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Kzinti Prisioner Transport By Leshana -- Report

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"If the Kzinti player captures the Kang, he not only wins a decisive victory but is promoted two ranks, decorated, given a seat on the Hegemon Council, and invites the captured prisoners to a "Bar-B-Q" at his country estate."
-- (T3.5) Campaign Victory

Picture by  blondevelvet
The Kinti is nobody in particular! It just needed to be done.

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Posted by DarkTau 6 years ago Report

Kzinti... Wing Commander?


Posted by Tuskarr 6 years ago Report

Kzinti is from Larry Niven's Ringworld / Known Space books - Kilrathi is from Wing Commander


Posted by Leshana 6 years ago Report

That is true! They are also crossover'd into Start Fleet Battles games


Posted by DarkTau 6 years ago Report

That's where I know that name from! Never played SFB, but I've read about it because my first Star Trek game was Starfleet Command, which is based on SFB.


Posted by Liz 6 years ago Report

In space no one can hear you gurgle XD


Posted by Ethereal 6 years ago Report

You tagged it SFB, so some criticism (constructive). In Star Fleet Battles, Kzinti are definitely feline looking humanoids. They do not have tails or bat wing ears, and don't look dog like in any way as you have drawn it.

That being said, Star Fleet Battles Vore? Now I've seen everything!


Posted by Strega 3 years ago Report

That quote made it into the later editions of SFB, but sadly the Admiral Kang canonically made it back to Klingon space. No BBQ for the kzinti. 83