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Story 120 By French_snack -- Report

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This story continues the Milly arc, and continues on directly from Story 115. We last saw Milly five months ago; time to get back to her!

Hiral and her family belong to Globfish. Jade, Jora, Tanny and Safe Harbour belong to Ravana3k. Elli and Sir Charles belong to SCS (TheWiking2000). Xanthe and Remus belong to NickinAmerica. And I think you all know whom Felarya itself belongs to!

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Posted by Saftkeur 6 years ago Report

Can I just say, I'm constantly blown away by your writing; as much as I enjoy the vore elements, it's the story that I'm most enamored by, and I've been following along with the Milly arc as closely as I can for that reason alone. Even though the fatal vore is an element that often leaves a bad taste in my mouth - or more often, feeling a bit sick and hating the predator for what they've done - the way you write it in stories such as this makes it pretty much a non-issue, as almost all of the predators don't consume others out of evilness but simply hunger and instinct. That sort of morality is something that I enjoy a lot, and reading your stories here has helped me to develop that more for my own characters as well.

While I still find it a little frustrating that you only ever number your stories, I do appreciate that you mention the preceding chapters in the descriptions, haha. It does make it a bit difficult to find my way back to particular chapters within the arc, though; you wouldn't happen to have any sort of index for the Milly arc in particular, would you? (and I think I lost another one of your stories somewhere in here, but that one wasn't in the Milly arc, I don't think; not sure what I can do to find that one without going through your gallery one-at-a-time, so that'll be a project for some other day.)


Posted by French_snack 6 years ago Report

I used to have a list of stories per character on my user page on deviantArt, but that was automatically deleted a few days ago when my premium membership expired. At some point I really should put together a new index, but it'll be very tedious and time-consuming...

Thanks! You're right that most Felaryan predators are not malevolent, let alone "evil". To them, eating people is a morally neutral act: morality simply doesn't factor into it. Or, to be more specific, Milly *does* have an ethical view when it comes to prey: she's polite and nice to her food, and never consciously cruel, but in the end "it's there to be eaten", so eating it cannot somehow be wrong.


Posted by Saftkeur 6 years ago Report

Ah, a custom box? It'll still be there, it's just not available to be put on your page... if you get another premium membership, it'll keep the content you had previously, as far as I know. Setting up a journal entry would be an easier alternative.

Yeah, "blue and orange morality", as some might call it; they don't have the same black-and-white that we do, or at least, theirs is slightly off from our own. I use the same for my own characters; humans are food, and food is there to be eaten, so even if it's just for pleasure - a little snack - there's nothing wrong with it. Humans are people too, but that isn't mutually exclusive with food; even a human whose company they enjoy could be on the menu, if they don't have an especially strong desire to keep them around. It's an interesting perspective to write, and the conflicts it creates can be fun, even if the characters can be a little frustrating as well.


Posted by Littledude 6 years ago Report

Definitely one of my favorite of your arcs, glad to see Calina and Milly and the 'thumbs back.


Posted by French_snack 6 years ago Report