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Intensive Care By Groblek -- Report

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A woman wakes up in the hospital after an accident to find a very different idea of care than she expects. Very much aiming for dark and surreal on this one. This one's expanded on from one of my recent misc scenes that refused to let go after I got it out the first time.

And because I couldn't leave well enough alone, this story inspired the hospital setting I used for my collection "The Unbirthing Center." This story got rewritten to become one of the case studies in the collection. You can find it for sale at amazon and Smashwords

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Posted by Groblek 5 years ago Report

I do wish the Portal wouldn't mangle the paragraph breaks and indent on my word files. Oh well, it should still be readable.


Posted by TW 5 years ago Report

Very interesting take on everything. Well written as can be expected from you. I wish I could write unbirth this well. Maybe i'll try my hand at it again one day.

The formatting turned out ok to me, its only in spots where it went wonky.

Great job.


Posted by Imrhys 5 years ago Report

I reeeeaaaally need to borrow this page from your book and start posting the little ideas that won't let me go. And you nailed the dark and surreal on the head. The fact no one died, was abused, or maimed, but yet two lives were taken against their will and "made better"... *shivers, grinning broadly*


Posted by Groblek 5 years ago Report

Please do borrow the concept, I'd love to see more short works from others. The way the little scenes sometimes grow into full stories is the other reason I chase them out onto a page - this story is what happens when just writing out the scene doesn't get the story out of my head.

The way I do it is that I have one big word doc titled "misc scenes", and when a scene grabs my fancy, I add a numbered line and a short description of the idea, then come back and fill in as time and inspiration allows. When I get three fleshed out into something that seems complete, I post the set. I'm up to 40-something short teasers, but most of them are a sentence or two. It started when I decided to try and fill out ideas I'd posted on the forum, so I went back and stuck them all in a document, then added more as they came along.

I'm glad you liked this one - it's an example of what I think of as "Twilight Zone" style. The victims end up in a scene that seems normal to everyone else around, but completely surreal to them (and us) and it never ends well for them. Very much dark, twisted, and strangely compelling, at least for me.


Posted by Imrhys 5 years ago Report

Twilight Zone *chuckles* Now if ONLY I could claim I didn't grow-up on that and it DIDN'T shape my creative influences, thoughts, feelings, lol.

And without asking, you have answered my biggest (but deep on the back-burner) question: how. You even gave me what I need most, step-by-step how you do it. Thank you more than you may realize :)))

On an ironic note, I just bought a spiral notebook yesterday to help me keep up with random thoughts IRL while not at this glowing box thing-y attached to the wall by all those tentac... I mean cords.


Posted by Groblek 5 years ago Report

You're welcome. I hope my system works out for you, or helps you develop one of your own.