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The tiger hunt 6 By Strega -- Report

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There were several very good reasons the tiger tolerated humans in his territory, and even liked them to some extent. They appreciated his neat and thorough removal of criminals they left tied up in his jungle, and saw him as the lordly creature he was. Best of all, from time to time one of them would extend that into genuine physical attraction. There wasn't always a tigress around, and they were often uninterested even when present. Sooner or later, though, a human would follow him out into the jungle or open the door to their hut, and something like this would happen.

Full as he was with rapidly digesting tiger hunter, mounting the woman was out of the question. His swollen belly would get in the way and might even crush her, and that was to no one's benefit. No, there was nothing for it but to lie on his back and see how interested she really was.

Very interested, it turned out. He tuned out her inconsequential nattering and simply enjoyed himself. After all, he had done their village a favor by disposing of the white men, this was his reward. When he was finally exhausted – him being a tiger, most likely not until morning – he'd carry her back to the village. There's be no eating this one, oh no. Not unless you counted him using his sandpaper tongue from time to time. She'd already used her mouth once, after all, and it was only fair he return the favor.


You will notice a strong correspondence between my preds that are less assholish and the ones who like to bang the same lover more than once. Ripper the wolverine, for example, is a one night stand kinda guy, so his lovers (if you can call rape victims lovers) tend to end up in his stomach pretty quickly. Only a very few people have bedded the evil wolverine more than once. The same goes for Uvuzi and Nyoka or Strega herself, who view sex as a useful lure to get meals close enough to grab.

Hialfi the foxtaur takes what action he can get, but it's almost never with people he plans to eat. Then we have instances like some of my polar bears and big cats. Some of them will eat every person they can catch, but others only do so when annoyed. When they aren't, they would rather have a woman (or sometimes a man) wrapped around their dick than have their jaws wrapped around the woman. 83

Note: Yes, Tiger Hunt 6. Not a typo. I have 5 planned and am pre-numbering this one so I don't have to re-number and reupload a series (again). 5 was actually drawn before 4, for that matter, but I thought it weird to jump right to the smut without giving the woman a proper introduction.

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Posted by miranda_dragon 11 years ago Report

This is a hot idea I don't see enough of.

Someone on the outside massaging what's left of someone on the inside and making note of their...state.



Posted by CorporalClegg 11 years ago Report

I know, right? It's a wonderfully hot idea, but you just don't are it a it a lot..which means this is, of course, wonderfully appreciated.


Posted by Kiala_Tiagra 11 years ago Report

very nice tiger


Posted by Frednurk 11 years ago Report

Just fantastic


Posted by Ome 11 years ago Report

And everyone lived happily ever after.

Everyone who lived anyway.


Posted by Imrhys 11 years ago Report

Mmmmmm, almost don't need page 5 after this. Suggestion is often so much more powerful, but I won't refuse it :P


Posted by Mephisto3691 11 years ago Report

i thaught i was the only one to realise there was a number missing


Posted by Imrhys 11 years ago Report

He explained it in his comments section.


Posted by Hariken 11 years ago Report

Well damn, om nom nom.

Nicely done. That would be a fun ride indeed.


Posted by red88 11 years ago Report



Posted by Leika 11 years ago Report

This is my favorite pic you've drawn in a long time. Love everything about it... and for someone who was complaining that they'd never get human faces right just a while ago, she looks pretty good. :)


Posted by Strega 11 years ago Report

I can do human faces in profile without them looking horrific burn victims. It's face on and especially 3/4 view that kills me, and I try to draw most things in 3/4 view because it's the most challenging. Too challenging in the case of human faces, apparently. 83


Posted by Chain 11 years ago Report

I absolutely agree with Leika. This is definitely my favourite as of now :) And yes, the face is perfect :)


Posted by KitsuneSonya 11 years ago Report

"Ha! He's all squishy already." wrong, yet so right and clasic. She's lucky she teamed up with a 'gentleman' tiger as it where.


Posted by Achilles 11 years ago Report

Great work as allways.


Posted by shamelesszombie 11 years ago Report

Your human faces HAVE been getting better, don't be so hard on yourself.


Posted by Bakura 11 years ago Report

Very nice job Streg, but where's # 5?


Posted by Strega 11 years ago Report

Patience. 83


Posted by OrcaSnack-Garth 11 years ago Report

Okay, I'm pretty sure she's becoming more curious about being in that tiger's belly. >.>;


Posted by mistvulpin 11 years ago Report

That is one lucky village.


Posted by Mid_Night 10 years ago Report

I love it, well I wonder what will happen next?