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Camille and the sphinx 2 By Strega -- Report

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He didn't trust her, of course. She was a thief; though she'd led nine of her fellow thieves in after her, and thus into his belly, she had done that for her own reasons.

But as he settled down to digest the latest ones foolish enough to try to sneak in after her and enjoyed her soft hand on his sheath, he had to admit he rather liked her.

He knew she would probably try to kill him at some point, most likely with poison. Then she would find that to to get on a sphinx's bad side was to end up in a sphinx's insides.

He hoped it would not happen. After all, she was the only regular lover he'd had in two centuries, and even immortal tomb guardians had needs.

That did not mean he wouldn't eat her, if it came down to it. He just wouldn't enjoy it as much as usual.

Out of curiosity I timed how long it took me to color this. It was just a mostly finished sketch when I sat down this morning, which was just shy of five hours ago. I wasted some of that time watching Top Gear and doing other fluff, so call it four hours to go from sketch to finished drawing.

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Posted by Bright 7 years ago Report

Must be an interesting relationship.


Posted by Terastas 7 years ago Report

I think that sphinx is underestimating the potential of pride mixed with stupidity. There's always a #2 thief out there since bumping one off bumps all the others up in rank. So the longer they do this for, the more arrogant and gullible the thieves coming after her will be in turn. ~_^


Posted by red88 7 years ago Report

you got to draw the "celebrating" :)


Posted by Strega 7 years ago Report

One of these days. That or I will draw the sphinx banging the halfling thief Camille was especially keen to send in there. 83


Posted by shamelesszombie 7 years ago Report

I'd LOVE that!


Posted by Imrhys 7 years ago Report

Mmmmmm and a nice story between the description section and the page.


Posted by Strega 7 years ago Report

Sometimes I worry my spammy text bugs people. If they do they don't say it out loud, though. 83


Posted by Imrhys 7 years ago Report

Anyone it bothers, send my way. I have some nice, aggressive preds to solve those issues for us ^^