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All That Remains (CV) By EveAra -- Report

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The Tanuki are notorious for their masculine endowments, and the regal Tote is truly a proud owner of such blessings.

It does not take a lot of teasing to awaken his decadent hungers, as his subjects are quick to find out.

A few ginger caresses to the tanuki's engorged manhood, a few tender slurps to the tip of his shaft, and the giver of such affections finds her muzzle sliding quite suddenly into his sticky cockslit. A mild panic sets in, especially as it becomes painfully obvious that there is no backing out of what's about to happen, but Tote is not a cruel master, his expert paws slipping around the body of his prize, comforting, massaging, licking, even nibbling possessively as she begins her uncanny slide into his waiting sac.

Yet this is only the beginning of the evening. Tote's unique anatomy is only fueled by this first sacrifice. The demand for more aches deep within- he is but half filled once the first servant is completely tucked away inside him. Fortunately, there are others, the closest at hand a curious caracal watching over the Tanuki's shoulder, completely bemused by the precum percolating merrily from his master's cocktip. Ever obliging, Tote pulls the feline over his shoulder for a much, much closer look.

With a wide grin, Tote savors the unique feeling of his phallus stretched tight over this living, squirming toy as he shoves him down, soon to become nothing more than a soft gooey spatter on the wall. He'd had many servants over the years, each sliding down his well used shaft in their own way. Felines, canids, mustelids, even equines and reptilians. They all came out looking the same. The servant who came before him was already well on her way to this fate, her own writhes of ecstasy slowly becoming indistinguishable from the churning of the chamber encasing her. The caracal was already encountering her softening form, her feminine curves subsuming into waves and peaks of pale slurry, ready to cling to him and make him just like her.

Tote sometimes wondered what it must feel like in there. It must feel good in some way- there was always thrashing and lots of moaning but they never fought him. Perhaps it was because his subjects knew their place, there was no greater honor than to become the pure product of their master's satisfaction. However Tote was quite content to enjoy the process from the outside, to be such a master of pleasure and fate, all perfectly entwined- now that his balls were so perfectly full the thought alone was almost enough to make him ejaculate right then and there! Yet, the still discernible shapes of his former servants pressing outwards told him his capacity was not quite to its limit just yet, they needed more time... to become.

The Tanuki beckoned to the last servant left in his room, a bunny girl, slight of figure, and bid her to see to the jiggling girth between his legs. She ran her paws lightly over the fuzzy expanse containing her fellow servants, nuzzling at it and kissing it. Tote warned her away from his cock for now, the time was not quite right. And so he drifted off ever so slightly, but the bunny girl remained wide awake for some time, her sensitive ears full of the strange glorping noises created by her peers as they were transformed.

As the noises died down the girl fell into a restful state. But she would not find rest for long. She awoke with the Tanuki bending laboriously over her, his shaft pressing needfully against her waiting labia. She positioned herself as well as she could, not wanting to appear reluctant in receiving her master!

His sudden needfulness and enormous balls made for a slightly awkward coupling between the two but in his state it was not going to take long to blow. The bunny suddenly felt herself fill, the rivulets of cum instantly gushing down and out of her hopelessly inadequate confines, the insides of her legs quickly coated from crotch to ankle. Losing her grip, she fell to her knees and slid down, gasping as she felt the tanuki continue to shower his pleasure down upon her.

Tote was nearly out of his mind, gripped by this most intense and prolonged orgasm. He felt himself sputter ever so slightly, a blockage? Then suddenly it was surging through him and out, bringing much relief. The bunny caught it, eyes wide with surprise. An anklet from the caracal!

The tanuki looked down at her, his eyes fierce yet inviting. The little lapine dropped the anklet with an unceremonious clatter and devoted herself to bathing in the glorious cascade of her master's continued climax. She slipped a cum-clotted paw down to her own slit and began working herself madly, eager to join him in ecstasy. And so, the need to truly become one with him bloomed deep within.

Tote closes his eyes and smiles. As the last of his ejaculate covers the bunny, he's already thinking about how nice she'll look all stuffed in his shaft, how good she will feel as she trembles and climaxes yet again, but within him next time...


Commission for Haloronin! Thank you for your patience. I hope I am not too terribly rusty with my writing! ^-^

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Posted by razor231 8 years ago Report

Yeah... This is my new favorite CV pic now. <3


Posted by codeme 8 years ago Report

Oh my god, this is amazing! One day I hope my wordcraft to become just as eloquent.


Posted by haloronin 8 years ago Report

I think perhaps,, Big Mac, Said it best,


Posted by SparkyTheWolf 8 years ago Report

In this case I think it's Big 'Sac' ;P

(And yes I know that you were trying an MLP quote :P I'm a Brony myself)


Posted by haloronin 8 years ago Report



Posted by SparkyTheWolf 8 years ago Report

Muahaha lol hi :P


Posted by SparkyTheWolf 8 years ago Report

Wow, amazing work once again :)


Posted by SweeneyDemon 8 years ago Report

What an amazing drawing and an amazing story :)


Posted by Animakitty 8 years ago Report

Great pic and lovely lil story hon, :K9


Posted by KrasnyiKoiot 8 years ago Report

Love how this turned out, and the story goes quite well along with it. Cheers!