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Fatal Attraction: Gryphon, unicorn, horse By TheGuyWhoKnows -- Report

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The beast of the Gladewoods. It's hardly an ancient legend, having only appeared a few weeks ago in the taverns of the small forest village of Naimalh. There are no specifics. Only that there's something out there. Something predatory.

Of course, the young noble Lady Equustra doesn't believe it's real. But that doesn't mean she can't use it for her fantasies. For the beautiful young unicorn is tormented by her own desires: dreams of being caught, consumed, dominated utterly into her own death...

So: she will journey to the area where this "beast" can be found, her trusty mount Siobhan at her side, and use use the area as a treat to help detail her self-destructive dreams. A day of pleasure awaits her.

And indeed it does. But it's not all that's waiting for this unicorn...

A commission for the excellent Unicorn (at ), which features his Equustra ( ) and myself: the magnificent, dominating and very greedy gryphon Goldeneye ( ).

I should say now... this story contains sexual content: mostly desire, female masturbation and M/F licking of the... naughty areas. Nothing hugely explicit, but it's very clear what's happening.

Hope you enjoy, EC!

Contains: gryphon griffon griffin horse equine unicorn Equustra Goldeneye soft vore gluttony bulges belly rubbing submission vorarephilia masturbation oral sex licking tongue head and feet first feral predator and prey semi micro macro pleasure MF Male pred

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Posted by Pisces 6 years ago Report

Well now, this is certainly an interesting tale.


Posted by TheGuyWhoKnows 6 years ago Report

Thank you. Goldeneye would call it delicious,while Equustra and Siobhan... well, when i asked them, they just gurgled, so...

Anyhoo, glad you found it so. ^^


Posted by sd43 6 years ago Report

I absolutely loved the conflicting emotions here... Though Equustra continued to say that she didn't want this, you could tell in her every action that she did. This is great.


Posted by TheGuyWhoKnows 6 years ago Report

Hehhehe. Yes, I had a lot of fun with the conflict between desire and fear for Equustra here (and of course, the irony that it honestly doesn't matter which one wins, because she's sliding down that throat all the same).

But poor delicious passionate unicorn. She got her desire. Thanks a lot. :D


Posted by unicorn 6 years ago Report

Absolutely divine <3


Posted by TheGuyWhoKnows 6 years ago Report

Ah, excellent. Glad you liked it then. It was a pleasure to write, and Goldeneye is very pleased with his meal. So everyone's happy! Even Equustra is loving her part!


Posted by nephilim 6 years ago Report

Absolutely reading this ASAP.


Posted by nephilim 6 years ago Report

The fact that these three articulated pawns are a gryphon, unicorn, and mare (and they walk into a bar...), does not matter. Under your masterful hand, you have captured the pinnacle, the essence of what is vore, as perceived by the submissive female mindset.

Because of this - as someone that is predisposed toward being a submissive prey-minded woman - this story spoke to me. It ferreted out every dark desire, every depraved compulsion, and laid it out bare; to see this reflected BACK to me, is astonishing.

We have not a gryphon in this piece, but the dominating male. We have not a unicorn in this pece, but the submissive female voyeur, and we have not a mare in this piece, but the unwilling, prey. And the unicorn, oh the unicorn, she is the embodiment of the nascent arousal that - I think - any woman that has ever had even the faintest brushes with vore - will see as a reflection, an extension of herself.

What can I say. This was stunning. In some ways, I feel that this was your Mona Lisa or Sistine Chapel. You were commissioned by the patron of the arts to create something enigmatic, arresting, and universal. This story is as universel as Mona Lisa's smile; and as arresting and decadent as the Sistine Chapel.

I remember once that you said that the dynamic between Danny/Isadora would inspire you for a future project that would cover the very same subject matter that I illustrated; I can see the inspiration in this. So, in a way, excuse me for my presumptuous behavior, but I feel like this story is a love-child of our writing. To think that I could inspire you like this, I see that you have borrowed some elements from my story. The religious icons; Equustra becoming enslaved by her lust; Goldeneye knowing the pleasure of HER submission, even going as far as to recreate the scene with Isadora, re-imagined with Equustra as she holds onto Goldeneye's mouth with her feeble hands as he tells her to let go, as a simulacrum... is just.... I am so incredibly touched.

You make me want to write again.

I also must make note of the two twists in this work. And I loved them both. That the mare had sentience, was utterly, beautifully unnerving, partly because of HOW unexpected it was. When I read that part, my mouth dropped open.

And, that Goldeney engineered this, using a devilish alchemy to command Equustra's desires for his selfish ends, making this premeditated and purposeful... divine.

Thank you, Zeus.


Posted by TheGuyWhoKnows 6 years ago Report

Okay. Apologies it took a while to respond, but... I wanted to give something like this the answer it deserved. Long story short (even if I'm not very good at keeping stories short anymore)... thank you so much.

I had been particularly looking forward to this piece, I admit. After all the foreplay and storylines, the build-up and characterisation... here, the vore itself was the focus, not the method or plot device, not the climax. It was what it was about. I'm very, very pleased that such focus resulted in what you saw in it. I can emphasise with the idea of each epitomising their role - the dominant, the submissive, and the victim of their desires. Although it seems that the dominant is not easily satisfied with just one...

And Equustra herself... what can I say? Desire is the cruellest emotion to find yourself in thrall to, for it does not hurt, but pleasures. The poor unicorn was not dommed because of Goldeneye, she doomed herself by being her. The crime of deliciousness, so to speak - except it was mental as well as physical.

But now... I admit, calling it a Mona Lisa sounds a bit silly, but such depth of so clearly sincere praise inevitably overwhelms the feeling. Again, all I can say is that the dominance of the vore here meant I could give it the "Mona Lisa2 treatment - rather than a painting of a landscape and single subject, the focus was on the subject themself, and so I could devote every ounce of detail. Decadent is what I wanted: decadent for all characters involved, and decadent to me, to write around twenty thousand words devoted to the eternal act of consumption.

Ah, i thought you might remember that... this is indeed the story which I referred to. And I don't think it is presumptuous: such delicious submission runs through both. In another world, they could be sisters.

Okay, I didn't actually realise you'd done the "let go, my dear" concept as well, forgetting once again... but as we see here, the unconscious mind can have strong influences. So thank you for what I gained from your tales into this.

As for Siobhan's intelligence... what I wanted to imply was less sapience as it was... emotion. Animals can feel affection, and Siobhan certainly did for her mistress. She wasn't intelligent for a horse, but she was a loving, devoted creature... and also delicious.

The second twist, however... hee hee hee. For once, unlike several of my stories, this one was planned from the beginning. It was just... an absolute psychological kicker for Equustra. I feel that the concept of being desired, of being something worth spending time to perfect, is a strong theme in this sort of preyish feelings, so of course, when she learns that he triggered her intentionally, all for this... well, unicorn couldn't help but be flattered,and also aroused as hell.

So, overall... you're welcome. And thank you too.


Posted by Kenkii 6 years ago Report

This was absurdly decadent, if you don't mind the pun. I enjoyed every minute of reading.
Really great work, as always!


Posted by TheGuyWhoKnows 6 years ago Report

Hee. It was fun just to sit down and make it as greedy, lustful and sensuous as I could. I think this story devotes the largest number of words of any of mine to the vorish act itself. Thank you!