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Pred Quest 3 Pledges: March#2 By Humbug

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Tags: Furry Hybrid Interactive webcomic Non-Vore Pi Phi Chi Pred Quest Pred Quest 3 Skunk Squirrel Edit

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Just as you thought you'd run out of Pledges to use, a squirrel enters...or is she a skunk? Uh...maybe a hybrid? That's weird. Anyway, she's brown and has lighter-brown stripes. You're not gonna worry about it too much.
She introduces herself as Sylvia or something. You don't really care, so you just give her her first task so she'll go away and let you digest Vixela in peace. That task is...uh...

NOTE: Sylvene belongs to  tigerclaw.


NOTE: Voting ended at 12:25 a.m. EST. The results are as-follow:

Help Fall: 1-43 (43 votes)
Get RPGal: 44-84 (41 votes)
Stink bomb locker room: 85-91 (7 votes)

Result: 31 (PRACTICALLY SUICIDE: Go see what happened to Fall Hope. Help her if possible. )

Success: 1-10
Failure: 11-100

Result: 17 (Failure!)

Next Patreon milestone (Everything flat-colored): $81/100

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Posted by DarkPinkie 10 months ago

If there is even a tiny chance of rescuing Fall we have to try it!


Posted by Salvec 10 months ago

I agree with this plan.
No matter how it goes down, it will give us a good reason to go with Sickhouse next time.


Posted by baville 10 months ago

Nice so far! Hope to discover Fall Hope and does Vixela stand any chance of escaping the lion lady's (guild master?)hungry belly by chance?? ;p


Posted by Humbug 10 months ago

Vixela is a goner. :3


Posted by BizzareBlue 10 months ago

It seems mean to throw another first time pledger in at maximum difficulty but I really liked Fall, she was so cheerful and calmly efficient at the tasks we gave her. Definitely want her back, even if the only way is to stuff Sickhouse with new pledges until she starts to feel sick. Of course, if that doesn't work, then stuffing Sickhouse with naively obedient pledges is its own reward.


Posted by Humbug 10 months ago

To be first, Myryan attempted and succeeded at a "Practically suicide" attempt, so there's already precedent for sending first-time Pledges on that sorta thing.


Posted by BizzareBlue 10 months ago

Yep, I'm still holding out hope of getting Fall back but it's only a 10% chance even if it wins the vote, and that's assuming that succeeding the roll gets Fall instantly free.

On the other hand, if Sylvene tries and fails then at least Fall will have some company while she digests.


Posted by FallHope 10 months ago

This is my girl! My last hope :3 Do me proud!! *Chants Sylvia's name*


Posted by Humbug 10 months ago

Such a weird outcome. Gonna have to figure out how to resolve it. XD


Posted by tariq 10 months ago

You know, for someone who hasn't even gotten to play yet, Protagonist Emeritus Sickhouse is doing better than several of the girls.

Oh well. Gotta feed the rat.


Posted by Humbug 10 months ago

Yeah, kind of amazing. XD


Posted by BizzareBlue 10 months ago

Well, we were close.


Posted by Humbug 10 months ago

Yup. Sylvene's not getting eaten anyway.