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growing hunger 2, part 1. final. By brainstorm

Uploaded: 5 years ago

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Tags: Absorption animation Breast Expansion Butt Expansion expansion F/F flash growth Muscle growth Edit

One Tag Per Line!

Part 1 of animation i comissioned from boris alien.

Before ya watch, this is one long ass animation, that is what chapter buttons are for, so if don't want sit through parts you don't like use them.

Okay i know its been long time on this, let first off saying is sorry but gotta understand this quite project to undertake.

Boris alien also been quite busy with college and personal issues so it took bit longer with this one this time.

About part 3 the next installment of this when it come about, that depends, if some people willing help fund next part.

If some people willing put some donations for next part soonner if not much later as simply cannont, contribute such another long expensive project right now with rest stuff got going on.

That said, for moment going do alot smaller projects with boris for time being.

This version has sound effects and sound track.

So this animation continues right where growing hunger part 1 ending with jennifer devouring another girl entering her dorm.

She soon rights notes about all observed effects of potion, in case all wondering why all persons want have sex with at first sight, cause of her phermones which first spontanous but now she can control them later on.

So basically this animation has showing off her new bod with introduction of new character, as her curiosty about sudden friends growth gets the better of her.

This part have most adult content of the whole series after it i tonning down on sexual content alot, as eats up alot time.

So for now enjoy.

I know been absorbing fool lately hahaha.

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Posted by Firstfate 5 years ago

definently worth the wait :)


Posted by brainstorm 5 years ago

if going start dogging me about part 3 just read above its self explainatory.


Posted by Firstfate 5 years ago

Lol, not at all, I may not be posting the same thing you are, but I can understand how long just one peice of the story can take since sometimes just writing the story takes me weeks.... animating even one short story of mine would probably take as long (if not longer) as your growing hunger series :P


Posted by 0Anesthetic4u 5 years ago



Posted by JodyBreeze 5 years ago



Posted by ButtPlug 5 years ago

Julia the Hutt.


Posted by Nezumichan 4 years ago

The burping bothers me. Not because I object to it in and of itself, but because it seems to make no sense, as she appears to be directly absorbing mass.