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Nyoka and fat bunny 7 By Strega -- Report

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It was horribly obvious what had happened to their brother, now. The great sloshing bulge of partly digested bunny crushed him to the ground, immovable, inescapable. Behind him another brother gasped as the coils of the skunk-snake throttled the life from him. Yet another brother, quite alive but unable to save himself, was reduced to a pair of half swallowed legs by the advancing jaws of the lamia. The bulge of this brother was making its way down the monster's body, soon to join his larger kin in the belly of the beast. Already she must have eaten her own weight in bunny, yet greedily she stretched out her neck to take in more of this new meal.

He heard the scamper of feet as the youngest brother fled. A lash of the beast's tail barely missed wrapping that brother up as well. The lamia did not seem to care, and as she prepared to swallow down the last of her latest meal her pale green eyes met his own.

Distended though she was around the first and largest brother, and with yet another bunny disappearing down her gullet, she was not yet sated, There was a cruel amusement in those eyes as she watched his feeble effort to escape. Her eyes settled on his feet, and he knew what was going to happen next.

Perhaps their youngest brother would bring help. Perhaps he and his kin would even kill the beast. It would not matter to him by that point; it had taken the thing only a few minutes to swallow up its second meal, and once those toes disappeared past her lips it would be his turn.


In case you're wondering, Nyoka most likely used her Domination (magical mind control) power to make the bunnies walk willingly into her coils. This is not a foolproof power and it seems one bunny evaded her control, probably because she was too swollen to snag them all in her coils at the same instant. Obvious threats to the victim or his friends will usually break such control.

Unlike Uvuzi, who is (usually) comparatively conservative with her feeding, Nyoka is a glutton who occasionally eats rather more than her own body weight in one sitting. Sooner or later her greed will get her in trouble. Maybe this is the time her habits will bite her in the arse. 83

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Posted by Stalbon 7 years ago Report

Let's hope it's not that time, then! One can always use a more-swollen Nyoka. <3


Posted by Bright 7 years ago Report

She is quite the glutton.


Posted by temporos 7 years ago Report

Oh, Nyoka, you fuzzy, hungry, dangerous temptress, you. :3


Posted by Cougar 7 years ago Report

What arse? 83


Posted by Strega 7 years ago Report

Well, if one of the sisters is to get in trouble it'll probably be Nyoka, as she is less cautious. We'll have to wait and see. 83


Posted by Tabatha_Cat 7 years ago Report

Mmmmmm, lovely to see a continuation of this series. I really like all the different things you have going on at once with the various bunnies; the knowing glance between predator and prey as Nyoka eats is especially nice.