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Hospital (un)birth By Groblek

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In many ways, this one's an expansion on my very first story, "A Child is Born". It's a concept that has a strange appeal for me.

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Posted by Emperor_Palpatine 8 years ago

Holy crap! Groblek lives!


Posted by Groblek 8 years ago

Yep, still around, just with much less free time than I used to have.


Posted by Jacquelope 8 years ago


Posted by Jacquelope 8 years ago

Less free time, eh? I know the feeling, dude. Is it kids that's got ya locked down?


Posted by Groblek 8 years ago

No, just a new job. We've started trying for kids, but no success as yet.


Posted by Jannak 8 years ago

I guess you need to find someone or a few people so your wife can unbirth....


Posted by acrylic 8 years ago

don't need to find. Groblek can be unbirthed


Posted by Paradox 8 years ago

Nice to see stuff of yours again >.< Guess i said it already once, but your stories where some of the first i read when i found out about Unbirth. (in other words they brought me to my now fav' fetish) :P


Posted by Liz 8 years ago

Nice work - I enjoyed the play on senses you created with that story :D


Posted by dragonfred 8 years ago

Nice awesome story and happy you are finaly making more storys XD


Posted by TerminusOmega 8 years ago

I wonder if you read my story Jaime's Vore Adventures, because of the fact that James new name was Jaime and in my story Jaime's boyfriend is named James.


Posted by Groblek 8 years ago

I'm afraid not - it's just a fairly common name.


Posted by vore2412 7 years ago

Groblek, have you ever read "Winter's Heart" by Robert Jordan? In the I believe very first chapter entitled snow, there is a reference to two women being "unbirthed" by an older women, of course, leaves out a lot of details you'd have, but for non-vore/UB literature, it offers an exotic feel for a great literary series. Just came to mind after reading your Hospital (un)birth. Great way to save that man's life, make him his daughter's sister!


Posted by pregadore1982 5 years ago

I wouldnt mind that happening to me!! would love to be unbirthed and start my life over as a girl!


Posted by DRayElliott 5 years ago

This story NEEDS a sequel, so you can explain what Wendy's secret is.