love to see more from you Takishikatishu .


Posted by Anonymous 12 years ago Report

The public demands it! MORE!! lol, but seriously I'd love too see more of these kinds of animations.


Posted by gnnn 11 years ago Report

Is there a good chance you'll do more
cause i got an idea for ya


Posted by turdisman 11 years ago Report

my hotmail is [email protected] any chance u could make raven in a sexier pose and add some colour plz email me because i have loads of ideas for u


Posted by Razgriz 11 years ago Report

The snake tends to move over it's prey, since it doesn't use gravity like us.


Posted by ThoughtVision 11 years ago Report

If anyone reads this, I will soon try and start on another animation of vore or ub, undesided so far. So give me some ideas until I get my computer fixed. Thank you all for your comments. ^_^


Posted by PhantomWriter 11 years ago Report

What character(s) are you thinking about using? Raven's always fun... :)


Posted by ArcaneSigil 8 years ago Report

You have a point. I think it would be pretty freaking awesome to see an animation of Raven turning into a dragon and either voring or unbirthing Starfire.


Posted by cartoon_oracle 11 years ago Report

i downloaded this because i thought it was awesome but when i tried to put it on my mp3 player it said error do you know why?


Posted by Nawor 11 years ago Report

Awesome animation, undoubtedly in my top five favorite.


Posted by CekoSifonq 10 years ago Report

The snake is perfect,but it should be much better if she doesn't come out from that pussy


Posted by Aces 8 years ago Report

What ever happened to this artist?


Posted by Kibbleblade04 4 months ago Report

Man, this is great.


Posted by ThoughtVision 4 months ago Report