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Pred Quest 3 Pledges: January#3 By Humbug

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One Tag Per Line!

>> Myryan: DIFFICULT: Sabotage a Young Defenders rally.
>> Vixela: PRACTICALLY SUICIDE: Capture a replacement AND eat someone from her own group.
>> Fall: DIFFICULT: Gather random chemicals from the chemistry department.


The fuck is up with all these foxes trying to get into the sorority?
Anyway, you give orders to all three of them, asking Myryan to go fuck with The Young Defenders during one of their rallies. The results are hilarious. You're kinda starting to like this girl, but you're not sure she's worth more than a laugh. Gotta keep giving her assignments and seeing how she does.
Your orders for Vixela are to go snarf someone from her group and capture another as a replacement for her. She actually manages to grab and snarf one of the members and takes her jacket to cover up her boobs a bit, but she gets caught by another member and sent to jail for a couple days. Once she comes back, you're gonna have to decide if you're going to give her another chance or not, considering she did do half of what you asked despite having zero support.
The third one, that gray fox Fall, you tell to go get a bunch of chemicals from the chemistry department. Renée's always bitching about not having enough of this or that, and Priscilla might smoke some of it or something. You don't know how this shit works, but it needs doing. Apparently Fall managed to get the chemicals, but she got chased out by a slimegirl student working there at the time. You're kinda surprised she didn't get snarfed, but hey. Seems to be kinda reliable, and apparently she's good at running away.

So now what to do...?

NOTE: Myryan belongs to  leshana and Fall belongs to  fallhope. Vixela was suggested by  diamonddragon.

OPTIONS: <- Myryan <- Vixela (Highest vote wins.) <- Fall Hope

NOTE: Voting ended at 1:10 a.m. EST. The results are as-follows:

Bust Vixela out: 1-49 (50 votes)
Ask Edgar: 50-65 (16 votes)
Ask disciplinary chair: 66-80 (15 votes)
Result: 55 (REALLY DIFFICULT: Ask Dr. Edgar Jenkins for sponsorship.)
Success: 1-25
Failure: 26-100
Result: 76 (Failure!)

Give another chance: 59 votes
Eat: 29 votes
Result: Give her another chance.

Get to know Zoey: 1-41 (42 votes)
Convince Valerie: 42-62 (21 votes)
Sabotage NLC: 63-80 (18 votes)
Result: 53 (REALLY DIFFICULT: Convince Dr. Valerie Meskhenet to pass Diana.)
Success: 1-25
Failure: 26-100
Result: 14 (Success!)

Next Patreon milestone (Character 4 unlocked): $68/80

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Posted by Thefoxcyan 1 year ago

nice art


Posted by Humbug 1 year ago



Posted by Thefoxcyan 1 year ago

You're welcome


Posted by zarpaulus 1 year ago

People forget that "snarfing" is illegal in this universe?

Even if it's just a small fine.


Posted by Humbug 1 year ago

Sometimes it's just so commonplace that they tend not to think about how it's illegal. :3


Posted by baville 1 year ago

Nice quest! Keep it up ;D

Ouch tho, that vote turnout hurt! ;)


Posted by Humbug 1 year ago

And for one person, yeah. XD